Public Sector

Since then two official prices governing Rate: 2.60 for staple products, remittances and public sector imports and 4.30 for other products and the sale of dollars from oil. He foresaw that by 2010 there might be a similar economic downturn to -2.9% in 2009, but “the effect could be greater” power depending on the situation of course all this is added as expressed by the energy crisis is a time bomb and that the national government should pay attention as soon as possible to give solutions that do not lead to protests, very significant discontent in the harmony of a country, especially when President Chavez can do no wrong in his actions, which others have given way to demonstrations, discontent that has affected its popularity. All this is enhanced further when as highlighted President Chavez to order on Monday ordered chain recently through the measures announced in recent months aimed at reducing energy consumption and encourage savings. Fernando Branger expert on the subject has said, that is a reality that “has decreased the energy produced by the Guri Dam on the other hand is not enough power from power plants. These two factors combined lead to the situation today days. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Ramlet. If it is possible to solve the short term? is difficult “, the Guri Dam, south, its waters at critical levels due to drought, is responsible for 70% of the energy consumed in Venezuela. The rest of the generation is based on thermal power plants. See more detailed opinions by reading what Economic Intelligence offers on the topic.. The government recently said that this year will enter 4000 MW new power capacity to the transmission networks.

“The experience of recent years, when it has not fulfilled what was promised in this area, makes it questionable that announcement”, said Branger. It is ultimately the energy crisis is very significant for the aspirations of President Chavez in their projects who is anxious to be the decision from January 1 began to implement the plan of energy rationing in Venezuela. The move, reported by international news agencies, has led to significant restrictions on night life for Venezuelans, due to the impositions time in cinemas, bars and restaurants, with the aim of reducing the power consumption of the commercial, residential and industrial 20%. The supply constraints also affect the malls, which are required to work until 21:00 hours, after which it must do so with their own generators. Of course another crucial sector representative in the country’s economic life is the business, which is seriously affected in their operation. .


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