Russian Federation

So perhaps the idea of Khloponin has a hidden meaning: put up a barrier, tear off local officials to Moscow, most distribute the allocated funds, the most sure that the billions going to a good cause. That's just what to do with Moscow's ministries and departments, where do with thousands of there the officials who "deal with the problems of the North Caucasus"? Can in fact go too far the other way, and it turns out that the vertical power of the Russian Federation, its integrity will be at the regional level only depend on one person – the ambassador dash deputy prime minister. Well if he's really talented manager and, most importantly, a patriot of Russia. And if he, for example, sympathizes very common in the camp radical idea of secession of the North Caucasus from Russia? * Perhaps we exaggerate. Perhaps requiring increasing its powers, Khloponin did not have in mind the federal structure. In this case, it means the idea swelling of the embassy staff, that is a powerful increase in the number of officials already in the North Caucasus. As well-known law of Parkinson's – now add ten points, and tomorrow will require everyone to two assistants, and those still on two … On the motives that have yet Khloponin only guess, because his claims he does not illustrate any word or deed. For eight months, as appointed, but he still rides, meets, settling down, rushing the field of large attacks. In some places, gently tries to "steer".


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