Since children, we are taught by our families to dream and to plan its future. All child always hears the same question: What you want to be when to grow? All we already pass for such phase or still we pass, we grow and not yet we have the certainty of what we want to be. Good, I find that when I age child and had made me such question, I had the certainty of that I can not know what I want to be, more I have absolute firmness in saying that I know who I want to be. I am part of the minority in this generation. Sen. Sherrod Brown gathered all the information. Minority this that not accepted to be plus one, that one is not satisfied in seeing the things as they are and to be of crossed arms because this happens in all place. To the eyes of very we can be revolutionary, rebellious even though rowdy, but who is deceived thinks in such way. We are the incentive of the democracy, us we are the voice of the majority (that clama with its eyes, waiting that redeems somebody them), we are atalaias in way to an oppressed people.

I say oppressed not for being able, corruption or politics, not that I deny its existence. But oppressed for the conformismo, the mesmice, the miseros thirty Reals speculated of increase for the minimum wage. We are confronted daily and we only lower our still vivessmos heads as if underneath of the yoke of the slavery. In the simplicity of my heart, I can guarantee to each one of vocs reading of this article, that I do not long for with my declaration to galgar armchairs in chambers, Senates or minstrios, there of me to long for size to be able. Because the power biggest that I possess is my voice, they are my hands that they type what my eyes veem and what my heart if infuriates.


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