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At the end of each year, the team gets a complete picture of their own achievements. The problem of the management structure of Ukrainian power system is that it does not rely on the enthusiasm and good management, and by intimidation, bribery and a system of mutual responsibility. Officials capable of taking real effective solution, very little, since no hurry to take responsibility for the outcome. Most simply continues to use the service position and authority as a tool for receiving bribes. And from time to time, no one remembers the lessons of history, which says that an authoritarian government – the least effective form of government. And remember, do not be surprised that the president was disappointed.

Party of Regions is an indictment of "sponsors of the Ukrainian revolution" leader of the Party of Regions faction in parliament, Alexander Efremov said that the implementation of Ukraine projects on the North African scenario, the funds come from "outside investor." In his view, the Soros Foundation has allocated some funds in order to prepare young people in Ukraine, which 'could have on example in North Africa to launch any projects. " Developing the thesis of Ephraim, one of the newspapers owned by the well-known representative of the Party of Regions, provides information from an anonymous source protection authority that that "Tax Independence" sponsored by George Soros and Berezovsky. These statements have been denied not only the Berezovskiy, as well as the head of Soros Fund established by the "Renaissance" Eugene Bystritsky and proper organizers of the "Tax Maidan", but Ukraine's Security Service, whose representatives say that no investigation on the possible funding of overseas training in the Ukrainian revolution North African scenario has been done, and that the SBU has not received from deputies queries regarding actions of George Soros in Ukraine.

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