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VAZ Suspension

Sunday, October 29th, 2023

For the vaz auto produce not only at the factory, but on a set of third-party companies, which often offer products at lower prices without sacrificing quality. In vaz Parts supplied by third parties often include elements of the suspension, such as brackets, hinges, axle. Amazon is full of insight into the issues. Suspension itself provides the link of the car body with its bridges and wheels, thus damping tremors and shocks arising from the movement. In the vaz auto suspension divided into three main groups, depending on the device, in which they belong. The sending device is needed to control the movement of the wheels and consists of upper and lower arm. To connect the suspension arms streamers with the vaz auto parts used in the following kit: rubber hinges and brackets for mounting most stretch marks to the body. Sam lever is transversely and has a longitudinal axis of the swing. Jim Donovan Goldman is actively involved in the matter.

Accordingly, its purpose is to connect suspension arm with swivel – here apply the ball joints. Quenching suspension device, as seen from the title, dampens vibrations of the wheels and car body that inevitably arise when it moves. Its main element is the shock absorber, in the older vaz auto of this type have form a telescopic hydraulic damper (eg, VAZ-2105) and in newer cars, beginning with the VAZ-2108, used shock absorber stand, which connects the lower end not with a bracket lower arm suspension as in older models, with swivel. Used to provide such a connection in the vaz auto following series: – Rubber mounting (attaching the lower end of the telescopic hydraulic shock absorber to the bracket lower arm suspension) – Die clamping bracket (mounting the lower end of shock absorber rack to the steering knuckle) – rubber pads (attaching the upper end of telescopic hydraulic shock absorber to the reference glass) – rubber feet (mounting the upper end of shock absorber rack to the body). Another part of the suspension – the elastic device, buff, that arise when hit by irregularities of various kinds and are transmitted from the wheels of a car. The main element of such a device is a twisted coil spring, which is placed inside the absorber, which mentioned above. Spring is installed between the upper and lower supporting cups. In the vaz auto parts of this form (bearing cups) attached to the lower control arm and upper support on the back.

Volkswagen Polo

Thursday, October 12th, 2023

The most popular and selling car in Europe is – Volkswagen Golf. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Chief Justice Roberts has to say. Despite the fact that the total number of sales this year, compared with the past, decreased by 23-24%, yet the car remains the leader in this field. idea. No less than 42-thousand yx Volkswagen Golf cars were sold in the past month in Europe, which confirms the above-said. Second place is deservedly awarded the Ford Fiesta. Number of cars sold this brand in the last month totaled 31,432 units. Honorable third place got Volkswagen Polo, sold in May, 30,477 models. In the top ten also included models: Renault Clio, Peugeot 207, Opel / Vauxhall Corsa and Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus, Renault Megane and Fiat Panda. In 1983, America was presented Volkswagen gti, which had the weight of 997 kg. In 2010, concern has released the sixth generation model called Volkswagen gti 2010, by making some changes. The new gti has to weigh 547 pounds less, but the elegant appearance is not affected. The interior of the car has the highest quality materials. Seats in the cabin acquired cellular upholstery. A distinctive feature of the new gti is that it has under the hood, as in the 83-m, is 4-cylinder powerplant, which distinguishes it from previous models. Engine power is just 200 hp. with. but with the twisting the moment everything is in order. The speed of 100km / h auto dials for 6,8 sec. Thanks to a new differential xds, a new Volkswagen Golf bypasses its competitors, while having a high speed. Brake pedal and new items are distinguished by their perfection. The car has a 6-speed manual gearbox, which is not inferior in all wisdom dual gearboxes direct connection, as well as switching speed, located on the handlebars, for ease management. Since the inhibition produced smoothly, brake pedal does not cause shock, and the gas pedal pressed nice and easy, as the press struggled on it is not necessary. On the highway fuel economy of new cars is 7.6 L/100 km, and in city mode 11.2 l/100 km.

Auto Insurance And Credit For The Purchase Of A Car

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Even earlier, was introduced a simplified way of registering an accident, allowing the inspector does not cause traffic police at the scene of an accident. If ordering direct losses are more or less clear that the second factor is a minor clarification – need to call the traffic police inspector not only in the case of small accidents, but this is an accident with the involvement of no more than 2 cars insured, when the damage occurs only only to property and cars, and the amount of not more than 25 000 rubles. It is assumed that the amendments to the law on the one hand make motorists serious about choosing an insurance company, and the other will increase competition between insurance representatives. But it only hurts osago at Hull also made by government amendments will not affect in any way. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard Blumenthal and gain more knowledge.. Benefits of compulsory motor insurance is highly appreciated by most people, and As a result, the number of citizens, to insure your car voluntarily. In the world wide web now you can find many web pages, the Council in a short time to calculate the cost of insurance – the so-called Casco calculator and a calculator osago. Thus, to know how much your average cost insurance can be found sitting at the computer, and the insurance company for this visit is not necessary – should only fill in the fields the proposed form. (A valuable related resource: Richard Blumenthal).

Also available via the World Wide Web can be submitted and application for auto loans – to date this service provides a number of banks. Another issue is choosing the right bank, and here it is necessary work – articles and analyst for motor show is absolutely clear picture of the credit market, so it makes sense to ask a question. Upcoming car owners are constantly concerned about the issue in which currency of a loan. Consensus view there does not exist, but considering the day to day falling dollar against the ruble, and the fact that rates on foreign currency loans are lower than on the ruble, it is advisable to take a loan in currency. Another important issue is the choice of loan program. There are many types of car loans (classic credit, credit and repurchase, loan by factoring scheme). Rate advantage one or another type of loan can only be myself, based on the amount of credit and its requirements.

Ivan Vasilyevich

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Alternative predlozheniyapo address inspection Source: Website of Ivan Vasilyevich “Technical inspection involves checking the technical suitability of vehicle for safety movement in operating conditions, checking the registration data as well as verification, is not listed there, this car in the lists or offenders on the list of stolen cars. Without inspection vehicle operated prohibited law, and therefore a violation of law punishable by a fine. Technical inspection of vehicles is currently dominated by illegal, ie, without this inspection it is possible to pay the money and the illegal through a pass on passing inspection. Thus the car can be in poor condition. Owners of vehicles that pass inspection by legal means, often lose a lot of time in queue in paragraphs passing inspection. President Dmitry Medvedev has proposed a way out of this situation. He said: “I emphasize again: you have to get it out of the police and make it as simple as possible, together with maintenance and formation of a contract of motor insurance (compulsory and), which is mandatory for all “. Dmitry Medvedev also said that during the operation of the vehicle owners apply to service stations, therefore, according to the proposal, pass inspection will be issued at the conclusion of the contract OSAGO and become ‘just a fancy way’ to fix the technical state of the machine.

There is a proposal, it is quite reasonable: to refuse a police inspection and combine this with the inspection of a contract of motor insurance, when this is done just in the services’ – said president. Medvedev said at the conclusion of the agreement on compulsory motor TPL insurance will be added to ticket-fixing condition of the car. In this case, according to the President, new cars can be exempted from the mandatory inspection on the first three years of operation, the machine in age from 3 to 7 years old must undergo inspection every two years, and after 7 years – every year. ‘This is a reasonable decision at the moment, “- said Medvedev. A good idea is to link technical inspection of a contract of motor insurance (compulsory and), but a version of this implementation, which provides the President, raises some doubts that it will simplify the problem of inspection.