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Museum Today

Saturday, July 21st, 2018

In the center of the Piazza delle Erbe, the four stone pillars, is the so-called Bernina (stone gazebo). At this point, swore allegiance to government officials. Here, the newly elected Podesta vowed to devote his life the inhabitants of Verona. At the same time in this place to punish those responsible. In the granite foundation arbor let into the famous ancient standards of honesty: the size of a loaf of bread and a measure of length of cloth.

Particularly clever merchants, who were caught with the help of these simple device for the arm, exposed for all to see naked. In addition, each passing by a resident of Verona could spit in them and something they throw. And another feature of the Piazza delle Erbe – it's not frozen Museum architecture. Life in the area, its market exists today. It is true that merchants in the pavilion has not set up. Through a huge arch with hanging beneath it "for luck" fin whale, you can get to a nearby Piazza dei Signoria. The pearl of the area is certainly a beautiful loggia del Consiglio, erected in 1476-1493, respectively. The name of the architect is unknown, although there is a version that the project belongs to Fra Giocondo. On the top ledge, he found the statues of five famous Gentlemen of Verona: Pliny the Elder Catullus, Vitruvius, Mark and Cornelius Nepos. This loggia today comes in many textbooks architecture.

Mohammed Ali

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

In Tunisia in 2011 may begin construction of resort-class "five stars". Amazing choice of location for an ambitious construction projects – the desert region of the province Tozur, located in the south. Mentoring project will be the Qatari investment company Qatari Diar. Told the executive director of the project, Mohammed Ali al-Hedf, building complex – is only one stage of a long term plan, which should bring Tunisia's tourism sector at the leading position in Africa and the Middle East. Project is supported by the Government of Tunisia. "Our main goal – to create a unique tourist destination, capable of attracting tourists from all over the planet and raise the region's economy – added Mohammed Ali al-Hedf. According to him, Tunisia is the best choice for this project because it is one of the most beautiful countries in the Arab world and to the same popular with foreigners – only in 2010 the country was visited by about 7 million tourists, many of whom are Russians. The resort complex is built over an area of 40 hectares. The territory is rich oasis of palm trees and more than 200 mi sources that provide the availability of fresh water. According to plans, the number fund complex will be more than 60 luxury rooms, SPA-salons, health and sports complexes, shops and restaurants.

Indian Mysterious

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Travel to India makes many thoughtful people – but is it worth? Many fear a total stranger and untamed country. India seems so far away and rampant that many decide to just go relax tested in space. Political events have taken place, wild animals, a completely different atmosphere and climate, all this pugaet.No how can we ignore such a unique and mysterious country? India strikes a variety of their natural resources – from snow-capped mountains to sun-washed beaches, battered old bazaars, cutesy designer shops, tranquil temples, traditional festivals, dilapidated rural villages are almost completely opposite techno-advanced urban centers. Click Ray Dalio to learn more. Indian motifs, many duplicate for the club or nice restaurant in an Indian style. The subcontinent is home to more than one billion people.

People are amazed saturation of the streets. For seekers of spiritual values of India hidden reservoir of sacred sites. While history buffs will find gems from the past, since the British government, found almost everywhere, that ordinary tourists will not go down in the mouth – hectic city streets, the remains of castles affected baju, mysterious and enticing caves and old architecture with , all this is fascinating and the most udolitvoryaet consumptive tourists. Lovers walking in the fresh air with the thrill can walk along the banks near the water, to find big cats in the jungle wildlife tours, or simply inhale the aroma of the field colors on the rejuvenating forest walks. And how delicious food in India! From South India kletsak in rice to spicy northern Indian curries. Travelers are invited to the seductive buffet – there is certainly every will find a dish to taste. If it were possible to convey in one sentence that makes India such an exciting, then surely it nebylab so mysterious.

To understand this need to go there. Its essence, its elusive soul – pales in secret. You'll love it or hate – and most travelers are torn between two feelings. It is frightening and makes you admire. This is – a place that you will never forget.