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State Planning

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

This research meet the real present and future needs in the socioeconomic area. Many writers such as Ohio Senator offer more in-depth analysis. The socio-economic planning among its many applications should serve to realize the possibilities of preventing tragedies arising from earthquakes. Under earlier, it was convenient approach the following questions in relation to the research problem: what will happen in Bogota in the event of an earthquake of major proportions?, what security measures currently implemented to prevent a catastrophe in the Capital District ?, how could respond to a major emergency relief organizations of the Capital District?, what are the plans for disaster prevention and care for Bogota?, what are the policies of the Capital District sen with the rules of earthquake-resistant construction?, how can prevent and deal with disasters caused by earthquakes in Bogota?. Throughout this research was to review existing policies regarding urban planning and seismic risks facing the Capital District and the planned activities to reduce risks to a large-scale disaster caused by natural phenomena such seismic and propose alternatives and strategies applicable settlement in our country. 1.2 The planning and the Constitution of 1991 One of the central aspects of the Constitution of 1991 is the incorporation of planning as a key instrument for achieving the essential goals of the State, namely to serve the community, promote the general prosperity and ensure the effectiveness of the principles, rights and obligations enshrined in the Constitution, to facilitate the participation of all in decisions that affect them and in economic, political, administrative and cultural life of the nation, maintain territorial integrity and ensure the coexistence peaceful and the enforcement of a just order (CN de Colombia).

The Acceptance

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

' ' Apesquisa of the exploratria type has as objective to provide maiorfamiliaridade with the problem, with sights to become it more explicit or to aconstruir hipteses' '. ADMINISTRATION AND MARKETING For many considered as one technique, for others as umacincia, the independent Marketing of this has operated miracles in diversassituaes, mainly in the companies. Taking in consideration that in seuescopo engloba questions as human behavior, economy, sociology, communication, research, product, planning and many other pertinent rotina of the company. Richard Blumenthal will not settle for partial explanations. (It hisses, 1992). The objective Marketing to satisfy the necessity of the customer eno to create new habits of consumption. To satisfy in order to awake yearnings queat then the consumer wise person not to exist, that is, means to generate demand, being able to observe the success if the customer only to get the maximum satisfaction. Related to the habits of purchase previously considered peloconsumidor marketing it means to generate more utility to the product.

One is about umacondio of exchange, in the relation to produce and to consume between companies and customers, after all nobody can leave losing. In this exactly Kotler reasoning (1983) defineMarketing as: ' ' A directed activity to satisfy necessities and desejoshumanos through the process of troca.' ' It means to say that with the satisfaction docliente the acceptance of the service occurs for consequence, by means of the purchase. So that the exchange relation occurs with success is necessary identificarqual the white public the one that if it desires to reach with definitive product or service. In order to identify to its main characteristics for direcionardeterminados products the specific customers. It means to segment the market, breaking up the similar ideas deatividades and profiles with characteristics and behaviors for alcancede a bigger success in the planning of determined objective. However aspesquisas of demand detroca is essential for the idealizao of a good relation and an adequate planning to the distinct characteristics and yearnings deperfis making possible bigger credibility of segmentation of the demand.

The Next Year’s Challenge

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

“We have a big challenge in front of just a year and a half. And I think this is a unique opportunity to reach a global agreement on climate change. If we do not succeed, after all those multilateral channels to resolve the problem. ” He added that the industrialized economies are primarily responsible and have the economic capacity to act, so it should lead the process. On the other hand, argued that countries like Brazil, India, China, South Africa and Mexico should participate actively in the negotiations by its growing economic potential and levels of contamination. / wiki reports that the aim of the conference, organizers said is “the conclusion of a legally binding agreement on climate, valid worldwide, which applies from 2012.” At the top will meet the best environmental experts, ministers or heads of state and non-governmental organizations of the 192 member countries of the UNFCCC. This will be the last conference to prepare the post-Kyoto period. For the first time, the U.S.

will be present, President Obama announced. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. It should be noted that there has been criticism. This says that in October 2009 conservative commentators reacted critically to the draft treaty in Copenhagen. Lord Christopher Monckton, a British parliamentarian has said that the Copenhagen agreement seeks to create a world government under the auspices of the United Nations, which will have “the power of intervene directly in the financial, economic, fiscal and environmental issues of all nations that sign the treaty in Copenhagen. “warned that rich countries may be obliged by treaty to pay a” debt adjustment “to the nations developing and giving up their sovereignty. Known conservative journalists in Australia have accused the Australian government of intentionally hiding the details of the draft treaty in Copenhagen to the Australian public for its unpopularity among the electorate potential President of the United States Barak Obama attend the summit since China declared that the climate change summit in Copenhagen next should serve to establish an agreement with “immediate operational effect” regardless of whether the end it was agreed a binding legal agreement.

“Our goal (…) is not a partial agreement or a political statement but an agreement covering all issues in the negotiations and take effect immediately operational, “he said. Obama made the comments after meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao. The leaders of the two major countries in the level of emissions into the atmosphere have decided to take an action “significantly” to mitigate the effect of carbon dioxide in the air. Between both states for over 40 percent of these emissions. The Danish prime minister and host of the December summit, Lokke Lars Rasmussen held the position of Obama and expressed her hope that, although ultimately may not sign any treaty, the United States and all developed nations to commit to set limits on their emission rates and adequate funding to help poor countries cope with this problem. Andrew Light, an expert of the Center for American Progress, said U.S. authorities have recently increased their expectations of “targeted a number” on these restrictions in Copenhagen. United States could also be prepared to propose a plan of short-term financing for countries development can begin taking action now against climate change.


Sunday, March 16th, 2014

However, it is rare that the communication follows for this way. Almost always, it deals with episdica form these questions, when they assume the format of the catastrophes, accidents of great ratios, and with little frequency if its abrangncia argues the relations of these problems in all. In a previous document on> implementation of the Convention of the Climate, Born (apud SOUSA; FERNANDES, 2002)) it writes that to have greater social pressure and politics around the subject it will be necessary to guarantee, the public, through the media, access to the information for the understanding of the aspects technician, institucional and social. It recognizes, however, that the call the great press has not played a function continued in the question of the change of the climate, but it believes that as well as it occurs with other sectors of the civil society, the media also can be enabled to deal with the ambient questions in a support perspective. Although it admits that the medias of mass have not looked for, throughout the years, to translate the association of the man with the way where it lives, Ziggiatti (2000) detaches that the communication is essential for the public awareness of segments of the society on as to act for the promotion of the sustainable development.

Increasing Areas

Friday, October 25th, 2013

But the fact is that to go to the purchases and to appeal to the services each more tiring time is becoming. 2.2.2? Increase of the number of unemployeds, beggars and subempregados In the great urban areas and metropolitans, of almost the whole world, has a growth of unemployeds, subempregados and of beggars. The people arrive of more behind areas? of its proper country or the exterior? unprepared and without conditions to face the life and for performance of the activities in the great centers. Senator Richard Blumenthal wanted to know more. The apparatuses of combat to the crime and social assistance do not follow the increasing rhythm of people who arrive and if they concentrate in these centers. The entities and organisms of professional qualification do not hold the increasing volume of interested they search that them. The sprouting of new ranks of work does not follow the rhythm of the growth of offers of work, also for the hand of qualified workmanship. Therefore, significant parcels of people, not only amongst whom they arrive, but also those deriving of the great centers urban metropolitans and, only find alternatives of survival in the marginality and crime. 2.2.3? Bad conditions of housing the well located, comfortable housings, of satisfactory and situated dimensions next to the access and service and workstations or the main commercial areas, or easy fast they, present raised costs, almost unattachable for the majority of the population. The considered housings accessible, in terms of costs, for most of the citizens, are of irrisrias dimensions, present inadequate conditions, they are situated distant of the workstations and the places of commerce and services, or with difficult access they. E, many times, independently of the quality of the property and the partner-economic levels of some areas, them if confrot with serious ambient problems, as the caused ones for extreme rains, whose waters destroy everything what it has for the front, without distinction between rich and poor: if the housings meet in its way, the waters superficially pass and the diseases and the garbage if they install, without asking for license.

Milar Councilmen

Monday, June 11th, 2012

The ambient licensing is basic instrument in the search of the sustainable development and makes possible the ambient regularization of the country properties, regitering the legal reserve, evaluating the areas of permanent preservation, the remaining areas that still possess native vegetation and areas that had been converted for alternative use of the ground. Intention is to guarantee the preservation and conservation of the environment for the future generations. Its contribution is direct and aims at to find the conviviality balanced enters the economic action of the man and the environment where if it inserts. Thus, the licensing, facilitates the compatibilizao between the economic development and of the free initiative with the environment, inside of its capacity of regeneration and permanence, diminishing the ambient degradation. The objective of the present work is evaluation of the internal procedures of analysis of processes of licensing in the State of Mato Grosso. LITERATURE REVISION CONCEPTS OF AMBIENT LICENSING, LEGAL RESERVE AND AREA OF PERMANENT PRESERVATION Milar Councilmen (2004) appraises the ambient licensing as a typical and not transmissible action of the Executive, in the management of the environment, by means of which the Public Administration search to exert the due control on the activities human beings who can cause impacts to the environment. For Daniel Robert Fink (2002), the ambient licensing is the procedure by means of which the competent ambient agency verifies if the potential or significantly polluting activity that if intends to implement or that already is implemented is really in accord with the ambient legislation and the requirements necessary techniques. In accordance with Antonio Inag de Assis Oliveira (2005) the ambient licensing is the instrument through which the agency or competent ambient entity evaluates the submitted projects it, considering the positive and negative impacts, to decide if it authorizes or not it installation, the magnifying or the functioning of the same e, in authorizeing, if it makes or requirements not to minorar the negative ambient impacts and to maximize positive the ambient impacts.