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New Years Holidays

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

As for the rest of the country. In the Ryazan region relief features allow great fun, riding with hills and gorochek skiing and sledding. This favorite pastime will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. Also tack with them not only skiing but also skates. Rollers are ready, it remains clear the snow on the frozen ponds. After such an active holiday to warm up and relax.

Just by the way, and sauna in the yard. Yes, like the Russian soul warm up and dive into the snow! And then a cup of tea from the collection of herbs heated on the stove. And in a village in the New Year holidays are much quieter than in town. Sometimes I think that all of Moscow is waiting for weekends and holidays, to go on cottage Do not be dismissed as traditional Russian fun as hunting. If you are not very well versed in the peculiarities of national hunting, it would be better off in advance to find someone who will go with you on the hunt (if among like-minded people do not have your environment, you can search the forums fishermen and hunters, of which a great many, and internet). Can come to the aid of local residents. Some of them also love to hunt.

By the way, the villagers. Most of them are very helpful, kind people, do not be afraid to ask for their help. I recall the words of the song gr. Lube: "It pulls people simple, clean, good, holy " Can you imagine how happy your will child to change the noisy, bustling city, a few days. On a serene country life. Noise to silence, to the urban jungle fairy forest, trees covered with frost. Sprinkle salt on the roads crunchy snow underfoot. Car or public transport on a cart with a horse. Purchased products are natural, rustic Rest in the village – is not only a great opportunity to retreat and family vacation, but also a chance to look at life from a different side. Ability to understand without the hassle in itself, result in mind and spirit in order. Such an opportunity not only provide a walk through the quiet streets, stay in the temple, but also fishing, hunting, and a simple, rustic, physical labor, which, unfortunately, is so lacking in everyday life. Beyond the traditional 10 days you have the opportunity to eat clean, fresh food, is not only a cow and goat milk. This and vegetables, and organic juice, apples, meat, honey and eggs. And all this fun for a very reasonable price. Perhaps after such a holiday in the village your family will become more harmonious, and your life will change for the better. I believe that everyone deserves Christmas tales. And all the adults in the soul children. We're constantly waiting for a miracle. Maybe just something and need – to retire. You will see how to build your life after a family vacation (or retirement). And this holiday you will remember more long!

Friendships and Unions

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

This is where the friendship ends and the first place there is the law of the jungle – every man for himself. And if it happened that the interests of men intersect, union end. Yes, sometimes, their friendship lasts a lifetime, but it only says that these women had nothing to compete with each other. And if one of them refused to men, for the sake of another, then it probably means that it does not hurt-and wanted. So what's a woman ? As long as the friendship between women is preserved, it is quite similar to the male – the same mutual assistance in the affairs of the same mutual assistance in overcoming personal difficulties. For women is not considered something shameful to cry on each other's shoulder and in the most direct form each other's pity. And this is again an occasion to admire the woman's sincerity in expressing their feelings.

It is this emotional support keeps women together. Assistance in practical matters important to them much less. Therefore, when a woman finds a man ready to wipe away her tears, all best friends fade into the background – they are no longer needed. Man and comforts, and decides to everyday women's issues, so why should it even with someone to be friends? The applause of women of integrity and devotion to his personal interests. Male friendship Men friends a little differently. The basis of friendship is still the same emotional mutual aid, and that for women, but it added to the principles of male honor and devotion.