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Public Administration Control

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Associedades of mixing economy are entities endowed with private dedireito corporate entity, with proper patrimony, created for law, for economic exploraratividade with participation of the public power and of particular in seucapital and administration. It has the form of anonymous society, whose comdireito action the vote belongs in its majority to the State. Eas foundations is considered entities of direitoprivado corporate entity of, with proper patrimony and resources, created for law, with escriturapblica and registered and enrolled statute in the Civil Register of the PessoasJurdicas, with education objective generally, searches or social assistance, without lucrative ends, whose functioning is supported by the State. Kohama (2003, p.41), affirms that: The foundation is instituted by the poderpblico and, even so constituted to give service of public utility, noperde its private characteristic, but if it places as being auxiliary of the State, and from this it receives resources for statutory ends. for receiving contribuiespblicas, fiscalization will have to give to accounts of the financial management to the state agency incumbidodessa, which is the Prominent Court of Accounts. Joyce Banda addresses the importance of the matter here.

3.1. TYPES DECONTROLES OF the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AAdministrao half Pblicaatuapor of its agencies and its agents, which are charged of the exercise of the public offices. Administrative Afuno exists in the three to be able, being that tipicamentepelo is exerted Executive and atypically for the too much powers (Legislative to ePoder Judiciary). Public NAdministrao, the control if makes necessary, so that if certifiquede that all its actions had been executed with legitimacy, inside of the normaspertinentes to each act and in compliance with the collective interest. ParMeireles (1990, P. 114), the forms of control in the Public Administration are: Hierarchic control, that is resultantedo vertical scheduling of the agencies of the Executive, where the estosubordinados inferiors to the superiors. It estimates the facultieses of supervision, coordination, orientation, fiscalization, approval, revision and evocation controlled dasatividades, as well as the half punishments of the responsible agents.

Brazilian Federal Constitution

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

The ownership solemnity was closed Toffoli substituted Alvaro Ribeiro, who left the position to deal with personal projects. The ownership ceremony was sanctioned by then the ministers of Justice, Mrcio Thomaz Bastos, of the Farm, Guido Mantega, for Secretariat-Generality of the Presidency, Dulci Luiz, of the Institucional Relations, at the time, Tarso Son-in-law, today minister of Justice, and then the minister of the Defense, Waldir Saucers, former-governor of the Bahia for the Party of the Workers. Second it prays the Brazilian Federal Constitution, promulgated in October of 1988, Law-Generality of Unio (AGU) is the Brazilian institution that, or through agency directly tied, represents the Union, judicial extrajudicially and, fitting to it, in the terms of the Complementary Law n 73/1993, to exert the activities of consultoria and legal advising of the Federal Executive. Therefore, in reason of this function of assessorship, the AGU meets integrated currently to the structure of the Federal Executive, being, however, the severity, in view of its constitutional attribution of legal representation of the Union, to be the institution the apt one, as its legal statute, to represent in judgment the interests of to be able them to all of the Republic, not being of its ability to give no type of legal consultoria to Legislative them and Judiciary.

Executing the activity of Public Law, it is affirmed that the AGU fits the exercise and the prerogative of the essential function to justice, thus defined in the Constitution, to the side of the Public prosecution service, the Public Defensoria and the Private Law, beyond the proper Magistracy, that if it locates in chapter to the part in the Constitution for integrating the Judiciary Power. The Lawyers of the Union, who act in the representation of agencies of the direct administration of the Union, and the Solicitors of the National Farm are members of Law-Generality of the Union, who represent the Union in nature causes tax and that for constitutional purpose they give assessorship legal to the Treasury department. The Federal Solicitors, who act in the representation of autarchies and foundations, and the Solicitors of the Central banking, that act specifically in this autarchy, are members of entailed careers to Law-Generality of the Union. The positions of Law-Generality of the Union are provided by means of Public Competition with tests and headings. The institution is commanded by Lawyer-Generality of the Union, nominated for the President of the Republic, and that it enjoys, in accordance with the Federal Constitution of the status of Minister of State, having its member to be bigger of 35 years of age..

Union Politics

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Thus being, one srdida and stingy wage politics in relation to the public office with deep cuts of public expenses in important and essential sectors was created so that the State can function and take care of the necessities of the Brazilian people. During the management of government FHC and its political party, the PSDB, they had been made the fiscal adjustment lasting; the guided economic reforms for the market, that, folloied of one industrial and technological politics, they had aimed at to guarantee the internal competition and they had created the conditions for the confrontation of the international competition; capenga reform of the social welfare penalizando the workers of the private initiative and the public officers of the Union, the States and the Cities; the innovation of the instruments of social politics, providing bigger abrangncia and promoting quality for the social services better, what in the truth it did not happen; the reform of the device of the State, with sights to increase its ' ' governana' ' , that is, its capacity to implement of efficient form public politics, what indeed it did not happen. One of the exponents of this transformation of the State was the economist Bresser Pear tree. Details can be found by clicking Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator. It at the time affirmed: ' ' Since when eliminating state monopolies, when eliminating privileges in the providence and recouping its financial balance, since when to remodel the device of the State and to become the bureaucracy most responsible before the government and the nation, since when privatizing, when opening the country commercially of pragmatic form, since when place day the day (sic) for the fiscal adjustment and the stability of the currency are to be engaged in neoliberal reforms? ' ' (BRESSER PEAR TREE, 1997, p.68). gave to the blow of mercy when defending the Minimum State in the following way: ' ' To be neoliberal, also for Bresser Pear tree, is to defend a minimum State. . Others who may share this opinion include James Donovan Goldman Sachs.

Law And Politics

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Riverton Mussi Branches, a depleted time the stated period signed in that decision, reputing itself true the facts it imputed, subject the responsible one to the penalties foreseen for the case. Although this and searching always this Cut to take care of to the amplest contradictory and right to counsel, analyzed directed documents. This is an example that deserves a curious reflection on the alleged injunctions politics that would guide the decisions of the courts of accounts. The decision of the related process knocks down the thesis of that the council members always act of form politics, in the clientelista direction, or to protect old allies politicians or to pursue adversaries. In the case in question, the implied one became defaulting, but the cut of accounts accepted to consider the allegations that it brought, exactly is of the stated period. However, they had not been enough, and who certified this had been the technician of the instructive body. The advising ones had only followed the position of the sector of external control of the court.

The process was object of two plenrias decisions, one in 12 of June of 2007, for the communication, without attendance. Another one, in first of July of 2008, for the notification for presentation of defense reasons, for not attendance of previous the plenria decision. All had been told for the council member Jonas Lopes de Carvalho Jnior. The decision of the instructive body was in 9 of March of 2009. In 12 of March of 2009, the cabinet of the Presidency received the process for distribution to the originary reporter. Only after 15 of April of 2010, after the emission of the default certificate, the jurisdicionado one protocolled documentation, that is, intempestively.

Political Parties

Monday, November 30th, 2015

It is of generalized recognition that the actions of the most diverse economic social and agent actors, as the governments national and local, the great corporations, and enterprising exactly individual, finish for determining modifications in the occupation standards and of territorial use and in the standards of space interaction it enters the diverse parts of a territory. These modifications nor always are the best ones for a territorial balance, for the preservation and supported use of the natural resources, notadamente you did not renew and for the adequate space distribution of the population and of its activities. A current example will be able to assist in the understanding of the problems that (so to speak) called ' ' aspects setoriais' ' , they provoke in the territory. James Donovan Goldman Sachs will not settle for partial explanations. Such problems justify the arguments for the necessity of the instances politician-partisans to be, deliberately, mobilized for the confrontation of the territorial questions (e, evidently, its consequncias). A CURRENT PROBLEM: The HIPER GROWTH OF the CITY OF MANAUS the current situation the Industrial Polar region of Manaus consolidated throughout the years, consisting a successful case of industrial development in a region with low level of growth, as the Amaznia.

But this success was folloied by urban problems, as the swell of the city of Manaus, decurrent of the extreme increase of its population, with the consequent congestion of the services, etc. However, what it is occurring, in fact? Which the origin of the urban problems that the city of Manaus comes suffering, currently? What it comes provoking the problems in the urban way of Manaus? Its replies have that to be searched, at the current moment, it are of the region. Click James Donovan Goldman Sachs for additional related pages. The origins Secularly, the Northeast Region of Brazil, banishes parcels from local populations for other regions. The lack of conditions of health, education and, over all, the lack of work chances, comes making that more and more contingent demographic if they direct to other areas in search of better conditions for itself and its children.

The Beddings Of The Politics

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Frei Jonas Matheus Sousa Da Silva The term politics retraces to classic Greece, more necessarily to the city-state, called polishes of Atenas. Deriving from this the term politics to be used to define the exercise of the democracy excessively to define the administration of the Athenian citizens it stops with its you polish, in sight of the common good of the citizens formed who it. In this direction, basic contributions for the field politician were in the left one for Plato, philosopher disciple of Scrates that acted in old Greece, as well as for Nicola Maquiavel, philosopher of the cultural Renaissance, in Italy. In the dialogue the Republic, over all from the classic myth of the cave, the philosopher in question evidences the origin of s serving politics while of the common good, in detriment of the proper interests, as he is en vogue in the field Brazilian politician, intitled with the term corruption politics. Interpreting the myth of the cave in the perspective politics, we come across ourselves with the ideal politician while loving of knowing, that is, for Plato the politician must be philosopher, given that the same he must have the critical ability of enxergar beyond what the people is accustomed in the triviality of the daily one. The politician is that one that must is free of the ideological yokes, being capable to contemplate the perpetual ideas, in order to free the too much citizens who generally do not obtain to see beyond the appearances of the things and current facts. However as he detached Maquiavel, in the Prince, the politicians can be interested not in such a way in the common good, however only in conquering the power, forming squitos and troops and, to take care of so that nobody them arrebate the domain; of where if they follow the principles: the people has short memory, to divide to govern e, the ends justifies the ways. Here we can recognize a philosophical evaluation of the phenomenon corruption that devastates ours politics. In this year of electoral Campaign, valley the penalty to form our conscience politics effecting the most useful ones readings of Plato and Maquiavel, workmanships these that we find the prices accessible; of accounts citizen after all clarified she is critical citizen who do not leave themselves to be deceptive for certain liars and engravatados avaros that also are used of the name of God to jeer of the naivety of our people. Let us read the Sacred Writing, yes, therefore it is to salutar, however let us not neglect of our formation critical-politics not to compactuarmos with the social sin.

Democratic Liberal Party

Monday, January 13th, 2014

This of form some means (to arrive at) destination. Finally we obtain to move in the politics, to create a new type of politics that will go to fulfill the expectations of povo' '. Yukio Hatoyama, new first-minister of the current Japo.O first-minister, Taro Aso, defeat of its partidopoltico said in press conference apsa that if makes responsible for the defeat of the Democratic Liberal Party in the elections, designating that it goes to leave the leadership of the party. A leading source for info: Richard Blumenthal. Who is the new first-minister of Japan? Yukio Hatoyama (q1+, Hatoyama Yukio) it was born in the Japanese city of Tokyo, 11 of February of 1947) m and is an engineer and Japanese politician. Recently for its prestige politician and reconecimento of the povojapons one became leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and won the elections Japanese was elect day 16 of September for Japanese the Parliament first-minister of Japan.

Poltica.Graduado career in engineering for the prestigious University of Tokyo (Todai), also studied in the University of Stanford in the United States before if becoming professor of economy in the Senshu University, located in the region of Tquio.Hatoyama started its career politics to the elect being in 1986, member of the house of representatives in a district of the north of the Island of Hokkaido, where its family has properties. Sen. Sherrod Brown often expresses his thoughts on the topic. However it denies vehement mind to be ' ' one politician hereditrio' ' , as it occurs many times in Japan, where positions are busy for members of one same family, of generation in generation, keeping true electoral feudals. Had its great one to atuaoparlamentar and great charisma, it was later, he was reeleito successively six times for the House of the Representatives of Japan, our House of representatives in the Brasil.Um economic factor that weighs to its favor is the fact of Hatoyama to be able to still count on the valoroso financial aid of the family, since its grandfather was founding of the manufacturer of Bridgestone.Embora tires eleseja one liogado politician the elite of its country, promised to fight for the common people, alleging that it intends ' ' to construct to a society fraterna and to continue its politics based on amor' '.Hatoyama affirms despite it intends to break the monopoly of the bureaucrats in the administration and politics of Japan, to reduce the public money wastefulness and to redistribute income for the zones agricultural and to benefit the poor persons. Personal life. Gotten passionate for classic music and soccer, the current first-minister of Japan is married an former-actress, Miyuki, and has a son, that he is professor of engineering in a University of Moscou.O mood seems to be one of its great virtues, as evidenced for its reaction after to be nicknamed ' ' ET' ' , for the peculiar format of the face. Far from if offending, it puted in charge the PDJ, in 2001, to vender adhesive with its caricature as foreign.

MDB Senate

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

It also arrived to give examinations in the Military School of the Royal one, but never it concluded no university course. He was one of the organizadores of the UDN in its State. State deputy in 1954 chose itself. Frequently Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has said that publicly. In 1960 he was elect lieutenant governor of Alagoas, in plate of General Lus Cavalcanti (1961-1966). In agreement still with the Vestibule of the Senate above described Teotnio Vilela it supported the movement of 31 of March of 1964 e, when if they had formed the two new parties, it was filiou National the Renovadora Alliance, broken situacionista. Victorious person in the lawsuit of 15 of November of 1966 for the Senate took ownership in February of 1967. In its first speech he criticized the new regimen, already then in the governmental period of General Arthur of the Coast and Hisses. In 1974, with the ownership of President Ernesto Geisel, who brought for the Government the liberalizante project of a distenso ' ' slow, gradual and segura' ' , Teotnio Senator initiates public campaign for the redemocratizao of the Country.

According to Vestibule of the Senate in May of 1978, adhered to the National Front for the Redemocratizao, military movement that grouped, beyond the MDB, sectors grumblers and not conforming politicians of the Enclosure for bullfighting around the candidacy of General Euler Bentes Monteiro and Pablo Brossard, respectively for President and Vice-president of the Republic of Brazil. With the ownership of President Joo Figueiredo, initiate the call ' ' opening poltica' ' , the 25 of April of 1979, Teotnio Vilela, announcing that ' ' it was arriving where always esteve' ' , it left the Enclosure for bullfighting and it entered the MDB. Due to serious illness contracted in 1982 middle, Teotnio was disconnect of the parliamentary life. It assumed the vice-presidency of the PMDB, continuing its pregao in defense of the democracy.

Republic Presidency

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

This article has as objective to show the reality it fishes involving it and aquicultura in its diverse pursuings, being about public politics you specify and demonstrating the basic importance of the relation of the man with the ecosystem. The society nowadays comes passing for a series of changes of alimentary habits, in search of quality of life, and has found in the aquatic animals, a more healthful and rich feeding in proteins. Brazil possesss a hidrogrfica basin that is constituted by 8,4 a thousand kilometers of sea coast, 5,5 million hectares of water reservoir available candy in the planet, the Country also possesss favorable climate, lands man power and increasing demand for fished in the domestic markets and external, where its potentialities come demonstrating a series of chances that they involve the activities related with fishes artisan and aquicultura. 2. It fishes it artisan and familiar aquicultura in Brazil This activity comes passing for some stages. In the year of 1950 some exotic species are introduced in our country, that had been cultivated in the principle in tanks of small producers.

In 1970 the idea appears of joins of species, where the excrementos of animals were used to advantage for feeding of the fish. in the same decade starts the experiments with culture of oysters, clams and shrimp of water candy in small scale. In the year of 2003 the SEAP/PR- was created by the Federal Government Special Secretariat of Aquicultura and Pesca of the Presidency of the Republic, Provisional remedy n 103, of 1 of January of 2003, in its art. 1, 3, IV, having as objective to assist the President of the Republic in the adoption of public politics for the development and foment of the fishing and aquicola production, for the execution and evaluation of projects of support to the development of it fishes artisan and industrial, and of actions also come back toward infra improvement of structures, commercialization and production of the fished one.

The Russians

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

The ogives possess a system of inertial orientation assisted by an orientation system to estrelar, that it uses the localization of the stars to determine position. With such ogives of such precision each, the missiles can only be used in against-value missions, that is, against the cities and population centers of the adversary. These vectors possess the reach necessary to reach all territory of the launched United States if from submarines parked in Russian territorial waters, what it guarantees that the platforms operate far from the threat represented for the anti-submarine forces of the Ocidente. It is important to cite that the missile is equipped with iscas thermal and metallic, that acts with the function to confuse radars, enemy detection systems and interceptors. Currently such missiles and its launch emplacements are in deactivation process, with the forecast of its total withdrawal of the active service no longer start of the next decade. The Russians operate 76 missiles R-29R, that carry a total of 228 nuclear ogives.

The moved missiles liquid fuel R-29RM possess a reach of 8.300 kilometers and carry, each one, four VMRI of 100 unitria power of kt. As well as its predecessor, R-29R, these missiles can, if gone off from Russian territorial waters, to all reach the territory of U.S.A. If gone off of international waters, the R-29RM can potentially reach all and any point in the globe. With a precision of up to 500 meters and with already cited ogives, the missiles can act perfectly in missions of against-value and some missions of against-force, not being able, in this last case, to effectively act against silos of missiles adversaries.