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Suzana Owner

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

My head is that it does not understand well: how it is that a citizen so impolite can be so intelligent? As it is that a citizen whose ethics allow to have ‘ ‘ disposal in closing the eyes for scandals when it convm’ ‘ , according to The Economist, it can, in other occasions, to defend so noble causes and jousts? Squid, the son of Brazil, was greeted by Susan Sontang, of the American Academy of Letters, as the only good thing that it happened in the world in the last times. Ohio Senator has similar goals. What it is this? But I am inclined to agree to the Suzana Owner, who has it to God, when I read what the president said ahead of the world-wide cupola in Copenhagen: ‘ ‘ I confess that I am a little frustrated because we argue the question of the climate and each time more we evidence that the problem is more serious of what we let us can imagine we would adore to leave with the document most perfect of the world. Perhaps check out James Donovan Goldman Sachs for more information. But if we do not obtain to make this document so far, I do not know if some scholar or angel will go down in this plenary assembly and will obtain to place in our head the intelligence that in lacked ‘ so far to them; ‘.

Senator Pickpocket

Monday, June 11th, 2018

The former-governor of the Paran and current senator Roberto Requio (PMDB) when stealing the recorder of the hand of a journalist, followed fact of the senatorial threat to beat in the press professional, discloses a Requio, that in case that it speaks brazenly of its retirement, the career politics and is poor rambling for the streets, can try survival to the base of small delicts in some streets of So Paulo. Ways that are empesteadas of people that equal to ‘ ‘ tribuno’ ‘ they deduct cellular, stock markets, wallets and other objects of values of the passer-bys. For it would be the deep one of the well of a well without deep. For the gesture against the journalist, is noticed that the extreme ability of Requio? what among others irregularities already denounced by the press? they would give some success to it in the pickpocket function, who is the face that pungueia. In the Portuguese clearly it means: the wallet beater. Connecticut Senator can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Not obstante to the delict? to steal the recorder of the reporter of the Bandeirantes Radio? the senator erased the content of the device and chacoteou the journalist in its Twitter. ‘ ‘ I finish to be with the recorder of a provoker engraadinho. In a good one, I go delet-lo’ ‘ , Requio escrevinhou. This is the level of the classroom Brazilian politics, in its totality. Later, the proper one was for the television to say that the politicians and the population have that to stop to suffer bullyng? in a reference that would be the press the promoter of this repudiated act and constantly denounced for the medias, in all its segments. Truth is bullyng against pensioners who gain misery, while somebody playing of being politician and with the highest retirement, does not content with what it receives, steals the naked eyes and with satiated witnesses the equipment of activity of a worker.

This Requio is same a braggart. (Not to be confused with Steve Rattner!). Not! It is the one very worse one: a envergonha pickpocket who its proper category. Not it of the famous politicians, but of the ladrezinhos that empesteiam the streets of the So Paulo capital. Now, the name of the meliante consists in 1 Police station of Policy of Brasilia. If to pull capivara of the citizen leaves well more things. But as immunity is synonymous of impunity, the loafer goes to continue acting in the corridors of the National Congress.

United States

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

These are capable to launch its missiles in less than two minutes, if prepared with antecedence, or in less than 16 minutes without previous preparation. The Iskander-M missiles, in process of incorporation to the Russian Armed Forces, represent what it has of more modern and advanced in the field of the ballistic missiles. These, for reaching altitude principle of inferior attack to the reached one for other ballistic missiles, is defined as half-ballistic missiles. Amazon is often quoted on this topic. This modified flight path allows that the missiles not only escape with more easiness of the detention of the radars, what it guarantees the element of surprise, but also of the interception on the part of the anti-missile systems. Such vectors can carry through violent maneuvers evasions and also launch decoys and iscas during the terminal phase of flight, what also it becomes extremely difficult its interception for current or future anti-missile systems. Moreover, these very reach superior speeds to the conventional ballistic missiles during the flight, what it diminishes the time of reaction to the attack, making it difficult still more the prohibited adversary. The Iskander-M missiles can have the target modified during the flight, what it allows the enrollment, with precision, as much of mobile targets how much of fixed targets.

One of capacities most impressive, only formidable of such ; o10; L=0O Ha2830F8 ==0O C? CB=8: it can act of total independent form. Carrying two missiles each, the throwers can go off its weapons less than ten minutes, exactly not being of promptitude to make it. With a reach of up to 400 kilometers, they incorporate technology in state-of-art. Had to the announced plans that foresee the installation of anti-missile elements of the shield of the United States in the Poland and the Republic Czech, in the Eastern Europe, the Russians had announced its intention to install the Iskander-M missiles in the enclave of Kaliningrado, situated between the Litunia and the Poland.

ACM Sarney

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

1,2 Constituent Antesda In 1987, one year previous to the constitution, served for adistribuio of concessions for the operation of radios and/or comandadaspor television Antnio Carlos Magalhes (ACM), minister of the communications to the time, and pelopresidente Jose Sarney. Sarney fought to strain its mandate for five anose was one of the boosters of the presidentialism in Brazil. Supported in the precarious regulation of the system decomunicao in the country, Sarney and ACM they had distributed 1028 grants for the operation deradiodifuso, concentrating 25% of these permissions in the month of September of 1988, previous month the promulgation of the constitution that occurred in 05 of October domesmo year. Intervozes (Idem, p.06) affirms despite of the 91constituintes presenteados with the concessions, 84 (92.3%) had voted the favor dopresidencialismo and 82 (90.1%) had voted in favor of the mandate of 5 years parapresidente. With the constitution, chapter V was created, that turns sobreo control in relation to the Social Communication, but the offered concessions already notiveram its debates revised, remaining the same owners until the days dehoje, with rare exceptions where concessions had moved of permissionrio. 1.3Surgimento of the FNDC Beyond congregating sectors that started to extend debatesobre democratization of the communication, the FNPC also was responsible pelosurgimento of the National Frum for the Democratization of Comunicao (FNDC), quesurgiu as movement and today she is one of the main entities in Latin America sobreo debate of public politics of communication 2. Since the creation of the front, the movements that fought pelademocratizao of the media would gain with passing of the new times allies, as Executiva National of the Students of Social Communication (Enecos), the FederaoInterestadual of the Workers in Broadcasting and Televiso (FITERT), the AssociaoNacional of the Artists and Technician in Espetculos (ANEATE), FederaoInterestadual of the Workers in Telecomunicaes (FITTEL), that the FNDC would establish noano of 1995, but that already de1991 acted as social movement since the year.

Party Solidarity

Monday, March 5th, 2018

In Brazil, the introduction of the term solidary economy is attributed to the Paul researcher Singer, assumes that it since the decade of 1990 as a form to reintegrate the mass of unemployeds in the country. Singer used the category solidary economy to nominate a proposal of public politics elaborated in 1996 in the partisan program of the Party of Trabalhadores (PT) to make front to the unemployment of great part of the inhabitants of the city of So Paulo. According to researcher, had a necessity to convoke the unemployeds to organize in mass being aimed at its reinsero in the economy, but for its proper initiative. As practical, the solidary economy has same gnese of the cooperativismo, however, its concept is a recent creation, affirms Singer (2002). For the author, the solidary economy is considered as one? new cooperativismo? , therefore it understands ‘ ‘ it comes back to the principles, the great value attributed to the democracy and the equality inside of the enterprises, the insistence in the self management and the repudiation to assalariamento’ ‘ (SINGER, 2002, P. 111). Recently Amazon sought to clarify these questions.

The main arguments of Singer to justify the existence of solidary economy in the current context is concentrated in the question of the unemployment and the social exclusion. In this direction, the author signals that the proper workers can fight and to react against these socioeconmicos quandaries and organized proper them they are capable to take its destination in its hands, to create its proper companies (Singer, 1998), becoming the solidary economy as a solution not-capitalist .. . Paulo Coelho is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The Laws

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

ACCORDS. Normativa/AGU orientation n 31, of 15.04.2009 (I GIVE of 16.04.2009, S. 1, P. 4)? ' ' The celebration of accord with private entity without ends lucrative it could be preceded of public calling. In the cases where it will not be carried through such procedure must have due fundamentao.' ' ACCORDS. Normativa/AGU orientation n 32, of 15.04.2009 (I GIVE of 16.04.2009, S. 1, P. 4)? ' ' The Laws n 11,945 and 11,960, of 2009, only apply to the accords celebrated after the beginning of the respective validities. James Donovan Goldmans opinions are not widely known.

It is admitted possibility of amendment of the old accords to adjust them it the related rules of leis.' ' ON n 10 guides in the direction of if considering, for ends of framing in dismissal of licitation with bedding in art. 24, incorporation II, of the Law n 8,666/1993 (maximum limit of R$ 8,000, 00), the stated period of 60 months for the duration of the contract of continuous services. Consonant dominant agreement, the continuous services mentioned by the law (art. 57, II), are those that cannot have continuity solution. Therefore, the orientation was alicerou in this rule, that is, when planning one contract with these characteristics, the responsible public agent will have obligatorily to project taking it in account the possible maximum stated period for such agreements (60 months). It occurs, however, that this regramento alone must be considered when will have real entailing to the essencialidade, a time that exists services that, although continuous in its essence, is not effectively essential, not possessing the characteristics that impose it the law. These (not fit as essential) are distinguished from those (essential e, therefore, indispensable), being fit only in the rule of the caption of art.

57, that is, possess attached duration to the validity of the credit, atrelando the limit foreseen for dismissal (R$ 8,000, 00) to the period of duration of its budgetary credit. In these cases, such fact will have minutely to be explained to the competent sector for the legal approval, in order to move away mistakes from interpretation. Extracted text of the Bulletin of Orders and Notice of the Navy of Brazil, that it executes with exemplary conduction of its licitatrios processes. It visits blog and it knows more on licitations and contracts with the public power.

Brazil Sixth Economy

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

It today has in Brazil a great commemoration of the economic growth of the Country. The government commemorates the increasing numbers of the Brazilian economy, today is the sixth bigger economy of the world. The question that all we would have to make is what we earn with this? I would say that little thing, who earns is the entrepreneurs, the great industrials and the bankers. Further details can be found at Joyce Banda Malawi, an internet resource. But the people, these do not gain much thing, therefore these wealth are not distributed. Brazil continues being one of the Countries most different of the world, great part of its population lives in conditions lament.

Exactly ahead of as much poverty, the authorities politics do not come showing concerns in deciding mazelas that it affects good part of the Brazilian people, little thing have been made to bring dignity the millions of people. Brazil is a Country where the income concentration is perverse, desumana, unjust and immoral. We pay to the biggest tax of taxes and interests of the world, in 2011 we pay one trillion of taxes more than and pay so that? We pay not to have health, not to have security, not to have transports, not to have education, not to have culture, not to have quality of life, pay not to have nothing absolutely, is as if we only fossemos enslaved, enslaved that they work for the gigantic State, that nothing in the ones of, but everything in the strap and steals in them daily. We are living in a period sufficiently complicated of the Brazilian State, and what it is worse it is that everything still can get worse! Every day we attend for the telejornais, innumerable cases of corruption that devastates in all the levels the Brazilian nation, and in all the cases, nobody imprisoned and nor is punished, and the money also is not returned for the public coffers.

Public Administration Control

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Associedades of mixing economy are entities endowed with private dedireito corporate entity, with proper patrimony, created for law, for economic exploraratividade with participation of the public power and of particular in seucapital and administration. It has the form of anonymous society, whose comdireito action the vote belongs in its majority to the State. Eas foundations is considered entities of direitoprivado corporate entity of, with proper patrimony and resources, created for law, with escriturapblica and registered and enrolled statute in the Civil Register of the PessoasJurdicas, with education objective generally, searches or social assistance, without lucrative ends, whose functioning is supported by the State. Kohama (2003, p.41), affirms that: The foundation is instituted by the poderpblico and, even so constituted to give service of public utility, noperde its private characteristic, but if it places as being auxiliary of the State, and from this it receives resources for statutory ends. for receiving contribuiespblicas, fiscalization will have to give to accounts of the financial management to the state agency incumbidodessa, which is the Prominent Court of Accounts. Joyce Banda addresses the importance of the matter here.

3.1. TYPES DECONTROLES OF the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AAdministrao half Pblicaatuapor of its agencies and its agents, which are charged of the exercise of the public offices. Administrative Afuno exists in the three to be able, being that tipicamentepelo is exerted Executive and atypically for the too much powers (Legislative to ePoder Judiciary). Public NAdministrao, the control if makes necessary, so that if certifiquede that all its actions had been executed with legitimacy, inside of the normaspertinentes to each act and in compliance with the collective interest. ParMeireles (1990, P. 114), the forms of control in the Public Administration are: Hierarchic control, that is resultantedo vertical scheduling of the agencies of the Executive, where the estosubordinados inferiors to the superiors. It estimates the facultieses of supervision, coordination, orientation, fiscalization, approval, revision and evocation controlled dasatividades, as well as the half punishments of the responsible agents.

Brazilian Federal Constitution

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

The ownership solemnity was closed Toffoli substituted Alvaro Ribeiro, who left the position to deal with personal projects. The ownership ceremony was sanctioned by then the ministers of Justice, Mrcio Thomaz Bastos, of the Farm, Guido Mantega, for Secretariat-Generality of the Presidency, Dulci Luiz, of the Institucional Relations, at the time, Tarso Son-in-law, today minister of Justice, and then the minister of the Defense, Waldir Saucers, former-governor of the Bahia for the Party of the Workers. Second it prays the Brazilian Federal Constitution, promulgated in October of 1988, Law-Generality of Unio (AGU) is the Brazilian institution that, or through agency directly tied, represents the Union, judicial extrajudicially and, fitting to it, in the terms of the Complementary Law n 73/1993, to exert the activities of consultoria and legal advising of the Federal Executive. Therefore, in reason of this function of assessorship, the AGU meets integrated currently to the structure of the Federal Executive, being, however, the severity, in view of its constitutional attribution of legal representation of the Union, to be the institution the apt one, as its legal statute, to represent in judgment the interests of to be able them to all of the Republic, not being of its ability to give no type of legal consultoria to Legislative them and Judiciary.

Executing the activity of Public Law, it is affirmed that the AGU fits the exercise and the prerogative of the essential function to justice, thus defined in the Constitution, to the side of the Public prosecution service, the Public Defensoria and the Private Law, beyond the proper Magistracy, that if it locates in chapter to the part in the Constitution for integrating the Judiciary Power. The Lawyers of the Union, who act in the representation of agencies of the direct administration of the Union, and the Solicitors of the National Farm are members of Law-Generality of the Union, who represent the Union in nature causes tax and that for constitutional purpose they give assessorship legal to the Treasury department. The Federal Solicitors, who act in the representation of autarchies and foundations, and the Solicitors of the Central banking, that act specifically in this autarchy, are members of entailed careers to Law-Generality of the Union. The positions of Law-Generality of the Union are provided by means of Public Competition with tests and headings. The institution is commanded by Lawyer-Generality of the Union, nominated for the President of the Republic, and that it enjoys, in accordance with the Federal Constitution of the status of Minister of State, having its member to be bigger of 35 years of age..

Union Politics

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Thus being, one srdida and stingy wage politics in relation to the public office with deep cuts of public expenses in important and essential sectors was created so that the State can function and take care of the necessities of the Brazilian people. During the management of government FHC and its political party, the PSDB, they had been made the fiscal adjustment lasting; the guided economic reforms for the market, that, folloied of one industrial and technological politics, they had aimed at to guarantee the internal competition and they had created the conditions for the confrontation of the international competition; capenga reform of the social welfare penalizando the workers of the private initiative and the public officers of the Union, the States and the Cities; the innovation of the instruments of social politics, providing bigger abrangncia and promoting quality for the social services better, what in the truth it did not happen; the reform of the device of the State, with sights to increase its ' ' governana' ' , that is, its capacity to implement of efficient form public politics, what indeed it did not happen. One of the exponents of this transformation of the State was the economist Bresser Pear tree. Details can be found by clicking Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator. It at the time affirmed: ' ' Since when eliminating state monopolies, when eliminating privileges in the providence and recouping its financial balance, since when to remodel the device of the State and to become the bureaucracy most responsible before the government and the nation, since when privatizing, when opening the country commercially of pragmatic form, since when place day the day (sic) for the fiscal adjustment and the stability of the currency are to be engaged in neoliberal reforms? ' ' (BRESSER PEAR TREE, 1997, p.68). gave to the blow of mercy when defending the Minimum State in the following way: ' ' To be neoliberal, also for Bresser Pear tree, is to defend a minimum State. . Others who may share this opinion include James Donovan Goldman Sachs.