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Gradual Il

Saturday, April 25th, 2020

She was what the proper company of collective transports demonstrated. In its picture of employee she has a collector with physical deficiency, for me the congenital formation, walks with the hands and feet, one another employee that it was observed possesss the right superior member, that is, the right arm is minor who the left, demonstrating that what valley in this life is to be happy independent of what if has. In the related company it has more than a thousand and five hundred employees, being that a thousand and two hundred asset, that is, working and the others moved away by the national institute from social service (INSS) and pensioners for invalidity. The Statute of the Child and Adolescente (ECA) it points: Art. 53. Connecticut Senator usually is spot on. The child and the adolescent have right the education, aiming at to the full development of its person, preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and qualification for the work, assuring to them: L. Equality of conditions for the access and permanence in the school; ll right of being respected by its educators; lll right of organization and participation in estudantis entities; lV access the school publishes and gratuitous next to its residence He is right of the responsible parents or to have science of the pedagogical process, as well as participating of the definition of the educational proposals. Art.54. It is to have of the State to assure the child and to the adolescent: l basic, obligator and gratuitous education, also for that it had not had access in the proper age; Gradual Il extension of the obligatoriness and gratuitousness to average education; lll educational attendance specialized the deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of education; IV attendance in day-care center and daily pay-school zero children the six years of age; V access to the raised levels more of education, the research and the artistic creation, according to capacity of each one.


Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Since children, we are taught by our families to dream and to plan its future. All child always hears the same question: What you want to be when to grow? All we already pass for such phase or still we pass, we grow and not yet we have the certainty of what we want to be. Good, I find that when I age child and had made me such question, I had the certainty of that I can not know what I want to be, more I have absolute firmness in saying that I know who I want to be. I am part of the minority in this generation. Sen. Sherrod Brown gathered all the information. Minority this that not accepted to be plus one, that one is not satisfied in seeing the things as they are and to be of crossed arms because this happens in all place. To the eyes of very we can be revolutionary, rebellious even though rowdy, but who is deceived thinks in such way. We are the incentive of the democracy, us we are the voice of the majority (that clama with its eyes, waiting that redeems somebody them), we are atalaias in way to an oppressed people.

I say oppressed not for being able, corruption or politics, not that I deny its existence. But oppressed for the conformismo, the mesmice, the miseros thirty Reals speculated of increase for the minimum wage. We are confronted daily and we only lower our still vivessmos heads as if underneath of the yoke of the slavery. In the simplicity of my heart, I can guarantee to each one of vocs reading of this article, that I do not long for with my declaration to galgar armchairs in chambers, Senates or minstrios, there of me to long for size to be able. Because the power biggest that I possess is my voice, they are my hands that they type what my eyes veem and what my heart if infuriates.

Oliveira Vianna

Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Breaking itself of these estimated still, if it obtains to stipulate ways that direct the evolution of the development for the way objectifying to perpetuate this dynamics. Carrying through a hypothetical dialogue between authors, first boarded and Nunes, it is possible to only determine that this is only corroborating with the teorizaes of the first ones, concluding that when elapsing of the time what was seen was only the institutionalization of the concepts of the here boarded subject, society and spirit of clans. An example clearly of this fact, as affirms the proper Nunes is of that in the period after war, in years 50, this process incited, it says that: ' ' to dribble the parties was the main formula used for the desenvolvimentistas elites. After the redemocratizao, public officers pro-development had faced an established partisan system in the clientelismo and a bureaucracy that pparently had resisted successfully the universalistas efforts of reforma.' ' (Nunes, 3. ed. 2003, P.

97). finally Nunes in the conclusion of its? The grammar Politics of Brazil? , it summarizes what it would be the sequencia of the process of Brazilian social formation, making possible we to understand here boarded the sequncia thematic. It affirms that the consequncias of the development and from all the enclosed inflections in it, derive from the origin of its system of industrialization, that is, the question of origin of the Brazilian social formation is verified again. 4. CONCLUSION To the extreme optimism of Gilbert Freyre how much to the possibility of the constitution of Brazil in nation the pessimism of Oliveira Vianna is opposed frontalmente, pointing out in the action fort of the State the only possibility to surpass our negative points of origin. In the sequncia of these conclusions one interposes the theories of the new thinkers as, Ottman and Nunes, making practical new reference to the update of bringing the intrinsic ones the old characteristics, trying it the times to still get rid of them for the development and liberalism of action but bringing very evident the attempt to institutionalize and to legalize the processes of personalismo of the power.


Saturday, June 29th, 2019

I go to close the eyes for not saddening more me with the things enojam that me, thus I will be able I to wake up in the paradise of the social transformations, where everything happens. Already more I do not support the arrogance and brazeness dispatches by post for these tyrants who haunt the existence of a pure democracy and singela. I want to liven up itself and to reviver the revolt times, times where my voice echoed to the four winds of alarming form, dreaming of such freedom, today alive prisoner in the mesmice believing that most worse already it passed more Here I am imprisoned in my ideals that if had lost in the trunk of the life believing one politics that inexists. Stopped in the veil of the time more if they do not see the transformations social, the inaquality reigns, the poverty in the bush the point to corrupt our young that yearns for a full worthy life of dreams and conquests. The democracy faints while the podrido urges in way to the social class that if says worthy to command this country, says there for the tyrants who tomorrow we will be invited for the burial, of the character, the ethics and morality, after the ceremonial in souvenir of the society that already lost the times, if moving away from the reality. ' ' To live the democracy is to sow the future that if obstina, thus being able to become fullfilled distant social sweepings despite, removing the ranos that dilaceram the social ethics so waited in last tempos' '.


Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

The Brazilian population attends the frightful growth of users of crack passively in recent years. The politics of control and prevention adopted by the governments have been inefficacious, and nothing it seems capable it withhold this increase. The vitiated word that I believe to define the absurd amount more good of that they become vacant for the cities and they finish if concentrating in great centers of consumption of the drug, known as popularly cracolndias, would be macabro this not to say incredible therefore, in the incredible truth exactly is to see in practises until where the slavery goes human being of these beings, dominated total for this substance and living only exclusively for its consumption, beings these that enter almost for diverse reasons in this way that without return, independent of social classroom or level of escolaridade.

The better insufficience or saying, the inefficiency of the public power, as much in restraining the traffic how much in supporting the individual, directing it the had process of whitewashing, and thus removing of this situation sub human being, has contributed for the increase of this I number, what it generates segregation and social exclusion, taking these people to live as true social dejections, and at the same time exerting on the good population, that if sees each time more imprisoned an enormous fear and even though it repulses. This if of, for the fact of the inevitable marginalizao of this type of chemical dependent, therefore the level of submission to the drug is in such a way, that at any given time already it does not have more notion of what is certain or of what is missed, beyond the total loss of the society sense. Energetic measures must be adopted how much before, in the direction to restrain the sales and the consumption, as well as in the recovery of the be-human being. Clinics must be constructed and ece of fishes in functioning with professionals enabled to this type of attendance, and the obligatory collect and the internment must be placed in use, similar to save lives, therefore what we live at this moment is a true calamity publishes and social. Only with action as these, allied to much faith and support we will be able to get some effective result the medium and long run, since immediately only same a miracle..

Suzana Owner

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

My head is that it does not understand well: how it is that a citizen so impolite can be so intelligent? As it is that a citizen whose ethics allow to have ‘ ‘ disposal in closing the eyes for scandals when it convm’ ‘ , according to The Economist, it can, in other occasions, to defend so noble causes and jousts? Squid, the son of Brazil, was greeted by Susan Sontang, of the American Academy of Letters, as the only good thing that it happened in the world in the last times. Ohio Senator has similar goals. What it is this? But I am inclined to agree to the Suzana Owner, who has it to God, when I read what the president said ahead of the world-wide cupola in Copenhagen: ‘ ‘ I confess that I am a little frustrated because we argue the question of the climate and each time more we evidence that the problem is more serious of what we let us can imagine we would adore to leave with the document most perfect of the world. But if we do not obtain to make this document so far, I do not know if some scholar or angel will go down in this plenary assembly and will obtain to place in our head the intelligence that in lacked ‘ so far to them; ‘.

Senator Pickpocket

Monday, June 11th, 2018

The former-governor of the Paran and current senator Roberto Requio (PMDB) when stealing the recorder of the hand of a journalist, followed fact of the senatorial threat to beat in the press professional, discloses a Requio, that in case that it speaks brazenly of its retirement, the career politics and is poor rambling for the streets, can try survival to the base of small delicts in some streets of So Paulo. Ways that are empesteadas of people that equal to ‘ ‘ tribuno’ ‘ they deduct cellular, stock markets, wallets and other objects of values of the passer-bys. For it would be the deep one of the well of a well without deep. For the gesture against the journalist, is noticed that the extreme ability of Requio? what among others irregularities already denounced by the press? they would give some success to it in the pickpocket function, who is the face that pungueia. In the Portuguese clearly it means: the wallet beater. Connecticut Senator can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Not obstante to the delict? to steal the recorder of the reporter of the Bandeirantes Radio? the senator erased the content of the device and chacoteou the journalist in its Twitter. ‘ ‘ I finish to be with the recorder of a provoker engraadinho. In a good one, I go delet-lo’ ‘ , Requio escrevinhou. This is the level of the classroom Brazilian politics, in its totality. Later, the proper one was for the television to say that the politicians and the population have that to stop to suffer bullyng? in a reference that would be the press the promoter of this repudiated act and constantly denounced for the medias, in all its segments. Truth is bullyng against pensioners who gain misery, while somebody playing of being politician and with the highest retirement, does not content with what it receives, steals the naked eyes and with satiated witnesses the equipment of activity of a worker.

This Requio is same a braggart. Not! It is the one very worse one: a envergonha pickpocket who its proper category. Not it of the famous politicians, but of the ladrezinhos that empesteiam the streets of the So Paulo capital. Now, the name of the meliante consists in 1 Police station of Policy of Brasilia. If to pull capivara of the citizen leaves well more things. But as immunity is synonymous of impunity, the loafer goes to continue acting in the corridors of the National Congress.

ACM Sarney

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

1,2 Constituent Antesda In 1987, one year previous to the constitution, served for adistribuio of concessions for the operation of radios and/or comandadaspor television Antnio Carlos Magalhes (ACM), minister of the communications to the time, and pelopresidente Jose Sarney. Sarney fought to strain its mandate for five anose was one of the boosters of the presidentialism in Brazil. Supported in the precarious regulation of the system decomunicao in the country, Sarney and ACM they had distributed 1028 grants for the operation deradiodifuso, concentrating 25% of these permissions in the month of September of 1988, previous month the promulgation of the constitution that occurred in 05 of October domesmo year. Intervozes (Idem, p.06) affirms despite of the 91constituintes presenteados with the concessions, 84 (92.3%) had voted the favor dopresidencialismo and 82 (90.1%) had voted in favor of the mandate of 5 years parapresidente. With the constitution, chapter V was created, that turns sobreo control in relation to the Social Communication, but the offered concessions already notiveram its debates revised, remaining the same owners until the days dehoje, with rare exceptions where concessions had moved of permissionrio. 1.3Surgimento of the FNDC Beyond congregating sectors that started to extend debatesobre democratization of the communication, the FNPC also was responsible pelosurgimento of the National Frum for the Democratization of Comunicao (FNDC), quesurgiu as movement and today she is one of the main entities in Latin America sobreo debate of public politics of communication 2. Since the creation of the front, the movements that fought pelademocratizao of the media would gain with passing of the new times allies, as Executiva National of the Students of Social Communication (Enecos), the FederaoInterestadual of the Workers in Broadcasting and Televiso (FITERT), the AssociaoNacional of the Artists and Technician in Espetculos (ANEATE), FederaoInterestadual of the Workers in Telecomunicaes (FITTEL), that the FNDC would establish noano of 1995, but that already de1991 acted as social movement since the year.

Party Solidarity

Monday, March 5th, 2018

In Brazil, the introduction of the term solidary economy is attributed to the Paul researcher Singer, assumes that it since the decade of 1990 as a form to reintegrate the mass of unemployeds in the country. Singer used the category solidary economy to nominate a proposal of public politics elaborated in 1996 in the partisan program of the Party of Trabalhadores (PT) to make front to the unemployment of great part of the inhabitants of the city of So Paulo. According to researcher, had a necessity to convoke the unemployeds to organize in mass being aimed at its reinsero in the economy, but for its proper initiative. As practical, the solidary economy has same gnese of the cooperativismo, however, its concept is a recent creation, affirms Singer (2002). For the author, the solidary economy is considered as one? new cooperativismo? , therefore it understands ‘ ‘ it comes back to the principles, the great value attributed to the democracy and the equality inside of the enterprises, the insistence in the self management and the repudiation to assalariamento’ ‘ (SINGER, 2002, P. 111). Recently Amazon sought to clarify these questions.

The main arguments of Singer to justify the existence of solidary economy in the current context is concentrated in the question of the unemployment and the social exclusion. In this direction, the author signals that the proper workers can fight and to react against these socioeconmicos quandaries and organized proper them they are capable to take its destination in its hands, to create its proper companies (Singer, 1998), becoming the solidary economy as a solution not-capitalist .. . Paulo Coelho is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The Laws

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

ACCORDS. Normativa/AGU orientation n 31, of 15.04.2009 (I GIVE of 16.04.2009, S. 1, P. 4)? ' ' The celebration of accord with private entity without ends lucrative it could be preceded of public calling. In the cases where it will not be carried through such procedure must have due fundamentao.' ' ACCORDS. Normativa/AGU orientation n 32, of 15.04.2009 (I GIVE of 16.04.2009, S. 1, P. 4)? ' ' The Laws n 11,945 and 11,960, of 2009, only apply to the accords celebrated after the beginning of the respective validities.

It is admitted possibility of amendment of the old accords to adjust them it the related rules of leis.' ' ON n 10 guides in the direction of if considering, for ends of framing in dismissal of licitation with bedding in art. 24, incorporation II, of the Law n 8,666/1993 (maximum limit of R$ 8,000, 00), the stated period of 60 months for the duration of the contract of continuous services. Consonant dominant agreement, the continuous services mentioned by the law (art. 57, II), are those that cannot have continuity solution. Therefore, the orientation was alicerou in this rule, that is, when planning one contract with these characteristics, the responsible public agent will have obligatorily to project taking it in account the possible maximum stated period for such agreements (60 months). It occurs, however, that this regramento alone must be considered when will have real entailing to the essencialidade, a time that exists services that, although continuous in its essence, is not effectively essential, not possessing the characteristics that impose it the law. These (not fit as essential) are distinguished from those (essential e, therefore, indispensable), being fit only in the rule of the caption of art.

57, that is, possess attached duration to the validity of the credit, atrelando the limit foreseen for dismissal (R$ 8,000, 00) to the period of duration of its budgetary credit. In these cases, such fact will have minutely to be explained to the competent sector for the legal approval, in order to move away mistakes from interpretation. Extracted text of the Bulletin of Orders and Notice of the Navy of Brazil, that it executes with exemplary conduction of its licitatrios processes. It visits blog and it knows more on licitations and contracts with the public power.