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Like Commercializing Our Knowledge

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Napolen Hill. Dedicated a: Who writes this one article. And to Paola. We will share my professional success. When I had the opportunity to know the model businesses that can be done by the Internet, I found a great opportunity to realise my dreams. I do not talk about only the fact to make money by Internet. Although it is certain, that is a very important reason, to make businesses virtual allows us to generate income important.

I say that not only I saw that great opportunity generate income additional. Also I found the possibility of being developed professionally. In order to understand this, I let a small anecdote to them on my academic preparation: My university studies include/understand two races; first, Philosophy; second, Marketing research. Both areas of the knowledge get passionate to me, move to me to investigate on new information referring to these two matters. It seduces the idea to me that the knowledge, as far as creation and development, they are very ample, versatile and they look for to satisfy restlessness with the human being. The philosophy helps us to reflect, the marketing research invites to us to create. Both they suggest a contact to us with the same being. In short, I studied two races and I faced a peculiar reality.

He was a little difficult to find work opportunities me that allowed to apply and to innovate my knowledge me; we will not reflect if that were by my lack of abilities, lack of commitment, or by the labor situation. That does not matter at this moment. Now it is understood because it affirmed that I found a magnificent opportunity to develop to me professionally. The Internet is mass media in power that allows us to share information with thousands of internauts. We find a form here wonderful to provide valuable information, of quality and calidez, and to offer our services to those who are interested in our specialized knowledge. The objective of this page is to provide substantial content that us it invites to reflect on the subjects that propose and to be delimiting the characteristics of our service. In addition it will give you rules so that you make your own decisions as far as how you could make money, in my case is writing value articles.


Friday, May 18th, 2012

Everything is pardoned to him to that is not forgiven anything to itself. Confucius What important is to know how to cultivate the pardon and to leave this arises when really he is needed, is one business card of how much we have grown in the personnel and the spiritual, indicates our level, which we have managed in our learning by this dimension, while the opportunity has occurred us to live, to act, to carry out us in the distintitos rolls in which we participate We must be identified with him. To know how to use it and to take step to the transformations that can be generated in this way, mainly to guarantee our harmony, balance, kindness. On him it contributes to us, Rafael Ayala, that the pardon is not a simple mechanism to release of fault to that offended to us, the pardon is a mechanism so that one is free of the bitterness that left that action. One it can decide to pardon to somebody, that he is not sorry of to us to have originated a problem, damaged, so that the intention when pardoning, is not that person is free of fault, if not that one it is free, that does not exist storm on the matter some, that has peace, that it can live calmly. It is very important to know, that the pardon does not exempt of fault the offendor, but releases to the victim.

Both we need to decide to pardon, to be free of the wounds of the soul. on the other hand contributes to us, that in fact, to pardon does not mean to accept any thing that the other has done, as I mistreat, the violence or the dishonesty. It is not to humiliate themselves, to repress the anger, to do as if it did not pass anything or to pardon because we felt pity.