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Constitutional Court

Friday, April 25th, 2014

To the human rights nor the fundamental liberties will not be able to be suspended. In any case the rules of the humanitarian international right will be respected. A statutory law will regulate the faculties of the Government during the states of emergency, emergency situation and will establish the judicial controls and the guarantees to protect the rights, of conformity with international treaties. The measures that are adopted will have to be proportional to the gravity of the facts. The normal operation of the branches of the public power nor of the organs of the State will not be interrupted. As soon as the foreign war or the causes has stopped that gave rise to the State of Inner Commotion, the Government will declare restored the public order and will raise the State of emergency, emergency situation.

The President and the ministers will be responsible when they declare the states of emergency, emergency situation de without to have happened the cases military outer or of inner commotion, and will be it also, like the other civil servants, by any abuse who will have committed in the exercise of the faculties to that the previous articles talk about. The Government will send to the Constitutional Court the day after his expedition, the legislative decrees who dictates in use of the faculties to that the previous articles talk about, so that one decides definitively on its consitutionality. If the Government will not fulfill having of to send them, the Constitutional Court will apprehend of office and in immediate form its knowledge. ARTICLE 215. When facts different from the predicted ones in the articles 212 and 213 happen that they disturb or they threaten to disturb in serious and imminent form the economic, social and ecological order of the country, or that constitutes serious public calamity, will be able the President, with the company/signature of all the ministers, to declare the Emergency situation per periods until of thirty days in each case, that added they will not be able to exceed ninety days in the year calendar.

Basic Knowledge

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Masesses factors has moved, thanks to the expansion of the school that brought one pblicoculturalmente diversified for the pertaining to school environment, thus causing one aumentodo access the new concepts and pedagogical information, becoming the alunoparticipante and asset in the construction of the educational knowledge, is this queFreire (1996, P. 23-24.) tries repassing in them when it says in them that: Ensinarno is to transfer knowledge, contents nor to form is action for which the sujeitocriador of the form, style or soul to a body drifter and accomodated (…) quemensina learns when teaching and who learns teaches learning. Who teaches, teaches some thing somebody. The new methodology that we consider if differed doantigo simplified education that if only limited to transmit to the pupils aseqncia of the historical periods. The proposal is to work with ' ' eixostemticos' '. Generating subjects considered by the liberating pedagogia they are osgrandes subjects of the education of History in the last first quatros years doEnsino Basic. To work the thematic axle of local history and cotidianodo being educated, according to Henry.

the Giroux (1997, p 167.), in it discloses that he is essencialpara the construction of the education as cultural politics and the relation of culturaspopulares and subordinate with the dominant ways of the escolarizao. Apresentandoo study of local history, the professor will be extending to the learning capacidadede comment of the world encircles that it and diversifying its relations, thus understanding, that the historical process is constructed through deintercmbios the humanity, in its social, economic process, politician, cultural and artistic. The suggestion of the PCN is that the professors, in the period of learning primeirosanos, to Basic Ensino II deal with three concepts that estopresentes in the too much years in course: the historical fact, historical the historical citizen and otempo. However it goes to have that to adjust a little of these knowledge asua purpose.

Spanish Habsburg

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

So long and multinational race would be forced then to a new phase, perhaps much bloodier than the previous, where political power and the many alliances between states would be common practice. Prague, the prelude to Westphalia hasty retreat from the battlefield, Wallenstein, that Czech military talent, had to return to Germany with empty hands and with a searing defeat in tow. The ingratitude of Ferdinand II, who rebelled just learned of the defeat, he forgot his past successes and just returned, sent him to monitor, secure the old warrior was conspiring against him. Dangerously helpless, the Habsburg foresaw the imperative need to form alliances that will provide a new army. His hope then went to his son Philip (later Philip III of the House of Augsburg) who had been crowned as king of Hungary, Bohemia and King of the Romans. The diplomatic skills brought excellent results.

Astute and persuasive, he knew also attract the favor of the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Habsburg, the owner of the Spanish Habsburg possessions in Milan (Italy). After one year Lutzen's defeat, Ferdinand II planted them fight again. On September 6, 1634, at the Battle of Nordlingen, Bernard of Saxe-Weimar was defeated by the combined forces of Hungary, Milan, Bohemia and Catholic League. The victory was lost in a matter of months all previously been won by Gustavus Adolphus. His successor, Gustavo de Horn had to undertake a return to Stockholm deeply ashamed. He had underestimated too Ferdinand II. And longed for as soon as possible, a new defense. But their desires were temporarily disabled by the peace of Prague, signed by the Emperor of Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand II, and most of the Protestant states of the empire.

Great Khan

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

It had of being Spain, more still of 1492, when Granada, the last remainder of the mouro Empire, established in the Peninsula since century IX, pulled down ahead of the Spaniard. With the fall of Granada in 1492, Fernando and Isabel solidly were established, ready for an alliance of its absolute monarchy with the feudal Church and the nobility. Such enterprise without support of a government was impossible, that is, without a king or prince for backwards. Columbus was a fervoroso catholic. When its trip for west argued, never left of side the religious aspects: to convert ' ' pagos' ' dasia to the catolicismo to use its gold to reconquer of the mouros the engaged Land. It believed that its enterprise was Christian and that it had the aid of God. In those years, the Spanish monarchs had not only perceived that they had little to lose if they gave Colombo ten percent on all the wealth proceeding from the New World, brought for it, but for any person, forever, for itself and its heirs.

He demanded the heading of ' ' vice-rei' ' , and of ' ' admiral of mar' ' , among others honors. The kings had granted everything to it what he desired. It received a passport real and a letter of the king and the queen to be delivers to the Great Khan, emperor of China, according to Landmark stories Polar region. The majority of the costs of the trip was guaranteed by the genoveses bankers. It was a trip to the stranger, a stubborn change of coasting trade for opened sea, was a carried through act never. The majority of the population was constituted of men of the locality, professional sailors. It had also on board used Dos Reis that had the task to write down and to register events and on the wealth brought for the ship.

Columbus arrived at America in 12 of October of 1492. The Spanish monarchs had only invested in this risky adventure in the hope of many profits. Columbus always affirmed in its letters the kings whom much gold had there, therefore it believed this. The joined gold was, however, in small amount and this it took Columbus to the discredit for the investors of such company. Columbus carried through other trips and explored the islands, however, its searches had been frustrated and it immediately did not have its recognized merit for its fact of ' ' to discover ' ' New Mundo' ' , even though the name of the continent was given in homage the Amrico Vespcio, that did not have nor rank there the feet. Much later it only is that the grandiosidade of the fact of Columbus was perceived: the conquest of the American continent, that with its gold and tropical products had revolutionized the European economy. Fernando, its son, was one of responsible for the whitewashing and the merit granted to its father, through the daily one of target log book rewrote the history of the conquest of America, that made with that it devoted itself as true conqueror of America.

Congress Model

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

If a professional protest, show you the stack of requests for dentists on waiting list to be hired, or directly removed from the primer, says Ziegler. The companies gave his version. For Rolando Gutesman, auditor of Dental Unified System, practitioners have had to convert: they stopped being an island and now which does not work with dental systems or social works, is doomed to not work. It recognizes that the system is more thought on profitability than in the patient’s health, but ensures that it is something that we from this company can not modify. By the greed of the market, the Capes are increasingly casualties complains Gutesman, networks are fighting for lower prices. On the modality of the guarantees, he explained that they are based on the statistical concept of not making twice the same provision. Rapaport argues that he has been proposed to companies making consultations with specialists of the highest level to know if a requirement is reasonable warranty, but had no success.

We are agreed that companies will do audits so that more benefits are not paid, but on condition that they do not with commercial interest and will pay honorably professionals, concluded the specialist. Thinking to lower cost dental problem is no stranger to the medicine in general: vicious growth of intermediation involves a waste of money, because the money that should go to services remains as these groups gain, maintains the medical sanitarist Aldo Neri. The model applies both to the social to the medicine works prepaid. The difference is that there is some regulation, that does not exist, because Congress has not yet sanctioned the corresponding regulations in the prepaid social works, says the specialist. The Argentine model tends to resemble the North American, the worst in the developed world, where spent much and evil, because there is excess of benefits, product of consumerism that invades also to the medicine. The difference is that here it is consumed more which can pay a higher fee, while the rest remains in underconsumption, adds the sanitarist. Neri, former Minister of health and member of the Programme Council of the Alliance, argues that the absence of the State, and the supply and demand as single regulation leads to lower the value of the capes at the expense of the work of the professional and the service that people get. Is it a model thought to lower costs with lower quality services, concludes.?

The Historian

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Croce leaves in them clearly that all history is current, whereas the truth of the historical knowledge is function of the necessity that generated this knowledge relating which knowledge with the truth, with the necessity, the interest which this knowledge corresponds indelevelmente presented the presentismo to the pragmatismos. The radical interpretation of the presentismo, as this implicit one in Croce takes the serious consequncias very, particularly recognizing that we cannot speak of history, because a multiplicity of histories exists, equal the amount of spirit that ' ' criam' ' history. Therefore and necessary to admit that each time not only possesss its particular image of history, as each nation, each social classroom, more also practically each historian is same each pensante individual. More can provide more clarity in the matter. Necessary equally to think that the only allowed criterion to judge these multiple histories is necessarily different, either the measure in which they correspond ace necessities, the interests and the requirements. When the historian for working with truth concept, it must contest and promote interpretations contradictory of one same historical event, in the measure these would correspond the reciprocal interests; with effect one habits ' ' absolute spirit to decide between historical judgments and contraditrios' ' , where each one is, however true in defined conditions, the effect of this would be of the point of view of the historiografia; it are of the sphere of the thought of the categories of ' ' espritos absolutos' ' , the only evidence is the following one to have finishes it to reason to speak, this verdict deprives history of its quality of science. Therefore all history as Collingwood is history of the thought. A leading source for info: Sherrod Brown. The historian who reconstituted the thought of the past makes, it, however in the context of its proper one to know, that is, in a critical way. The activities whose history studies, constitute for it not a spectacle that it is necessary to reviver in its knowledge, only in the measure where they are equally subjective as personal activities of the historian. .


Thursday, February 21st, 2013

In its sociology of the religion, Weber if strengthens for tracing the long cultural development that culminates in a disenchanted culture. In these studies, Weber leaves the undisputed mark of its conception on the ticket of history. If the rational religion occurs to the magic, this not if of, however, to the way of an opposition. When it is gone of a segment of history for another one, can only be spoken of an opposition between them through ideal-typical concepts; it cannot have in the historical, concrete reality, in its ticket of a moment to another one, no opposition, no absolute negation, but only the intense continuity of devir that it only can be apprehended, tried, lived deeply e, over all, memorized, registered, partially, promptly; in contrast of what Hegel thought, for Weber a historical change does not appear as a negation of an antecedent state; this is generally the typical way with that the agents and citizens of same the historical change interpret and justify itself opportunely its paper in relation: it is the way with that such agents fight against what he is ' ' antiquado' ' , that is, against what they had chosen as its ' ' Demnio' ' at the moment where they had affirmed its ' ' Deus' ' in specific. Charles Rangel will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Thus, when reading itself Weber, it also constitutes in error to distinguish, to the way of an opposition, the two basic types of cultures (cultural conditions), that is, enters a magic culture as the opposite of a disenchanted culture. The ticket of one to the other, would say Weber, is entirely flowed. the same serves, therefore, of the ticket of the religious rationalism to the scientific rationalism: exactly in the height of its conflict with the religion, science keeps to religious inheritances or same religious conceptions, in way that to take it for, in the case and its practical expression on the life behavior is the aspect of the medieval period that represents better it, and that the same it is valid for science in relation to modernity and if, in turn, only ‘ ‘ one delgadssimo hair wire separates faith of cincia’ ‘ that is, according to ‘ ‘ ocidental' ' , that until then he firmly seemed given and revealing, supplied to the theoretical and speculative plan an empirical element that could not be rejected: the difference of the directions. .

The Suffering

Friday, February 1st, 2013

This not to be well, always will be ' ' relative adificuldade to the essence of the suffering involves the fact of as to keep 3 aserenidade when somebody makes you to suffer or it disappoints it ' '. Perhaps pelofato of that since tenra age what it hears, frequently, is ' ' NOS' ' , and this, when it does not come folloied of physical aggressions, as, porexemplo, the famous pinch, introjeta then, from there, umadependncia how much the approval or reprovao including, for times, prprioviver. He is clearly that ' ' no' ' if it makes necessary during the process of constituioda subjectivity, however, what if it can observe is that normally this ' ' no' ' well is not said, when this occurs creates in the person a fear, a terror and, estasempre will go to live under says and the look of the other, what of certain form it will go to tambmguardar ressentimentos, that is, ' ' to feel badly whenever we think respeitoda person that made in them to suffer becomes a habit, making to feel us as avtima of somebody more powerful 4 ' '. While issovive a mediocre life e, for times pronouncing murderous phrases as: ' ' Euno consigo' ' ; ' ' This is not pra mim' ' ; ' ' I was born pra sofrer' ' ; ' ' Nothing of certain pramim' ' , amongst other more e, not very rare it is started ' ' to raise defunto' ' , searching in the deep one of the bag, painful souvenirs that do not serve, you are welcome, for omomento where if this living. ' ' It keeps your language of the evil, and yours lbiosde to say 5 &#039 enganosamente; '. One of the essential lies of the life, with certainty, is in the act to depend deDEUS.


Saturday, July 21st, 2012

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