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Internet Search

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Search engine optimization is not recommended to interrupt, because, having lost position, it is unknown how long need for their return to their original position, and the season can already begin, and customers will be lost. In most cases, reduce the budget for search engine optimization for off-season, but for some time, even significant reduction in price is disadvantageous in that time period; when slabokonkurentnoy topics, especially in highly specialized, the monthly budget for contextual advertising can be much lower than the minimum possible sentence for a search site promotion. It is believed that the promotion of the site in search engines, in most cases more effective in terms of price / quality ratio than other types of Internet advertising. However, not all that easy. Each type of advertising has its own characteristics and leverage on your target audience.

It all depends on what the challenges facing the advertising campaign. All Internet users can Section 2 categories: those who are turning their attention to advertising and are subject to to click on it and those who in any degree do not accept advertising, "swallowed it" on tv and in city streets. If we talk about search systems, then from the second group of users can identify the part that, despite the dislike for advertising, still clicks on contextual ads because of the fact that, firstly, they are higher on the page, and secondly, they do not distinguish the difference between the results of the issuance and contextual ads. The second important point is this.

Why Did The Company Have A Website ?

Friday, October 20th, 2017

In the past few years development of the site took place in hundreds of companies and they have got their own web pages in the network. Internet fills a huge number of Internet sites – large and tiny, beautiful and not regularly updated and long ago forgotten. The main question that arises here – but to what end it all worked, why do we need all this great number of sites? Fad? Or a real tool for promoting goods? Try to understand – do web site development. With the Internet sites of large corporations and banks is clear – without the web site they now can no longer live a normal life. But what is truly valuable in a position to give Private site structure? Perhaps, we consider the first major function of the Internet site – information. Production cost is the site today and design a layout for example printing the magazine in general, are comparable in value.

The only difference is that the Internet is a resource only once, and the prospect every time a new one. Total, each new year we save thirty to forty thousand. in electronic format can be installed virtually very large number of materials about their products and services. In this case, practically free. Price of storage sites in the network is very small. 1 mb, which can include ten to twenty articles with good quality photographs, it is worth thirty cents per month! The cost of printing the booklet of this size will be smaller than most thirty rubles. For even more analysis, hear from Gerber Taylor Force.