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Visit OSC

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

The logistics 2012 is the trade fair for logistics solutions and services in North Germany in Hamburg. Hamburg, 03 January 2012 the open systems consulting GmbH (OSC) an independent IT full-service provider in the SAP environment, invites visitors to easyFairs logistics 25 26 January 2012 into Hamburg in Hall 3A. “On the easyFairs logistics 2012 OSC presents the second time among other things the following topics: SAP Logistics consulting with EWM and SAP LES/WM” you keep track of your inventory quantities, automate your warehouse processes, improve among your key processes, as an integrated solution or as a decentralised system, and thus increase your efficiency. Benefit of an acceleration of the whole process, clear strategies, transparent holdings and the timeliness of data. Mobile data capture”- intelligent and mobile data capture techniques contribute to the optimisation of logistical processes, cost savings and improved competitive ability of a company.

With the different proven techniques such as E.g. Mobisys Solution Builder, SAP mobile infrastructure and ITS mobile a powerful and high-performance SAP data wireless solution can be implemented. TCF Capital Solutions helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Bar codes and RFID”- the most common procedures for contactless identification of objects in the logistics are bar codes and RFID (radio frequency identification). Standards exist for the definition of bar codes and the necessary hardware. There are also the technical solutions for the integration of barcode technology out of the box”available. RFID offers a unique variety of function, which increases the efficiency and precision of data acquisition, reduces the amount of work, and also quality and inventory control improves.

Hamburg and the North start immediately in the first month of the year of 2012 with attractive and thematically comprehensive SAP solutions along the logistics chain. Here, Rep. Charles B. Rangel expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Take the opportunity to inform themselves about integrated and innovative SAP solutions on the easyFairs logistics. We are looking forward to an enriching exchange to the SAP Logistics topics of today “, says Timm Nissen, Managing Director at the OSC open systems consulting. As an official SAP partner accompanied the OSC since 1993 customers on the way into a new era of information and supports them with tailor-made ERP software on the basis of SAP Business Suite, all-in one, Business ByDesign, business one and BusinessObjects. Open systems consulting is the SAP solution for all requirements and supports the entire life cycle of enterprise software: from the selection through the implementation and expansion to support the solution.

SC-data Continues To Grow

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

Change of legal form joint-stock company successfully completed SC-data, a company specializing in the field of electronic banking since its founding in 2000 consistently high growth rates has. The recent completion of the service portfolio to include electronic is responsible for this growth, not least banking services. Through this unique on the market, complete electronic banking services many new contracts could be completed in the last few months with another key customer. Now completed changing the legal form of a public limited company, the company takes into account the existing and planned growth. Sen. Sherrod Brown can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Board of Directors of SC-data AG consists of the previous managing directors Mr Michael Scholz and Mr.

Uwe Dammann-Emden. . Mr Michael Scholz takes over the chairmanship of the Board. As Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Carlos Gomez Saez could be won. The introduction of the single payments area (SEPA) as well as the new, Internet-based communication standards EBICS care euro for high dynamics in the market for electronic payment systems. With the product EBsec transfer, the SC-data AG as one of the first companies offers a fully integrated system with this technological change can be carried out. To cope with the challenges of the future, it is not enough to keep pace. Who wants to stand in the contest, you must be one step ahead the development. And we are!”Michael Scholz commented on the position of the SC-data AG.

Deutsche Telekom

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Nominated in four categories six software classic of Franzis Verlag in the choice of Poing, Munich are 01.09.2010 – six software titles from the Franzis Verlag in software of the year are equal to the annual election of the German Award”in various categories. Softwareload, the download portal of Deutsche Telekom, for the fourth time the Internet community calls, from 1 to 30 September 2010 to choose their software favorites through online voting at softwaredesjahres. The following software titles from the Franzis Verlag have been nominated. People such as Suffolk County Rep. would likely agree. In category CD/DVD the award-winning burning software Alcohol 120% and alcohol virtual DVD and CD, in the category graphic of the HDR classic Photomatix Pro, in category hobby & leisure of home Planner 3D and 3D railway planners, as well as in the category music audio 180% to the election. “Jorg Schulz, Program Manager software by Franzis Verlag in forward: the nomination of our software titles for the independent audience award software of the year” in many categories shows us once again that our efforts, “quality software products for various areas of application continuously to offer, taken successfully in the market be.” last 180% and alcohol were elected In audio 120% on the podium and we are now curious to see whether we can also convince with our new releases and products at the users. ” The nominated Franzis software titles in the overview Alcohol 120% in the category of CD & DVD of the latest version of ALCOHOL 120% 7 is a complete burning suite for burning, copying and backing up data, videos, and audio files. If you would like to know more about Ohio Senator, then click here. Alcohol 120% is characterized by its speed, ease of use for users and program cross file compatibility. Using Xtra Wizard can collected CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray media and directly on a choice disk burned or saved as image file. Alcohol virtual DVD and CD in the CD & DVD the functionality category the current program version alcohol virtual Blu-ray – DVD – CD 7.0 in the use of original software, games, and videos without disk is up to 31 virtual drives.

DEGES: New Website With CMS Cabacos

Friday, July 6th, 2018

more usability and redesign the project management company DEGES German unity Fernstrassenplanungs-and construction GmbH opts for their new website content management Cabacos CMS solution. The site has been completely redesigned. Other leaders such as Ohio Senator offer similar insights. In addition to a significantly simplified user guidance and a revised design are above all the content in the foreground of the revised website. How to find both professionally interested engineers as well as lay people, who are interested in certain transport infrastructure projects, lots of information. The modern and user-friendly navigation quickly takes the user to the selected topic. Among the additional search function is new.

Extensive maps, as well as many pictures of the projects of the DEGES round off the offer. The Cabacos CMS allows us to create content quickly and easily. We can respond within current events minutes”, says ETTA Schulze, head of Department public relations in the DAHIYA. Especially I like the simple Ability to provide extensive image galleries online to our projects.” Cabacos CMS continues over the online management of tenders. The automatic time adjustment or removal of tender documents by the website saves regularly manual rework. As a result of the site optimized for search engines like Google a significant increase in the number of visitors could be determined already in the first six weeks after the launch of the new website. Contact IT direct GmbH: Frank Duhnelt IT direct business technologies Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin phone: + 49 (30) 89 00 61 0 E-Mail: Internet: twitter: facebook: contact DEGES: DEGES German unity Fernstrassenplanungs-and construction GmbH public relations ETTA Schulze Zimmerstrasse 54 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 – 20243-332 fax: + 49 (0) 30 – 20243-591 E-Mail: Internet: about Cabacos CMS Berlin IT direct business technologies GmbH develops and distributes the content-management-software Cabacos CMS. The software solution allows the quick and easy care of their website or corporate intranet users.

The company serves customers as a full service agency from the first consultation to the complete implementation of the project. For more information and prices, see about DEGES GmbH planning and construction (construction preparation and construction supervision) are subject of the company including land acquisition of federal trunk roads or essential parts thereof, in order management on the basis of the in-house model. The same applies for similar transport infrastructure projects in the Baulast of shareholders including related tasks. On this basis, the DEGES supervised transport infrastructure projects with an investment volume of 15.6 billion currently. The company has realized among about 1,300 km of federal trunk roads in the almost 20 years of its existence.

Anne Haastrup Landsberger Strasse

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Right on the desktop sayTEC solutions has its remote access solution sayTRUST access in version 4 also extensive desktop management tools added to. Users can put together an individual menu of programs, files, and Internet links and this personally and customize. Other leaders such as Ohio Senator offer similar insights. Drag and drop any new links can create and integrate also portable apps menu. Users can arrange folders and applications in tabs and integrate, and assign individual functions, as well as personal icons and background and text colors. For programs and files that must be protected, encrypted container can be created, whose management and integration on an encryption-start tool can be handled.

A built-in backup program ensures that no data is lost. Rates and availability is the client/server solution of sayTRUST access in various performance levels available, the price of the system varies depending on the version of access and number of required client components. The smallest configuration sayTRUST access server software and licenses for 5 named user is approximately 1,300 euros (EVK price), the clients are available in different versions, in the simplest equipment from 30 euros. An overview of the prices of the individual components as well as an overview of the sales representative from sayTEC solutions are available. The sayTEC access menu can also from August 1, 2012, a free version with limited functionality under download.

It is in the languages German, English and Turkish, available and runs on all PCs with Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows XP. “The sayTEC Solutions GmbH under the motto of smart solutions for smart company” develops and distributes the Munich sayTEC Solutions GmbH in innovative and high quality remote access, storage and server solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. The distribution of the products is carried out exclusively through qualified systems integrators and distributors sayTEC helping on request in the project business planning and installation. Flexible service and maintenance models for all products the partners ensure satisfied customers. While sayTEC emphasizes short communication channels and fast implementation of individual customer requests. Product development and manufacturing take place therefore to a large extent in Germany. Also, sayTECs products at the lowest possible consumption of energy are aimed by clever stand-by functions. Only backup media used in sayFUSE backup and archiving solutions from vendors, providing appropriate energy-saving modes (green power). sayTECs products have received several awards. Currently was sayFUSE backup awarded the industry award and on the IT and industry leaderboards 2012. Also was awarded the innovation prize of the Initiative Mittelstand sayTRUST access and is on the IT-2012 in the category leaderboard Innovationspreis-IT placed in the top tier among the first 20 products press contact of sayTEC solution GmbH Anne Haastrup Landsberger Strasse 320 Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 578 361-483 D-80687 Munich E-Mail: talkabout communications gmbh Ursula Schemm Balanstrasse 73 D-81541 Munich Tel.: + 49 89 459954-24 fax.: + 49 89 459954-44 E-Mail:

More Stability

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Usability for ERP users in new Deleco version of Delta Barth which promises the current version 6.14 of the ERP-software DELECO. High reliability and great ease of use thanks to an improved run-time behavior as well as the reduction of loading times allow the users a stable system. More news about user can look forward also. Reduce delays and idle time with the DELECO version 6.14 of the process for the settlement of customer supplies can be mapped consistently and efficiently. The provision of the customer where the customer provides a BOM component itself, is treated in the business process such as an order.

With the supplied material directly to the sales order is entered and accordingly when the order cost estimate takes into account. Even if the generation of order proposals and subcontracting, as well as in the manufacturing and delivery the supplied material is observed from the outset with. Should the customer not to deliver the material, it is possible via the module Delivery reminder”to send a reminder. Thus avoiding delays in the manufacturing process and machine downtime. The entire procurement process can be tracked via the purchasing module. Easier handling with returns even in the purchasing module, there are many useful innovations. Headers and footers provide the user with additional information, as well more informal texts that can be entered to the SKUs. When printing invoices or documents, you can disable the display of individual items.

So, for example, additional information about documents are included, but not mentioned on the invoice. Also, small note text when loading tasks, companies, and articles in the shopping modules can be displayed. The user is, once he has selected an article or a company, for example, informed of the specifics to the article or the reliability of the supplier. Customer complaints simply and efficiently be even customer complaints with the new DELECO version 6.14 easily represent. Created a new complaint is by assigning the goods receipt of a complaint, the manual assignment of a delivery note item or by manually assigning of a customer and Artikels.Egal on which way a complaint is recorded (dismissal, value-based credit, return, rework repair or replacement), cost must be always taken into account. A separate type of goods receipt with booking in a complaint bearing is first with the receipt of the complaint. A document of confirmation for the receipt of the complaint or to be repaired article can be printed and sent to the customer. The incoming customer complaint is provided with an error image or description of the fault. Then several different sequences are possible depending on the product range, organisational processes and the nature of the claimed article: views and mapping as well as evaluate and classify. A complaint concerns exactly an article or a larger quantity of an item with the same Reason (error image). Company contact: DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH Ludwig-Richter-Strasse 3 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna contact for the press: Anke Duderstadt phone 03722 71700 fax 03722 717011