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Roberto Maclen

Sunday, June 19th, 2022

In short, the moral integrity of human beings is the elected essential to the success of any teaching methods you want to implement. For more specific information, check out TCF Capital Solutions. Much so that based on universal human values, we believe that should be promoted participatory classes, or to be carried every student of law, to be better able to solve practical problems will arise in their professional lives. Faced with this worrying scenario we believe that the new teaching method should provide for its application in participatory classes, ie based on universal human values that should motivate the student is "learning by doing", since he is responsible for its own engine and learning, indispensable in current practice. However, it is necessary for purpose of this dilemma, proposing to amend the ethical conduct of legal practitioners as well as students from law schools go through a sort of formula-penalty, in order to raise the optimal development legal society. 5.

A WAY OF CONCLUSION. Thus we consider Today our career in question, is concern for those who are imbued with the teaching of law and especially those who must shape it, so in the words of Dr. Roberto Maclen "the past and can not change, but before us, the way opens wide and projected to the horizon, with enough space to walk an entire people and, later, of course, a world integrated, comprehensive, which we must join. " Therefore, the role that the university must make in training Peruvian lawyer, is fundamental results, which begin to be reflective, critical legal institutions, aware of these legal institutions and their possible use in society, means that students are "transcendent", "questioning" argue "their teachers, teachers looking for training non exegetes, who do not follow the standard walking up and down.

Civil Procedure Code

Monday, May 29th, 2017

13 In a process-because litisconsorcial – are many claims or objections as subjects co-parties. 14 This group of people integrated in one position only constitutes a procedural part, but complex, the main effect of joint litigation is that all claims are discussed in the same process and resolve within a sentence. However, if there is a malignant tumor in the process and not met, in accordance defenseless causing one of the parties, to respect the Constitutional Court considers that the aim of annulments to ensure the constitutional guarantee of trial advocacy. With great clarity, Hugo Alsina teacher illustrates this purpose by the formula "where helplessness is invalid, if there is no void helplessness" 15 The importance of joint litigation that the Attorney General to be an institute procedural possibility of concurrent subjective. Allows presence of several persons as part of that, direct obligations or common interests, are united in a certain position and ask the court's pronouncement of a decision logic. Therefore, "the regulation of that rule in our current Civil Procedure Code has a primary purpose the primacy of the procedural principles of agility, economy and immediacy, and it is through these guiding principles of the process that will avoid issuing contradictory statement that violate the principle of judicial economy. "16 The plurality of parties and the phenomenon arises: Classification of joint litigation An individual can claim an object of one or more subjects or, conversely, that some individuals may claim a subject one or more objects and, finally, that several individuals can claim one or more objects several subjects.