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Czech Republic

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

The action takes place in several directions. The new immigration law by the Parliament. Czech parties and all MPs are aware that without fresh infusions of foreign blood in the next ten years, Czech nation will begin to diminish and the population level will be negative. Yes, dear reader, do not be surprised, countries that have populations of less than thirty million people are exposed to and dependent on immigration inflows of human resources. Czech Republic with a population of ten million people is no exception. The preliminary study provided us with new entry requirements say that the Czech Republic plans to sharply reduce volume arriving immigrants. Ways were found quite different. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach.

And as we see now control the country are not afraid of new statistical data on future demographic background of the Czech Republic. Well, what do see as the Czech Republic would cope Ukrainian workers without hands, Russian and brain infusion of real estate Czech Republic. The economy of this course will not collapse, but some industries are already experiencing difficulties, particularly the real estate industry is not the Czech Republic find wealthy buyers, and Czech banks worthy customers for loans. The main buyers of real estate in the Czech Republic and money using mortgage loans are the citizens of stan, Russia and Ukraine coming to the Czech Republic to live and do business. Recent studies of Czech economists have shown that the worst foreign businessmen have become citizens of Ukraine. Firms with Ukrainian founders a huge amount, and business and pay taxes on them zero.

Karl Marx

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

The situation is similar to the operational condition of the road to micro district "Diamond." In the course of this audit found that the technical passport streets and roads in the administration Gukovo absent. Of the inspection to detect violations of the quality of roads along which the carriage of passengers by road of small, medium and large capacity, established the following: The route of public transport 1 "Minsk-GBSMP": From the railroad on the street. Karl Marx to the intersection with the street. Kostyushkin – need to patching roads, install signs a priority to make pruning trees and shrubs; Junction Street. Karl Marx – Str. Kostyushkin – is necessary to eliminate landfill right forwards, on the street.

Karl Marx, from intersection with the street. Kostyushkin to the intersection with the street. Kiev – is necessary to make patching roads; Junction Street. Karl Marx – Str. Kiev – is necessary to make patching roads; Str. Kyiv, 61 – to make patching roads, hump designate, in accordance with gost (no markings); Crossroads Str.

Kiev – st. Herzen – necessary to make patching roads, install manholes in accordance with GOST; Stop "Sports Palace" – is necessary to construct bus shelters, zaezdnoy pocket and install road signs (5.16. "Place bus stop, 5.19.1, 5.19.2" Crosswalk ") and road markings and 1.14.1 1.17; Str. Herzen, 106, 117 – you need to install manholes in accordance with GOST; Str. Herzen (in the area msshi number 11) – must be equipped with pedestrian crossing signs and install 1.23 "Children"; Str.

Alekseev Princes

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Discipline his son from his youth and for him in his maturity, and among the detractors will be able to boast of them, and you envy your enemies "-" in vain do not laugh, playing with it: in a small weaker – in a big hurt, grieving, and the future will drive like a splinter in his soul. So do not give him faith in his youth, but after passing over the edges until it grows, and then matured, not wronged you and you will not be annoyed, and disease of the soul, and the ruin of the house, ruin property, and reproach the neighbors, and mockery of enemies, and interest of the authorities, and an evil annoyance "- etc. The process of nationalization of public life, is directly related to the upbringing of Christianity among the people of tolerance to any authority, and even unjust, gradually sink ancestral forms of popular government. Referring to the inscrutable divine providence, the church is so brainwashed flock that convinced the last of the need to subordination even explicitly anti-human rulers. Richard Blumenthal is open to suggestions. As pointed out in this regard, vp Alekseev, "let the prince, even evil, yet it must obey. Evil princes sent by God to the people for the sins and their need to endure as punishment for sin. Until now, people are usually bad princes deprived the government expelled them and choose new ones. Now he offered to tolerate evil princes "8. Awkwardness of explaining the social nature of man through the prism of original sin obvious, and therefore does not require a detailed disclosure.

Volga District People

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Despite statutory requirement to provide housing, was repressed in the hands of the addition and the solution of the Volga District People's Court of Saratov, 1993, which was based on law 'On the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political repression ', but the wording was' put on a waiting list. " Repressed asked the court and the local administration: you can not give the apartment, taken away, so give the money to buy an apartment! After all, "put in a common housing place "was more a mockery of Soviet times – is clear to everyone that life does not get an apartment, if not all, the factory, and the total! The court, refusing repressed in the process of reversing the decision of the court, did not even respond to arguments of the repressed, who argued that in a similar way to execute the law – hence distort its meaning. Disagreeing with the sequence of Themis, who was not only blind but deaf, repressed attempted in a special production to recognize illegal inactivity of the Administration of Saratov and Saratov region Government, which is reflected in the fact that over 10 years of Federal Law 'On the Victims of Political repression 'is not performed in the territory of the Russian regions. Citizen motivated by the fact that when he was jailed, he was not standing in line a day, and when to return the right to reside in the apartment, he must stand in queue for more than 16 years, survived while the average level of life expectancy for men in Russia at the time of going to court already for one year.

Professional Experience

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

In practice, the major advantage of third-party professionals is that in addition to professional experience they have more and organizational skills audits. They not only know what information they need, but also know how to get it. In addition, the professionals know what difficulties might they meet and how to avoid them. To all other owners and managers of the acquired company or companies contracting experience less discomfort when communicating with independent experts. As a general rule, any serious test requires the expertise of different directions. In this case, the criterion of efficiency can meet only the legal or multidisciplinary consulting firm with experience, which has a staff of most sought-after experts – lawyers, accountants. An additional advantage of such a company is the presence of strong partnerships with a public accounting firm, which enable to carry out comprehensive inspections. However, in many specific market segments of knowledge outside specialists is not enough. In this If a qualitative test result can be achieved only when the customer's experts work closely with industry experience, and attracted professionals with extensive practice audits. Unfortunately, this way of working is used infrequently: the customer is not always ready to distract their experts from their current work and expects for its money outside consultants themselves do the work and hand over its "under key. In turn, the consultants also are not eager to give part of the work, and therefore part of his fee to the side and try to do everything yourself. Suffers as a result the quality of work. Influence of the state is important not to forget that, what are conducted all these activities related to audits of transactions and bringing them to a clean and legal mind. The fact that in the current market conditions, the state shall in no way be able to stay outside an observer and watch "blind eye" to the business processes taking place on its territory. State sends a strong message that will be in every way to deal with rogue companies involved in all sorts of gray schemes and suspicious transactions, and on the other hand will provide support and assistance to companies doing business transparently. This is especially important in the financial crisis, when the situation will develop, associated with a decrease income tax payments. In any case, the government will implement more stringent methods of monitoring suspicious transactions and will force employers to abandon them. In conclusion, I appeal to statistics – almost 50 percent of all transactions relating to acquisitions are not successful. Typically, the main costs borne by the buyer, who must evaluate their business acquired in conditions of acute lack of information and time, and often deliberate distortions of it. However, well-organized and carried out by checking the purity of the transaction allows the parties to significantly reduce the risk of adverse effects.

National Bank

Monday, October 9th, 2017

It is important that on the basis of Ukrainian legislation deposit agreement may include not only banks but also other financial institutions, in particular, legal persons, in accordance with the law, provide one or more financial services and which are recorded in a register in the manner prescribed by law (credit union). Financial institutions to enter into a contract of bank account (deposit) in the national currency shall be banking license and written permission to carry out operations with currency values, which is the General license for currency transactions in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On system of currency regulation and currency control “. The written form of contract to be complied with if the contribution is certified by a passbook, certificate of deposit or savings or other document issued by the depositor by the bank that meets the requirements for such instruments act.

The Agreement may be executed by creating a single document in multiple copies, one of which issued to the depositor. Savings account passbook, savings or certificate of deposit shall comply with laws, banking regulations and business customs. Richard Blumenthal follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Terms of the agreement on waiver for deposit on first demand is considered void, that is, the existence of such provisions in the treaty text does not generate those legal consequences that the parties had in mind. Banks, as practice shows, offer three options for payment of interest: at the end of each month and in advance. If such a treaty does not set the interest rate, the bank must pay interest at a rate discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine (part 1 of article..

Economic Procedural Code

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

October 7, 2010 the Trial Chamber on Civil Cases of the Supreme Court of Ukraine held the generalization of the judicial practice of considering the civil cases arising from the credit relationship (2009-2010) (Excerpts) The local courts have allowed violations rules and the exclusive jurisdiction in cases arising from credit relationships. According to the article. 114 hpa Ukraine claims arising about the real estate should be treated according to the rules exclusive jurisdiction of the location of this property. Consequently, if the subject of the claim is reduced to recover the debt on the loan, then the court must apply the provisions on jurisdiction, defined Art. Art. 109, 110 of cpc of Ukraine. If the claim is subject to foreclosure on the mortgaged property (Art. 33, 39 of the Law of Ukraine "On Mortgage"), etc., the court shall apply the provisions on exclusive jurisdiction.

Since, as noted above, the Law of Ukraine "Consumer Protection" does not apply to disputes concerning the enforcement of credit contracts, influence the determination of jurisdiction over the dispute on the consumer's residence, the question of jurisdiction at the place location of the branch bank. The above claim does not relate to the activities of the nbu or its territorial offices, the decisions may not affect its rights or obligations with respect to one of the parties, and relate directly to the credit agreement of the parties. However, keep in mind that banks are encouraged to participate in the trial of disputes about the ownership of the property to which they have appear cumbersome (mortgagee) in the manner prescribed by Part 2 of Art. 35 chp, to determine whether such burdensome to use information from the relevant registries encumbrances. Courts may use the provisions of paragraph 4 of Part 1 of Art. 1955 Economic Procedural Code of Ukraine, which indicated that in suits for the recovery of foreign currency price action is determined in foreign currency and in uah according to the official exchange rate established by the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of filing a lawsuit.

Therefore, the court fee to be paid by residents in domestic currency, since according to Part 1, Art. 99 of the Constitution of Ukraine Ukraine's monetary unit is the hryvnia. The provisions of Part 2 of Art. 7 of the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers 'On State Duty' that claims that are submitted to the court in a foreign currency, as well as for the actions and transactions in foreign currency government duty is paid foreign currency applies only to non-residents. Refund in the currency does not contradict the Civil Code of Ukraine, as in case the currency is not is a means of payment. If you can not return funds to currency, the court may determine the order of execution of court decisions, noting the recovery loan in uah, which is equivalent to the rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine on the day the decision on the case. This issue is relevant from the viewpoint of protection of violated plaintiff's rights (Article 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure of Ukraine), as public artists will refuse to open an executive proceeding if the court decision is not specified hryvna the equivalent of debt.

The Attainment

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

By this he is still pushing the time that, despite advances in scientific and technological progress does not stop act on the person and remind him of his strength and power. Go to the attainment of faith while still pushing and power, which is ready to make any concessions only to life in power for its members became eternity. And this situation is absolutely not surprising, since the only power standing above the human capabilities and is able to solve the unsolvable problem for a person can convince of the need to perform righteous actions not yet mature forms of consciousness inherent in today's generation of people. Only time limit a person's life can make the most of government representatives on earth to believe in a higher power, which is sure many of the current powers that be, must be better for them and without fail should think and care about their problems, should be sooner rather than later, give the "chosen" people eternal power on Earth. And only in this If the present government is ready to approach the question of what power can be traditional, government was ready only under the influence of fear to acknowledge the validity of which has a higher power. It turns out to "Modern" representative of the authorities to respect the people's interests, you should have at a high level of conscience, and authority over his conscience, which will force people to move to ensure that it does not comply only its own interests and the interests of others.

Credit Card Debt

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Lawyers recognize that many enough to hear even a good word on the phone to start fighting for their rights. So get into the debt trap Antikollektory tell us how people get into debt. Often develops such a situation: when there is a delay repayment of the loan begins accruing interest. Increases the penalty portion of the loan, and any money that a bank customer makes a into your account to repay the loan in the first place, go to repayment of interest. Moreover, the sum of the loan itself may remain unchanged. And a vicious circle: a person pays a monthly basis, the loan amount is growing every day. In Finally, a person can pay for life. When the debtor understands that, he starts panicking.

Usually people think so: "Which to me makes sense to pay if I still owe?" Or "We will forget about the problem, and she will disappear." A bank in order time, the case to the collectors. History, when the credit card debtor "drips" a wild amount of interest for and for, behold, is quite common. As a rule, the terms of the credit card represents a hefty pile of securities in which an inexperienced person to understand, in principle, impossible. And read these conditions not everyone. Often, debtors simply do not know their rights, can not defend them and do not apply to lawyers. Blame – low legal literacy of people. Antikollektory Novosibirsk note that most complaints of debtors associated with credit cards, personal loans, loans for household appliances.