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Samsung Galaxy

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is more than an iPhoneClone. Already at the first sight of the new smartphone from Samsung were most testers into raptures. Impressed by the large display, super processing, excellent handling. Here are some summary results: CHIP online (quote): “Galactic good! You must have seen the 4-inch super AMOLED display of the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S: the brilliant XXL screen is not the only reason why is made the Galaxy S at the top of the test field. Bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 mastered our test course with flying colors! Thanks to the sensational displays, good touch functionality and the tremendous facilities including free navigation, the Google giant marching straight to the top of our mobile leaderboard “.” PC World (quote): iPhone killer and Android-superstar. The Super AMOLED display, the Samsung assembled, is a four inch large IPS Panel, which provides a higher resolution for this significantly larger and more colourful than Apple’s 3.5 inch. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out TCF Capital Solutions.

Who so far its Had trouble with the tap on a touch screen, maybe find a solution with the Swype keyboard. On the Internet the Galaxy S thanks to the data Turbo HSDPA and Wi-Fi-n, the latest Wi-Fi standard, come to the thing. So it did take ten seconds until the Web page of PCWelt has built up via HSDPA “.” Connect (quote): Samsung’s new flagship has a class display, can be operated intuitively and plays with good laboratory values in the first League of the Smartphone. We have input already praised the endurance in the mix of uses, the pure talk times fail with respectively 13 hours well in the D – and network on 11. Convinced by the sound quality in both directions. To fit then the ordinary reception qualities in the 2 g and action phone fun with the Galaxy S right. The processing is normally very neat as by Samsung, apart from the slightly creaking battery cover “also Stiftung Warentest” had top marks: total 17 smartphones with different operating systems have been 6.5, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows mobile Windows phone 7 and Android tested. 1st place: Samsung Galaxy S i9000! The test results, see the January issue 2011. need you even more reasons to choose this Samsung Smartphone? Perhaps is it the price, Yes? Now there is the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 direct from the manufacturer almost 40% discount.