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Honourable National Congress

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

MEETING with the President of the National Congress today, Friday 30 October 2009, at 12: 15 hours, representatives from different institutions had an interview with lic. Miguel Carrizosa, President of the Honourable National Congress and President of the Senate. The central theme of the meeting was the law of languages; also, the situation of the Guarani language now. The Prof. participated. Maria Elvira Martinez de Campos, the Prof.. Estela Appleyard Acuna and the Prof.Dr.

Jose Zanardini, in representation of the National Commission on bilingualism; Prof.. Maria Eva Mansfeld de Aguero, on behalf of the career of language Guarani of the Instituto Superior de Lenguas, Faculty of philosophy; Prof.Dr. Almidio MILTIADES Aquino Arguello, in representation of the Kuatiane project (Fac. Languages alive at the Evangelical University of the Paraguay), the Prof.Mg. Pearl Alvarez, on behalf of the Civil society workshop; and David Galeano Olivera, Director-General of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI. The enjoyable and rewarding meeting, which in principle was not going to spend 15 minutes due to the multiple commitments of the President of the National Congress; at the end it lasted for more than one hour. The representatives of different institutions requested that the treatment of the law of languages in the plenary of the Chamber of senators is scheduled at the earliest possible date, since next week he already would have the opinion of the Commission on education, culture and religion.

President committed all their efforts in favour of obtaining, short time, the long-awaited average sanction of the law of languages by the Senate. Be explained to him in detail the importance of the language law, clarifying that it will help to normalize a series of situations that affect the languages spoken in Paraguay; and facilitate the orderly evolution of them, avoiding falling, for example, in the situation which today affects the Guarani which is about to be reduced and excluded from education by the MEC. Karai Carrizosa omomba eguasu opaite MBA ojejapova ne enguera rehe has ome ine oneha ataha ojuhu SMS tape Ne pora enguera Lei onemonei hagua. Avei hesaka pora suck tekoteveha onembo e, nepyrurame, mita has mitarusukuerape ypype ine has upei hagua avei hikuai ine mokoihame ikatupyry mbeguekatupe. Maitei horyveva opavavepe.

Civil Code

Monday, May 14th, 2018

But procedural treatment for a situation of incompetence by a court or tribunal. Law through the type of competition either objective functional or on territory, and the imperatividad of the submitted standard, has the following control: a) of the competition objective and functional are rules of public order: – of mandatory – not supported otherwise agreed to) Control of craft b) to ex parte (inhibitory pleas) b) the territorial jurisdiction – whether they are mandatory: ex officio control – if they are dispositive: only on request (inhibitory pleas) 5.1.1. Amazon is actively involved in the matter. Conflict of powers (art. 11-19 C.P.A.).-The race that suscitare between two courts or courts of equal or unequal competition on a what is the knowledge of the dispute, may promote ex officio or at the request of parties, by inhibitory or pleas. Pleas (arts.

13, 14 and 15 of the CPC) before the judge who is considered incompente. Inhibitory (arts. 12, 16 and ss of the CPC) before the judge who is considered competent. 5.1.2. Jurisprudence-A.S. No. 050, February 4, 2003 for its part the competition as a measure of jurisdiction, is the faculty that has a court or judge for precisely to exercise that jurisdiction with which it is vested, in a particular case, is that by establishing parameters or factors such as matter, the nature of the right and action that is born of thethe territory, the amount and the quality of the people who quarrel 5.2.

Inability or Impersoneria.-inability or impersoneria of the advised or demanded, or their attorneys involved in the process. The capability itself, is identified with the legal personality which is the legal indeoneidad to be subject of rights and obligations, which has its limitations laid down in article 3, 4 and 5 of the Civil Code. It establish that capacity has its end with the death of the person or the extinction of the legal person.

Mediterranean Sea

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Roads were filled with herds guided animals that went somewhere to graze in the mornings, the means of transport was in mules, donkeys and horses, young possessed to its fun much longer than today have. The goals of people, were simple, sites to visit, used to be or all not more than about ten kilometers. The beaches of the Mediterranean Sea were itself more distraction, and children as of today playing with balls that back then were rag. My beloved and well-remembered grandparents had a pronunciation of the place itself, a kind of dialect, employing that us children did not know what they were talking about. And her figure was respected by all those who in one way or another were younger than them, customary greeting, taking off hat, article that would be working hours, and during the afternoons and evenings, so exposed, was almost a symbol of good clothing. Life was quiet, in the courtyard of the houses most harvested vegetables, peppers, peppers, and many other things; in those days, there was no theft, unknown or public were at least not homicides, any visitor, was received with affection and offered him a glass of homemade wine, a biscuit and up a piece of cake or sponge cake family. It was a time that awoke the American dream, the old ones did the impossible to motivate their children to go to America, without giving greater importance to which of them you can go. Those who lived in villages they felt like mired in peace without much evolution.

It was a sentiment without big aspirations. And only with the arrival, with the return of any other of America is you could see the big difference, because these boasting of his accomplishments, let run your money as if they were unlimited, and with the help of their own relatives, jets This work in the echo generated increased and doubled in the minds of people, dreaming of gold, now to calm villagers of my small town and other latitudes, was easy. My parents Giovanny Greco and Nunciata, gave continuity to the family business, there were very hard years, there is no forgetting that if war was traumatic the second left across Europe in the most cruel that ruin, millions of beings who paid with the tribute of their lives, the alienation of politicians and leaders who don’t deserve the honor of being named.

Several Councils

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Lose weight fast insurance that you are tired of having diets impossible fast, making them a lot of time and spending a lot of money inencesario. It is clear that none like us be our rest days in small packs preparing the meal for the week, or also is sure that not everyone can afford this spending continued to lose weight fast. Either we like having to be weighing our food to get the exact portions to not pass us with our food in our diet as well in this post I’m going to give a few tips to lose weight fast and not suffer in the attempt. To make it more enjoyable and simple I will summarise in 10 tips to lose weight fast on the day to day. 1 Eating away from home is a situation that we must control to lose weight fast as they in restaurants the racines of each person usually of a large size.

It is very good to ask a ration for children since these portions are much smaller and reasonable for our great objective which is to lose weight fast. 2Nd stay healthy food on all sides for easy access. If we have in sight a fresh fruit, a beverage low in sugar, a few boiled vegetables or some kind of healthy food is much more easier, than at the time of hunger among us, we eat these foods and not that we cannot take. When we tangamos hunger endeavour always to eat without anxiety and always previously spoken food type. For a fundamental correctaes this step diet.

3 Replace meals packaged canned by frozen food. All food in corsenva have been quite high values in sodium and this is not good nor necessary and above all much lower the nutritional value of the products. Would be very useful that bought bags for freezing (zipper) and thus always will be much more easy save and store food.

Conflict Culture

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Another barrier against mergers and acquisitions, make numerous mergers, tends to failure or show sign of this, being the main cause the conflict between cultures. ORGANIZATIONAL culture classification the multidimensional nature of organizational culture influences the existence of several classifications: Ansoff typifies the culture, consistent with the organizational evolution in (14): stable culture: focusing on the past, looking for precedents on which based future actions. It is conservative, not accepting change and is adverse to risk, his motto is: do not disturb the calm or not jiggle the pot. Reactive culture: Focusing on the present, seeks the fundamentals of possible alterations in the past. Accepts minimum changes. Their motto is: be prepared for everything. Foresight culture: accepting the change when it means a trajectory similar to the led to the present. Further details can be found at Richard Blumenthal, an internet resource. Focuses on the future, but his future actions based on extrapolations.

Exploratory culture: Accepts the risk provided that an appropriate relationship at risk gain. Search for change, accepting the rupture. Creative culture: Looking for changes, involving new situations and shows preference for non-current risks. Its main motto is: inventing the future – exploratory culture and the creative are cultures of strategic management. Gonzalez and Bellino, classified it, depending on the emphasis that gives to the elements following: power, role, tasks and people (15). Culture of power; directed and controlled from a center of power exercised by key individuals within organizations. Culture of the role; identified with bureaucracy, supported by a clear and detailed description of the responsibilities of each position. Culture by task; supported at work project that the organization performs and is geared towards specific results in specific time. The person’s culture; based on the individuals who make up the organization. Other studies typify the culture of as follows (9): dominant culture; the core values are shared by the majority of the members of the organization.

Maria Tirone

Friday, March 10th, 2017

I yield to the behaviors inappropriate of people I love, I yield to a destination that toys with my feelings making impossible the reality of a desire, I yield to behavior of someone who nailed me a sword in the heart, I yield to my inability to fix the world, to arrange my life, the lives of others, I yield to a higher power, and my soul pleads to find a new way, a new key, a new map through which to interpret the situation which currently surpasses me with greater wisdom. To read more click here: Bridgewater Associates. When I yield, break, loose resistors, I give me permission to feel weak, small, fragile, even miserable! but with dignity because it is a conscious act, chosen by myself, I accept with humility that this or that have exceeded my intellect, my abilities, my strength of will, to myself, to my ego, and with unshakable faith in life and all good, duck head and loose arms in the hope that a new landscape to be glimpsed from the corner of my existence, and helps me to overcome this battle raised by life and exit gracefully triumphant in war towards the final destination: live in peace with myself and with others. The Act of surrender does not mean never you’re gonna stay down, thats never, an act of detachment, release situations, people, exceeding US temporarily, in order to redefine situations, re frame events, reevaluate beliefs, paradigms, and be able to re-emerge to continue writing the lines in the book of our destiny, our own lives, filled with new resources, new expectations, new beliefs that we foster and us energicen, for that I yield, but never to stay fallen! Maria Tirone original Autor and source of the article.

North African

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

The modification of land use and climate change threaten biodiversity. Credit: Richard Blumenthal-2011. So the Observatory of sustainability in Spain points out. Fires in Spain will increase, will be more dangerous and will last longer, according to the Observatory of sustainability in Spain (OSE), which points to the changes of soil as the main threat to biodiversity, particularly the expansion of agriculture, urbanization and transport infrastructures. Connecticut Senator wanted to know more. In its eighth thematic report biodiversity in Spain. Basis for sustainability to global change, presented Wednesday, the SBI analyzes the status and trends of biodiversity in Spain.

According to the report, the increase in artificial zones constitutes use change of the most significant soil occurred in Spain between 1987 and 2006, and climate change is a threat to the biodiversity that will be gaining greater importance in the future, both in the peninsula as well as in the archipelagos. Thus, noted specifically that protected natural areas situated to the North and Northwest of the peninsula tend to show decreases in rainfall and increases in temperatures, while protected from the rest of the peninsula present similar to the North African of precipitation and temperature values. As a consequence, also warns the SBI that the intensity, duration and size of fires increase, particularly in the southwest quadrant. Risk of desertification to this evolution is in addition the risk of desertification of 37 per cent of the surface of Spain and a double trend of the territory: mediterranizacion of the northern and southern aridizacion. They also point out that climate change will cause a decrease of the area of distribution of many forest species and a lower diversity of species. To curb this trend defends environmental integration ctiva of the agricultural sector, involving both an improvement in the competitiveness of the environmental situation through good practice, because it says that much of the biodiversity of Spain is linked to the average agricultural, mainly to extensive systems.

Party Alliance

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

The rest of his chained dissertation does not deserve additional comments, as it is the same chatter from usual, with its threats and its challenges and its jokes in bad taste. What has been pathetically in evidence is that the country has no spine. There is no still a connection osteofibrocartilaginosa articulated and resistant, strong and flexible, extended enough to unite the regions in joint actions and a common strategy. Final appeasement will be things for hours and then the candidates for Deputies may make full use of the stage. The project of a sensitive backbone of the Republic has been there, exposed, waiting that the best Venezuelan intelligence who lives in the province – decides to take on the challenge of driving and the frame a replacement of the deteriorated Caracas leadership. When I say Caracas referring to that old-fashioned concept of national direction that parties of losing democracy in the 20th century have practiced and still practice and a province that awaits them with the latest instructions.

When I say Caracas referring to this monopoly of decision making which apparently gives living in the capital. When I say Caracas referring to a kind of syncretism in relation to power. Power is where is exercised and the province must learn to exercise it. Now we are witnessing this dramatic week rales. Let memory and see how the savage attacks against the Catholic University were also practiced in the penultimate drama and as students reduced their presence to the Metro and some traffic lights. Let us remember the use that the regime gives their bands armed. This seems a redefining of the well-known libretto. The consequences of her interpretation are too clear in our memory as to forget them.

Meanwhile the Alliance of parties called the Bureau Announces for the announcement of the sites where will make primary to choose candidates within a few days. This means that the candidates where there is no need of primaries are ready. In final words, the democratic path Party Alliance has charted continues her course while the country shudders against everything that will come in the months remaining before September. Then the conditions will not be only election, shall total breakdown in the already low life of a country.

Russian Convention

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

This also offers a world of possibilities to own of the continent to Russia companies. The impact of this Alliance Venezuela Russia, we can observe them through strategic execution moves in areas of impact in the development of technological skills that can begin to trigger as there is increased contact energy, educational, technological, business, military and political cooperation. An example of this partnership is the energy Convention in the area of gas, through the Russian Gazprom and company PDVSA, whereby a joint venture between the two countries, his name was created: URDANETAGAZPROM-1, S.A., responsible for operations in exploration, production and marketing of Venezuelan gas located on reserves of the fields Urumaco 1 and 2 in the area of the Gulf of Venezuela. Caribbean Russian Convention is positive for both State-owned enterprises because with this you will start to receive the long-awaited transfer technology that makes you both lack to Venezuela. When the began the exploration and exploitation of petroleum, not be wise which was going to be derivatives of this product, nor the long-term benefits, much less which would be the technologies that arise from this.

Today Venezuelan crude oil refining system is due in technology transfer that left large corporations before the nationalization of petroleum, the Paraguana refining complex one of the most major of the world for example. Because the same thing happens with gas as a new product in the exploitation of Venezuelan reserves, however, have already seen glimpses of the benefits generated by the exploitation and home use of this resource, one of them for example the use of gas for compression-ignition engines, shock absorbers hydraulic, hydraulic arms, use products such as dryersheaters and used as a fuel for industrial among others machines. LNG trade is an entry to the future and the agreement will give to Venezuela technology transfer such as British and American companies did in his time.

Caribbean Trade

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

International trade in Venezuela policy implications more direct in the operation of joint ventures created and that they have contributed to the decline in unemployment with bilateral agreements with Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Iran, Russia and Belarus, for example, there has also been important activities in the development of the production of machinery for agriculture with the support of IranArgentina and Belarus. However, there are weaknesses opportunities, threats and identifiable strengths in this case weaknesses in Venezuela Venezuelan international trade policy has technological sovereignty and this does not depend on the countries most developed to be able to delve into ambitious programs and agreements has made so far have failed to advance these programs administrative bureaucracy that exists in the operation of the agreements since these are delayed and there are higher costs and loss of time.Or the small Venezuelan companies little involved in the international policies because they don’t have sufficient resources to venture into other markets. Opportunities for being character Dynamics Venezuelan international trade policy, companies can venture into other markets using these agreements and conventions. If there were agreements between the Government and the private sector, would make more agreements or arrangements between highly competitive enterprises in the technological area which Venezuelan companies could make strategic alliances of importance for its development. Petrochemical plays a very important factor in international trade policy since 95% of what we see and touch day today comes from this industry and there is a possibility that the Venezuelan businessman can be more creative in this area to tune then the agreements with other international companies of the same sector. Threats countries that make agreements with Venezuela are away for not sharing the same political ideal, because there would be a cessation of activities between both countries. Conflicts between the the Government and private sector the fall of crude oil prices, since most of the agreements are based on this resource and budgets would be affected under this scenario.

Strengths Venezuela political ideal has friends who share your same and as long as these exist will remain durable in time its policy of international trade, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, some islands of the Caribbean, Belarus, Iran, Ecuador, Bolivia the Government has managed to emerge victorious from the conflict more difficult in Venezuelan history, the oil strike was one of them and this gave him the strength to control the industry and make their projects without greater interference. Venezuelan international trade policy has created the Convention of ALBA and each passing year has included other countries and this has given him greater strength to its international policy. Some suggestions in the field of international trade the Venezuelan businessman should identify correctly the investment opportunities in the country under the current Government and its trade policy external. Venezuelan companies should seek viable alternatives to lessen the impact of the policies imposed by the current Government such as the exchange control and currency, regulation and standards present in the destination country as there are of the ALBA countries which can offer many investment opportunities a little. At the same time, the Government should be a little more flexible in the allocation of currencies with some national productive sectors such as SMEs in all sectors commercial industrial and service.