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Party Alliance

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

The rest of his chained dissertation does not deserve additional comments, as it is the same chatter from usual, with its threats and its challenges and its jokes in bad taste. What has been pathetically in evidence is that the country has no spine. There is no still a connection osteofibrocartilaginosa articulated and resistant, strong and flexible, extended enough to unite the regions in joint actions and a common strategy. Final appeasement will be things for hours and then the candidates for Deputies may make full use of the stage. The project of a sensitive backbone of the Republic has been there, exposed, waiting that the best Venezuelan intelligence who lives in the province – decides to take on the challenge of driving and the frame a replacement of the deteriorated Caracas leadership. When I say Caracas referring to that old-fashioned concept of national direction that parties of losing democracy in the 20th century have practiced and still practice and a province that awaits them with the latest instructions.

When I say Caracas referring to this monopoly of decision making which apparently gives living in the capital. When I say Caracas referring to a kind of syncretism in relation to power. Power is where is exercised and the province must learn to exercise it. Now we are witnessing this dramatic week rales. Let memory and see how the savage attacks against the Catholic University were also practiced in the penultimate drama and as students reduced their presence to the Metro and some traffic lights. Let us remember the use that the regime gives their bands armed. This seems a redefining of the well-known libretto. The consequences of her interpretation are too clear in our memory as to forget them.

Meanwhile the Alliance of parties called the Bureau Announces for the announcement of the sites where will make primary to choose candidates within a few days. This means that the candidates where there is no need of primaries are ready. In final words, the democratic path Party Alliance has charted continues her course while the country shudders against everything that will come in the months remaining before September. Then the conditions will not be only election, shall total breakdown in the already low life of a country.

Russian Convention

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

This also offers a world of possibilities to own of the continent to Russia companies. The impact of this Alliance Venezuela Russia, we can observe them through strategic execution moves in areas of impact in the development of technological skills that can begin to trigger as there is increased contact energy, educational, technological, business, military and political cooperation. An example of this partnership is the energy Convention in the area of gas, through the Russian Gazprom and company PDVSA, whereby a joint venture between the two countries, his name was created: URDANETAGAZPROM-1, S.A., responsible for operations in exploration, production and marketing of Venezuelan gas located on reserves of the fields Urumaco 1 and 2 in the area of the Gulf of Venezuela. Caribbean Russian Convention is positive for both State-owned enterprises because with this you will start to receive the long-awaited transfer technology that makes you both lack to Venezuela. When the began the exploration and exploitation of petroleum, not be wise which was going to be derivatives of this product, nor the long-term benefits, much less which would be the technologies that arise from this.

Today Venezuelan crude oil refining system is due in technology transfer that left large corporations before the nationalization of petroleum, the Paraguana refining complex one of the most major of the world for example. Because the same thing happens with gas as a new product in the exploitation of Venezuelan reserves, however, have already seen glimpses of the benefits generated by the exploitation and home use of this resource, one of them for example the use of gas for compression-ignition engines, shock absorbers hydraulic, hydraulic arms, use products such as dryersheaters and used as a fuel for industrial among others machines. LNG trade is an entry to the future and the agreement will give to Venezuela technology transfer such as British and American companies did in his time.

Caribbean Trade

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

International trade in Venezuela policy implications more direct in the operation of joint ventures created and that they have contributed to the decline in unemployment with bilateral agreements with Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Iran, Russia and Belarus, for example, there has also been important activities in the development of the production of machinery for agriculture with the support of IranArgentina and Belarus. However, there are weaknesses opportunities, threats and identifiable strengths in this case weaknesses in Venezuela Venezuelan international trade policy has technological sovereignty and this does not depend on the countries most developed to be able to delve into ambitious programs and agreements has made so far have failed to advance these programs administrative bureaucracy that exists in the operation of the agreements since these are delayed and there are higher costs and loss of time.Or the small Venezuelan companies little involved in the international policies because they don’t have sufficient resources to venture into other markets. Opportunities for being character Dynamics Venezuelan international trade policy, companies can venture into other markets using these agreements and conventions. If there were agreements between the Government and the private sector, would make more agreements or arrangements between highly competitive enterprises in the technological area which Venezuelan companies could make strategic alliances of importance for its development. Petrochemical plays a very important factor in international trade policy since 95% of what we see and touch day today comes from this industry and there is a possibility that the Venezuelan businessman can be more creative in this area to tune then the agreements with other international companies of the same sector. Threats countries that make agreements with Venezuela are away for not sharing the same political ideal, because there would be a cessation of activities between both countries. Conflicts between the the Government and private sector the fall of crude oil prices, since most of the agreements are based on this resource and budgets would be affected under this scenario.

Strengths Venezuela political ideal has friends who share your same and as long as these exist will remain durable in time its policy of international trade, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, some islands of the Caribbean, Belarus, Iran, Ecuador, Bolivia the Government has managed to emerge victorious from the conflict more difficult in Venezuelan history, the oil strike was one of them and this gave him the strength to control the industry and make their projects without greater interference. Venezuelan international trade policy has created the Convention of ALBA and each passing year has included other countries and this has given him greater strength to its international policy. Some suggestions in the field of international trade the Venezuelan businessman should identify correctly the investment opportunities in the country under the current Government and its trade policy external. Venezuelan companies should seek viable alternatives to lessen the impact of the policies imposed by the current Government such as the exchange control and currency, regulation and standards present in the destination country as there are of the ALBA countries which can offer many investment opportunities a little. At the same time, the Government should be a little more flexible in the allocation of currencies with some national productive sectors such as SMEs in all sectors commercial industrial and service.

Ministerial Council

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Be reiterated willingness to cooperate of solidarity in the search for solutions, from and for the developing countries, taking into account special and differential treatment that they deserve more vulnerable economies and the impact that has this crisis on the most disadvantaged populations. It stressed the need for the establishment of a new international economic order that is based on the principles of Justice and solidarity, and a profound restructuring of the current international financial architecture. Welcomed the implementation underway projects: Cultural background of Alba; Grannacional of power, Gas and petroleum company and the creation of a central regulatory which develop sanitary registration of the ALBA (Albamed). All these projects are receiving same today the allocation of resources by the Alba Bank. It gave instructions to the Ministerial Council of the ALBA TCP, so that through the Executive Board of the Bank of the Alba promotes the establishment of a mechanism for cooperation technical – institutional with the Venezuelan Iranian Bank.

He also instructed the Bank of Alba to establish contacts with the Bank of development of the Organization for the economic cooperation of the Central Asia, with the aim of promoting a mechanism of cooperation among both institutional technical. Reiterated the willingness to join efforts for the construction of a monetary and financial system robust and fair, ruled by mechanisms for transparent and open decision-making that privilege the participation of all States in conditions of equality, independent of neoliberal patterns and the international model prevailing since the end of the second world war, whose very nature is co-responsible for the current imbalances. Presidents and heads of State of the members of the Alba countries signed the agreement under the unique system of compensation payment for the creation of a common currency, the Sucre. This initiative marks a new story. The Presidents of the ALBA TCP, solidarity with the effort of the Government and the Haitian people, agreed to allocate five million U.S.

Advisory Council

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Keeps seat in Les Corts, which Alberto Fabra has left free. The former Presidents can enter a part of the Consell Juridic out (CJC). Camps resigned from his post as President of the Generalitat on July 20. The expresident of the Valencian Generalitat, Francisco Camps and ntrara to form part of the Consell Juridic out (CJC), as envisaged in the Statute of former Presidents, and although it will maintain the minutes of regional Deputy, will waive the salary that Les Corts Valencianes cobra. So sources close to Camps, who has already applied for membership in this consultative body as a permanent member, without time limit and with annuities functions, have confirmed that allowing you to act with voice but no vote in the Consell Juridic out. The CJC members are subject to the incompatibilities regime established in general terms for senior members of the Administration, so that Camps can keep his seat in Les Corts Valencianes, something that will, according to the same sources. Francisco Camps now occupies the I bench that Alberto Fabra left vacant to be appointed president of the Generalitat and occupy the first Chair of the blue base, and sits in the third row, between the mayors of Valencia and Alicante, Rita Barbera and Sonia Castedo, respectively. Camps resigned from the post of president of the Generalitat on July 20, five days after the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Comunitat (TSJCV) decide to open trial against him for the so-called sake of costumes of the Gurtel case. Source of the news: Franciso Camps will enter into the Advisory Council and will forego the pay of Deputy