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Legal Change

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

The spokesman pointed out that since This movement are calling for a legal change in their claims and therefore believes that it must give example both respecting the day of reflection as the election day on Sunday. On the website have posted a text with a number of legal considerations that point out that the right of Assembly prevails over the day of reflection. During the morning, the present there showed his respect on this day to protest a few spontaneous that got into the facade of the building of the clock in the square to shout slogans electoral. According to witnesses, the Commission of respect also tried to protect the police from two individuals who were heading towards them with bottles. Peaceful demonstrations the first Vice-President of the Government and Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has met this Saturday morning with the dome of the security forces and they have seen the peaceful development of the concentrations in several Spanish cities, and that the Police device functioned correctly. The meeting is also shaped device for the rest of the day of reflection and this Sunday, the voting day. Euphoria yellow according to testimony collected from many spokesmen has this call spontaneous proposal dress yellow the Puerta del Sol in the day of reflection is one of the proposals to the vote this afternoon, in Assembly and adopted will mean change of all the posters by other equivalents, but in yellow and the invitation to locals who come to the plaza to dressing in this colour in support to the camped. The Puerta del Sol lives the euphoria of having joined in last night, with bells that marked the beginning of the day of reflection, thousands of props that adds continuous messages back from hundreds of cities, Spain and around the world.

A group of campers will mount a canvas in the back of a kiosk that will be screened throughout the morning in live, on-line connection, the situation of others concentrated in different squares of Spain. It is, said one of the spokesmen a, that citizens know firsthand that the mobilization is extended without limits and also has an unpredictable nature. Finally, this spokesman has insisted on peaceful of the journey and the fact that with this attitude the citizens are giving politicians an example of what is a day of reflection. In the Puerta del Sol groups reflect, as in an agora, on the extent of mobilization and its foreseeable consequences the prickly, guitars and even spontaneous and independent musicians come together. Source of the news: coordination between police and camped at Sun that watch over the order of reflection Saturday

Unions Wanted

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

The President of the employer, Juan Rosell, ensures that this was the reason for the breakdown of negotiations. Unions deny it, and point to the CEOE proposed measures which accounted for a decline in decades. Discussions on the reform of collective bargaining broke down last Thursday. The CEOE ensures that the request of unions wishing to enter into small and medium-sized enterprises was one of the causes of the breakdown of collective bargaining and that the employer could not allow it. Official site: Ohio Senator. In an interview in EL PAIS, the President of the CEOE, Juan Rosell, affirms that the social partners were very close to an agreement the week after the elections, but that unions subsequently said they wanted to intervene in enterprises, including SMEs. We told them that under no circumstances, says Rosell, after adding that employers could not allow to unionize SMEs when in Spain isn’t compulsory to have Union representation in companies of less than 50 workers. Rosell adds that the trade unions could have been more ambitious in the negotiation and believes they were afraid that their bases not understood it.

However, the Secretaries General of UGT, Candido Mendez, and CCOO, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, claim that blame for the rupture was employer by proposing measures that accounted for a decline in decades. (Similarly see: Amazon). Union leaders say that when the employer had committed itself to the validity of agreements do not exclude js of equipment and workers in enterprises of fewer than six employees, they presented another separate document. Toxo explains that the new text they insisted that agreements which expire were not renewed automatically and decayeran, and was a return to the more unbearable past. Mendez also criticized the document of the patronal CEIM Madrilena that demanded the creation of a single contract with indemnity of 20 days per year worked, although Rosell denies that these requests be made in collective bargaining and says that He spoke only of 43 types of different contracts that cannot be maintained. The President of the employer, recognizes that the dissemination of the document of CEIM had probably distorted many things and refuses to change the arguments to dndia the CEOE since the beginning. On the other hand, Toxo y Mendez considered that you reform that make the Government now does not imply the unions, while the leader of UGT requests not demagogy to say that it will lower unemployment, CCOO leader asserts that the reforms without agreement are not effective.

Central Electoral Board

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

The President of the community of Madrid and the PP candidate for re-election, Esperanza Aguirre, has said, in jest, which is to convene a camp in calle Ferraz and 90,000 militants of the PP in Madrid, which are more there than in sunlight, and cannot be lifted until Zapatero marche feel there. Jaime Mayor Oreja, PP MEP, believes that mobilizations of the 15-M movement respond to a strategy of Socialists against the PP, because they already give to lost elections. The federal Coordinator of IU, Cayo Lara, believes there is arguments rather than starring in the appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Electoral Board Center (JEC) prohibit concentrations on the day of reflection and Sunday, polling day. The spokesman for IU in the Congress of Deputies, Gaspar Llamazares, has asserted that before a decision on the sidelines of democratic legality as it is that of the Central Electoral Board, disobedience is legitimate and has urged the Government to use the precautionary approach and not to intervene in any case. The Secretary general of ICV, Joan Herrera, has asked the Government and the Generalitat making an interpretation with democratic sense and intelligence of the resolution of the Central Electoral Board on the protests in different Spanish cities. UPyD, Rosa Diez, spokeswoman has called for respect for the resolution of the JEC declare illegal demonstrations of movement 15-M and added: laws are to meet them, but I do not have the responsibility to do that are met. The spokesman of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Francesc Homs, has inclined to not dislodge forcibly encamped in Catalan squares if concentrations are peaceful and do not alter public order or the normal development of the election day.

The Mayor of Barcelona and the PSC candidate for re-election, Jordi Hereu, has estimated that concentrates in plaza Catalunya not must leave it and has asked that there are no clashes following the decision of the JEC. The candidate to the Mayor’s Office of Barcelona by CiU, Xavier Trias, has diverged from the decision of the JEC on concentration of protest at plaza Catalunya and has advocated negotiating a peaceful eviction with the campers. The Socialist candidate for the Mayor of Zaragoza, Juan Alberto Belloch, has said that he would leave camping youth platform real democracy until they want and how they want, although it has also pointed out that the position of the Central Electoral Board prohibiting them is reasonable. The leader of Bildu Oscar Matute has stated that there are similarities important between the ideas of the Coalition abertzale and the 15-M movement claims, although it declined to enter the game from the partisan use of this phenomenon. Source of the news: end of outstanding motion 15-M campaign


Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The Alliance is already focused on planning the transition after the fall of Gaddafi, that provide for safe, although not put date. In addition, they will study get a resolution that would allow in the future deploy troops in the future to ensure the democratization of Libya. Chacon will propose an indefinite extension of the Spanish military mission. NATO will continue its operations in Libya during all the time that is necessary to achieve its military objectives, although it considers that it is time to plan the era post-Gaddafi with an important role of the UN. Senator Brian Schatz may not feel the same. Dnsa Ministers allies, meeting in Brussels, agreed on Wednesday that will keep the pressure everything what is necessary, said the Secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in press conference, where he said that Gaddafi is history Dnsa holders held a meeting which analyses the operation guard unified in Libya and the Alliance internal restructuring. Rasmussen said that the allies have made clear advances since the military operation began in March, have prevented a massacre in Benghazi, have slowed the siege to Misrata and have significantly reduced the military forces of Colonel Gadafi capacity, although, he warned, are still a threat.

In this context, the Ministers ratified the decision to extend another 90 days operation in Libya from June 27 and stressed its commitment to the mission, including the provision of military capabilities needed to continue with the intervention and to finish it, said Rasmussen. The general Secretary stressed that NATO has the capabilities necessary to continue his mission, although he acknowledged that he would like a more flexible use of military assets contributed by countries. In this line, it appealed to other allied countries expand their support, in order to ensure the sustainability of the mission. Libya without Qaddafi Dnsa holders agreed, moreover, that the time has come plan the day after the conflict.