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Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

We have learned to live without a parliament, consisting of millionaires and billionaires. Without Parliament, the vast majority of whom are criminals, drug addicts, pedophiles, prostitutes, swindlers and muzhelozhtsy. Laws that they take, make our lives more and more unbearable, and our relationship with power – all the more unfair to us. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights. We learned not to rely on the judiciary that protects the interests of the ruling class. We have been looking for the truth is not in the courts – there is none. We have learned to live without a president – it does not guarantee we protect our constitutional rights. He rules.

More precisely, it runs the caste of 'rulers', destroying our country and our people. We have learned to survive against the local corrupt officials who receive salaries from the budget, have cars worth 140 annual salary doctor or a teacher. While we have the content, they live better than us. And so they do not care about us. We all live in spite of that state. 80% (!) Ukrainians have long relied only on their power! Many of us have no connections and support for anyone built their small successful Ukraine.

Many of us without the help of the state include the parents. Many of us in spite of the state provide a good education for their children. Every day we are told that we must accept and … pay! Pay for speculative shenanigans natsbankovskoy gang! To pay the banks, which raise interest rates when the dollar falls, when the euro rises, falls when the price of oil to pay taxes on the new rules, since it is we, not the super-rich class of people who own 85% of the economy, should provide the poor and needy.


Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Workplace So, let's move on to the organization of working space office worker. In accordance with legislative acts of the area vyshupomyanutymi workplace PC user should be not less than 4.5 m2. The premises must be done daily, dry cleaning and systematic airing after every hour of work. Noisy equipment (printers, scanners, servers, and the like), the noise levels that exceed regulatory, should be placed outside the workplace employees. Work tables should be placed so that the monitors were oriented to the side of the light openings to the natural light falling predominantly on the left. When placing jobs distance between desktops must be at least 2.0 m and the distance between the lateral surfaces of the video monitors – at least 1.2 meters Jobs of employees who perform creative work and requires considerable mental effort or high concentration, it is recommended to isolate from each other by partitions height of 1.5 m.

The design of the desktop to ensure optimal placement on the work surface to use equipment. Height of working table dolzhnasostavlyat 725 mm working surface of the table should have a width of 800 .. 1400 mm and a depth of 800 .. 1000 mm. The desktop should have the leg room for a minimum height of 600 mm in width – not less than 500 mm, depth at the knees – not less than 450 mm and stretched at the feet – not less than 650 mm. The design of a chair or working chair should ensure the maintenance of sound working position and allow the worker to change position in order to reduce tensing the muscles of the neck and shoulder and back. Work chair or chair to be up-and-swivel, adjustable height and tilt angles the seat and backrest, as well as the distance back from the front edge of seat with the adjustment of each parameter should be independent, easily implemented and have a secure fit. The keyboard should be placed on a table surface at a distance of 100 ..

300 mm from the edge, facing the user, or a special surface, which is separated from the main tabletop. Monitor screen should be from the user's eye at a distance of 600 .. 700 mm, but no closer than 500. Full article is available at

Moscow Reconstruction

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Ownership the unauthorized structure can not be considered for these parties if conservation construction violates the rights and lawful interests of others or endanger the life or health of citizens. RF Code of Administrative Offences of Art. 9.5 establishes administrative liability for violation of the construction of a fine. Our company deals not only with registration of licenses for construction, but also helps in getting building permits outside Moscow suburban real estate and real estate in Moscow. We can help you obtain a permit and a license to build a fairly short period of time. Permission for the construction of suburban – a document certifying the right of the owner, the owner, occupant or user of the property to carry out land development, construction, reconstruction, building, construction and facilities landscaping. Construction of cottages, country homes, rehabilitation facilities, as well as their repair, if you hold it addresses structural and other characteristics of reliability and safety of such installations is carried out under a building permit.

A construction permit is issued in the Moscow region by the local government (head of district administration). Permission to Construction shall take effect from the date of its receipt and shall be issued for no more than 3 years. A construction permit may be renewed upon application of the customer. The procedure and the period of extension of the permit for construction shall be established by local governments. Construction permit is issued in two copies. One copy is given developer. The second copy is stored in the archives of the local government. We draw your attention to the fact that not all cases require a building permit. In accordance with paragraph 17 of Art. 51 of the Town Planning Code, the issuance of a building permit is not required if: 1) construction of a garage on land provided by the individual, or construction on the land, provided for the conduct of gardening, holiday farms, and 2) construction, reconstruction, not which are the objects of capital construction (kiosks, canopies, etc.), and 3) building on a plot of the auxiliary buildings and structures used, and 4) changes in capital construction and (or) parts thereof, if such changes do not affect the structural and other characteristics of their reliability and safety, do not violate the rights of third parties and do not exceed the permitted limit options for construction, reconstruction, existing town planning regulations, 5) other cases, if in accordance with this Code, the legislation of the Russian Federation on the town planning permit for construction is required.

Democratic Alliance

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Complete freedom which was given financial markets has the same market a disservice. Corporations too much attention to low-cost credits and have not noticed, when passed the point of no return. Cheap credit will no longer be predicted economists. And this prediction at the very near future. There will be no borrowing of money – will continue bankruptcy of companies. Someone die, someone will save the state, which has become a full participant in economic processes. In all sectors, there will be semi-public companies, where the authorities will inevitably be interfere with private capital.

Who has more arguments, a rhetorical question. In the next couple of years, developing countries will get the most, experts predict – capital flight, currency devaluation, high inflation is already being felt. But perhaps the current weakness – it is a step toward world domination. What will the world by 2020? There are four scenario. The script first.

Moderately pessimistic. World divided into three sections: shopping Democratic Alliance led by the U.S., Eurozone and Eastern international economic community, led by China. The real strength – for the East. United States – in isolation. The dollar and the euro – is no longer reserve currency. The only coherent thread between the states is tourism, and energy supplies. Hence, the key theme will be energy security. That this will happen to Russia – the report did not specify. Scenario Two. Moderately optimistic. Developed Western countries still figure out how to reform the financial system so as to prevent the global crisis.

Cuban Construction Projects Delayed

Monday, December 13th, 2010

The work, scheduled to be executed in 30 months, actually took 32 because of the rain work stopped for long days work. But it was not only quick access to the beach east which awaken the will necessary to have agreed to the construction of the tunnel. If the tunnel was then projected from the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi, across Guanabara Bay, was due to growing traffic between the two cities, said in 1956 the magazine Architecture in Havana, the one here be done “in order to urge the people of Havana to manufacture their homes and live on the side of there” because “its main purpose is to facilitate development of the city to the east. ” Actually the main interest that catalyzed the construction project had to do with the intention of extending the city limits beyond which were at that time. La Ciudad del Este, the City of the Future, these names began to be known as was being planned. This new city was conceived to accommodate 000 and 200 would be installed in their areas, even some ministries and the Presidential Palace, and numerous government and private offices. The center of Havana would shift further and, in principle, the capital would grow to the east the same 18 miles that for forty years had grown to the west. Planned, its promoters said, as a perfect city from the urban point of view, which solution would find serious problems-traffic, lack of separation between the vehicle and the pedestrian and lack of parks, green areas and parking and Child-like areas affecting cities contemporary.

The city would have a modest nature park and a golf course. The land closest to the mouth of the tunnel that would provide for state agencies, would most desirable residential areas, then the modest and popular. The beaches of the east, meanwhile, continued their unstoppable expansion. Guanabo was a city beach and Santa Maria del Mar had grown enormously, and very well planned, in less than ten years. Plot and was built in Boca Ciega, Tarara and Bacuranao, and White Way encouraged the emergence of residential districts in Colinas de Villa Real, Alamar, Bay. If the west side of Havana Havana lived a million and was then the province of Pinar del Rio, the country’s poorest province, the east side lay most of the Cuban people and opened a thriving territory or potential wealth . The urbanization of the area would charge so hard that I thought other lucrative post, as the construction of a modern airport.

Perhaps all those dreams have been fulfilled, today most of the flow of foreign visitors to the city, the airport would know more Colinas de Villareal that current air terminals Cattle Ranch. The airport did not have to be built for the Future City also came to a conclusion, all these beautiful architectural plans were unaffordable with the arrival of the revolutionary victory of January 59. Maybe the future is kind and will permit the people of Havana to see those dreams materialize as the need for expansion and modernity of his city, is well enhanced by the present day. By then, the Bay Tunnel to link there and times.