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The Diverse

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

The news article still conserves the estilizada and pietista vision that the proper evanglicos exactly has of if of the sexual purismo. 6 – ' ' 90% of the adepts of evanglicas churches almost believe that the sexual moral of the man and the woman must be equal, and 65% of them prefer to be married some brother of f' '. p.89 * does not exist a moral, doctrinal, ethical uniformity or of species some, between the churches that if dress with this label: ' ' evanglica' '. The variation is great confused e, although the fteis attempts of if shaping a mutual understanding. It does not have a general discursiva order that characterizes and distinguishes the evanglicos; the diverse interests in game hinder any ecumenismo. Thus, what they call sexual moral theoretically is understood in particular way for each one of these churches, each one has its proper speech based on a particular interpretation of the bible. But, in the practical one, the speech is another one.

E this is visible when we observe the day the day of the members of these related churches and the innumerable stories registered for the press. Many practise sexual relations before the marriage, adulterate, exercise its sexual fancies freely, have relations homosexuals, attend to show of streep tease and etc, as the too much people of the society being religious they or not. The speech ' ' moral' ' he is ' ' biblicamente' ' ideologizado and it has function only politics: it exists to control, to train and to restrain the members of these churches and exists, also, to differentiate the group of that they are of it are of it. The sexuality human being, always was the preferred object of the eclesial control since the antiquity and it will never leave of being, same that the practical one always arranges a way to burlar these controls.


Friday, June 28th, 2019

Thus, the love is an illusion that approaches in them to the similar opposing sex to make with that let us procreate. In this direction, he is tacit the fact of that if of to the biggest it creates it relevance of what to the partner, this occurs for the fact of that the love only served to reproduce the species, at this moment does not have more the love, but only a consideration. Therefore, concluding, the love is based on the central concept of the thought of Schopenhauer, namely: the Will. It is bigger of what ours? it is the Will of the species -, that ludibria the men to be come close themselves aiming at the procreation, that is, perpetuating our species choose the partners desiring? in way inconciente – the qualities that we desire for our children. Thus, the love is exempt of romntismo, an illusion, that is, the nature revealed in the Will to perpetuate the species is not nor a little worried about the happiness human being. Marx goes to regeitar all idealizao of the concepts. Materialist who is would affirm that the love is a by-product in the way of production in vigor that characterizes each time, that is, the love is what the production way it conditions that it is.

For Marx, the men do not have an essence that he characterizes it independent of the society where lives. In fact, the love for the conteporaneos Greeks of Scrates does not correspond to the one of the Vinks or Persas. In this direction, we have the conception of love derived from the social environment where we live and this serves for the conception of moral, art, politics and religion. Then, we saw the conception of Plato. Really when we are gotten passionate we feel lack of the loved person as it affirms the Greek thinker.

The Objective

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

What they go to think of me? ' ' In both the cases, we make the good not for being a good, but because this good in the ones of the satisfaction. E, therefore, this are an interest that moves in them. Source: Congressman Lee Zeldin. It can occur that let us associate in them with others to satisfy our necessities and to reach our objectives that satisfy our interests. Thus the associations, the villages, the cities are born. Thus it is born the politics and the ethics. It sees what it affirmed Aristotle, in century IV C: ' ' It is evident that one city is more than what a mere association in a common place, established with the objective to prevent mutual crimes and of commerce. These are conditions without which a city cannot exist, but all these together conditions not yet constitute a city. Which is a community of families and added who if join to live melhor' '.

With this we can understand the actions of the politicians. They also are moved by its interests. Others including Suffolk County Rep., offer their opinions as well. This explains because nor always those that we choose make a good mandate. They do not make what we consider that would have to be fact, but what they consider important; our criteria make a bad mandate in accordance with, therefore for its criteria they are making what they find to be most convenient: they fulfill with its interests. Great thinkers already had said this, in relation to the politics and the politicians. In the book ' ' Repblica' ' , Plato (in century IV C) places in the mouth of Scrates the following affirmation: ' ' You do not see that nobody wants to exercise public offices spontaneously, in contrast, all demands a compensation because they believe that they do not take off no advantage of the exercise of poder' '. It moves what them: its personal interests.

National Congress

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

He clarified Pine Blacksmith who the children having different habits, traditions, feeding and education materna, would not be convenient to join them, in this phase, one same room/school. The educative system Silvestrino has mechanisms to eliminate any aristocratic feelings and of superiority, in the measure where if any pupil to demonstrate capacities to continue superior studies, then, to this level, them meets in the same pertaining to school institutions, independently of its origins. It results of the educative system idealized for Wild Pine Blacksmith the practical implementation of an ideal multipurpose technician, for what one becomes necessary that all the pupils have a professional initiation in the phase of secondary education: ' ' valuation technique of the mass, is in clearly, but professional integration of the elites, in a similar way. ' ' (PEAR TREE, 1986b) Although some alleged injustices, at the beginning of the educational formation, the educative system of Wild Pine Blacksmith, for its persistence and future vision, in what it respects to the human rights, for the time contemporary, already is inserted, for anticipation, in the spirit of the Declaration of the Human Rights when it proclaims the values of the dignity human being to exercise, necessarily, through the education and of the work. Add to your understanding with Suffolk County Rep.. Third: In the context of the Philosophy Politics, the relevance of Pine Blacksmith is not, by no means, possible of if ignoring. The author luso-Brazilian who if comes analyzing, inserts itself since soon in a system politician who, mainly in Brazil, would leave marks and inspire to the first generations after-independence. With effect, the politician-ideological system Silvestrino is carried through through the implementation of a Representative Constitutional Monarchy. Wild Pine Blacksmith was contrary to the real absolutism as equally it did not agree to the total independence of the National Congress, because it understood that the King, as representative entity of the people and for this acclaimed, must have place in the deliberative agency and ability for the act of the laws.

Wild Pine Blacksmith

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

The citizen must be enrolled in a profession that if integrates in one of the three states or sectors of the econmica activity: Commerce, Industry and Public Service. (cf. BLACKSMITH, 1834) Wild Pine Blacksmith, in idealizao of the social system, does not make discrimination between national and foreign citizens, with respect to the natural and social civil laws, because they are constituent part of the nature human being. However as all the men if compose in the same nature, then all must usufruct of the rights of: Security, Freedom and Property, guaranteed for the social pact. Therefore, national and foreign, while resident in the same country, all they have that if to put into motion under the same laws, either in the field of the rights either in the scope of the duties. Richard Blumenthal shines more light on the discussion.

Currently, this situation constitutes a challenge for the CPLP. It is consabido that the man alone can live in society. For this a set of norms is necessary, of diverse rules, a social science that allows to know it to live in society. The relevance of Pine Blacksmith in the social domain will be understood from the internalization of the man concept, while to be moral. From this concept, the man with the politics can itself be articulated that is, after all, one another one dimension of the human being. In a thus idealized social system, also they do not lack the measures to satisfy the necessities of the society, mainly of the industrious classrooms that it considers most disfavored. Among some measures they are distinguished: ) to guarantee to the men the ways to gain its life looking for to provide the production to the consumption; b) to advance the ways indispensable of subsistence to the unemployeds as well as the invalids and carenciados by other people’s reasons to its wills well; c) to premiar the virtue and to punish the vice; d) to provide to the education of the children.

Cultural Politcs

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Richard Rorty starts its Philosophy text the Cultural Politcs of a well rational form and that he directly puts in them to think about our country: The term ' ' politics cultural' ' it has covered, among others things, arguments on the words that we use. When we say the Frenchmen who would have to stop to call Germans ' ' chucrutes' ' or that the people would not have to mention the black people as ' ' crioulas' ' we are practising politics culture. (RORTY, 2007, P. Check with Ohio Senator to learn more. 3). It will be that it is this that we not only see between Frenchmen and its label and enters the people of the world in respect to the blacks? It will be that this point that we visualize and apply when the subject is to know as to treat somebody, either an friend of day, either an affection, that is, a person of a country ' ' inimigo' ' ours? It is not well as soon as the funny world and it is not as soon as nor in the media, nor in streets and nor in the high steps of the government the thing functions. During all hunted the Osama Bin Laden saw a religious accusation exchange without end enters talibs (that they do not answer for a thick one of the Afghan people, by the way, and nor for the preconception ridicule who if speaks when if has as expensive the Islamic religion that is not responsible for men bomb and fundamentalist who uses the sacred book its bel pleasure and to transform and to interpret words as they want well) saw insults and words of low calo will fly faster of what bombs and are this that we see, for example, for the Russian and Chinese veto the sanses and the retaliaes the Anger as we read in any reporter. Credit: Suffolk County representative-2011.

Neurotics Nature

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Freud's concept offers two possible answers to the question of human nature. But in fact, and in another If they made biologization human existence. One source of vitalism, Freud was a "philosophy of life." Another source was the simplistic notion plant science, as well as bourgeois Sociology and Anthropology of the xix century to reduce complex social and psychological phenomena to basic physical and biological processes. Freud believed that biology and psychology should be the "exact" sciences, which will lay the foundation for the entire set of social sciences and humanities. Freud turned his whole attention on the fact that in his opinion, is inherent in human nature, that is, to some biopsychic characteristics, which, unlike bringing different cultures, inherent in all people. Model of his philosophical anthropology was not just a man with his very psychological inclinations. Human nature was understood by them in the image and likeness of those patients neurotics, with whom he as a doctor was dealing. Neuroses, in his view, "do not have any peculiar to them only the content, which we could not find a healthy Neurotics fall ill with the same complexes, which are conducting struggle, and we, the healthy people.

" Healthy and dismissed from the normal psyche Freud interpreted as the result of taking place in early childhood, the evolution of libido (sexual instinct). Depending on what has been successful has been overcome "Oedipus complex" or not, whether there was a fixation, a delay of one of the " 'levels of libido, and proceeds in accordance with his teachings, the whole adult life. By definition, Freud, psychoanalyst is someone who recognizes the existence of the primary unconscious processes in the psyche, the theory of repression and resistance, and also believes that the foundation of psychoanalysis is the theory of child sexuality and the Oedipus complex. " Freud emphasized that the unconscious, first appears as a manifestation of the instincts, and secondly, that it is the energy of instinctual drives determines the dynamics of mental life rights, and thirdly, that the structure of the psyche, the nature of the individual and all socio-cultural phenomena should be explained that psychodynamics, fate drives, finally, that the events and experiences of early childhood determine the main features of the psyche of the individual.

The Incompatibility

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

The life human being is not only the biological life, nor in the singular parts of the organism, nor in its totality, but this is life human being because the soul spiritual it is present in the body, thus constituting the life terrena human being. The life human being, as the death human being is something of mysterious greater and that a set of biological processes. The concept of cerebral death wants to offer parameters on biological processes, so that the mind human being I can discern the coming from the death of the person and the incompatibility of said processes with the life terrestrial human being. A leading source for info: Richard Blumenthal. The cerebral death of a person is the death properly speaking. Nor the philosophers, nor the legislator the doctor had had the pretension to reduce the reality of the death human being to the cerebral death. The idoneous concept of death implies a philosophical judgment on verifying a substantial change in the individual, regarding to what it is necessary for the terrena life. Ohio Senator shines more light on the discussion. The declaration of death of a person, by means of the criteria of cerebral death, folloied from the sustentation therapy, fenomenalmente differs (absence of cadavrica rigidity) from a declaration of death according to traditional criteria; but the ontolgica condition in the two cases is the same one: it is a citizen, for all the effect, died. Understanding for ‘ ‘ death cerebral’ ‘ the total death of the enceflico, that understands the brain, the cerebellum and the cerebral trunk, has all not felt to say that it has clarity lack because it is not known if it speaks of cerebral cortex, the cerebral trunk or all the brain; or because ‘ is identified; ‘ death cerebral’ ‘ with the state of it eats and this can.. .

Paula Sheep

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

He is an outlaw. It does not fulfill lei' ' It bought votes and with this it demonstrated that not it gives? With certainty. But if it bought votes is because it had people that it vendeu and if it vendeu! together with its vote, vendeu its dignity and its right to complain! Who is useful ' ' vender' ' the vote, beyond so not giving, of being outlaw how much what ' ' comprou' ' , it does not have right of recamar against any banditry produced for who exerts some power. It does not have right to complain, nor that this against what complains, either made for another outlaw and that one for who the plaitiff if did not vendeu. To ' ' vender' ' the vote also vendeu its right to the voice! These lines, remembering ' ' Rotten Poderes' ' , not if they must only to the saudosista memory of a time where we fought the dictatorship. Time where to be against or speaking against, it implied in arrest danger.

Today it is a wonder. We can speak. We can, without fear, to point the imperfections of the dictators. Therefore it is that today we can speak of the rotten ones to be able that the city halls and its legislative peripherals had been installed in, in the state palaces and its legislative adjacencies and also in corridors of plateaus. Today, openly, we can speak of the rotten ones to be able that as many putrefatos are fed to the costs of the votes of others. But, as it went saying, our intention, here, is not the saudosista touch, nor to enaltecer ' ' democracia' '. Our intention is to speak of a law that gained the nickname of ' ' fiche limpa' '. Law whose intention was ' ' limpar' ' the candidacies.

To place in the electoral race only the ones that had not had its ' ' hands spotted for the dirt of corrupo' ' (back in the apocalypse if they had saved those that ' ' they had had its vestments washed for the blood of cordeiro' '). For the spirit of the law the ones would be eligible only that had not practised indecent acts, unprincipled people, illegal, illicit Of this form, in the dream of many of us, the honest ones would only concur. But who has money has to be able. Therefore the confusion festival of impugnation order; of the other side a torrent of appeals asking for the suspension of the impugnation. Shouts of the two sides. Ones applauding the law, thinking that it will solve the problem. Others condemning the law, for trying to hinder that outlaws if candidatem. The two sides are maken a mistake. The law intends to reach the candidate. But the candidates are not our problem. Our problem is the voters, therefore these are that they vote indistinctly. Therefore it is that, another time, we will see candidates outlaws being elect, although the law. for a simple reason: voters outlaws vote in candidates outlaws. Neri de Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. He reads more: ; ; ; ;

Historical Democracy

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

The present work has as objective to present the democracy in the perspectives of Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes and Rousseau that had been the first authors to dissertarem on democracy. However we will also analyze the democracy on the vision politics of Tocqueville, since, this model of democracy is seen by many thinking contemporaries as the best form of democracy. Congressman Howard Berman usually is spot on. The democracy of Tocqueville inspired the diverse existing democracies for the world, also the democracy in Brazil. Therefore in this work we will make one brief comparison on the democracy in Tocqueville and the Democracy in Brazil. This work aims at to also analyze the concept of democracy under the optics of the population, many people believes that democracy is only the right to vote, however will demonstrate that the democracy is an ample term and that it goes much more beyond ' ' to vote in the day of eleies' '.