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Public Sector

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

Since then two official prices governing Rate: 2.60 for staple products, remittances and public sector imports and 4.30 for other products and the sale of dollars from oil. He foresaw that by 2010 there might be a similar economic downturn to -2.9% in 2009, but “the effect could be greater” power depending on the situation of course all this is added as expressed by the energy crisis is a time bomb and that the national government should pay attention as soon as possible to give solutions that do not lead to protests, very significant discontent in the harmony of a country, especially when President Chavez can do no wrong in his actions, which others have given way to demonstrations, discontent that has affected its popularity. All this is enhanced further when as highlighted President Chavez to order on Monday ordered chain recently through the measures announced in recent months aimed at reducing energy consumption and encourage savings. Fernando Branger expert on the subject has said, that is a reality that “has decreased the energy produced by the Guri Dam on the other hand is not enough power from power plants. These two factors combined lead to the situation today days. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Ramlet. If it is possible to solve the short term? is difficult “, the Guri Dam, south, its waters at critical levels due to drought, is responsible for 70% of the energy consumed in Venezuela. The rest of the generation is based on thermal power plants. See more detailed opinions by reading what Economic Intelligence offers on the topic.. The government recently said that this year will enter 4000 MW new power capacity to the transmission networks.

“The experience of recent years, when it has not fulfilled what was promised in this area, makes it questionable that announcement”, said Branger. It is ultimately the energy crisis is very significant for the aspirations of President Chavez in their projects who is anxious to be the decision from January 1 began to implement the plan of energy rationing in Venezuela. The move, reported by international news agencies, has led to significant restrictions on night life for Venezuelans, due to the impositions time in cinemas, bars and restaurants, with the aim of reducing the power consumption of the commercial, residential and industrial 20%. The supply constraints also affect the malls, which are required to work until 21:00 hours, after which it must do so with their own generators. Of course another crucial sector representative in the country’s economic life is the business, which is seriously affected in their operation. .

Colombia Government

Saturday, December 12th, 2020

The meeting must be in the center on two pragmatism: to defeat the government and make an emergency government for which there has been a prior agreement. The unit capacity is at the center. And central approach must be to a profound political reform, the construction of a democracy of our times. From there, they derive the supply in the economy and, obviously, what might be called properly "Plan of government," which translates as specific and concrete solutions to major problems faced by the nation. Gain insight and clarity with Dov Hikind. In this regard, to comply sectors of the Center, and I think everyone should be announced to save what is to be salvaged in the outgoing government, primarily social concerns. All due respect to the Constitution and laws, all within the rule of law, but one that must be social, with all the implications of justice that carries. What is required is a glance over the political misery we have been engulfed. A pragmatic approach to address the deteriorating situation in which we find unfortunate, but one laden with ideas of transformation and building the future.

The third option should have an ample supply of ideas outline a solution that allows real, efficient and effective. To know more about this subject visit Michael Ramlet. It is obvious that the results we have before Sept. 26 to be perfectly clear analysis of the elements. For example: how much did the dissenting ruling erode the ruling or what were the final results of the alliance of traditional parties. Not without observing, that these results are hardly cause for eyes without constituting a fundamental element for the construction of the third option, without denying the importance of the MUD and the PPT achieve what we call an acceptable voting paid in an acceptable number of assemblies, as this may constitute a basis for the formation of parliamentary government, if that is the case, and arrived at 2012. However, the experience of all countries where there has been a third option indicates the need for an insurgent leader who challenges. This challenge usually begins with a low rate and its consistency depends instant and rapid growth, as demonstrated by the case of Antanas Mockus in Colombia, in fact, an alliance of the top four mayors who has been there and they were able to radically transform the cities they ruled, to which we must add a total of polarization fatigue. It is necessary leader challenging the status quo, a part of the government, but also the traditional opposition.

Where is this leading? Nick Clegg spent three weeks total stranger to the central character of political life. We are not British, it is true, but what I found is that it can be a character so far not favored in media coverage. Indeed, after 26 September will be all ready for the challenge of the third option. It will set the stage for who collectively embody a new leadership.

Fernando Alonso

Friday, April 27th, 2018

The Spaniard says coming out by the dirty side and that it must keep its fourth place. He claims that get on the podium in Valencia will be difficult, you must fight the McLarens. Remember that it takes thirteen or fourteen races ahead of teammate Massa. The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso Ferrari pointed out that output will be more than dnder that attack, with respect to the European Grand Prix which will be held this Sunday, since it will depart from the fourth position of the grill, on the dirty side of the track. If you arrive to leave them all well to others, it would have been the fifth, said the pilot of the Italian team, who explained that he entered the garages before to save a set of tyres since it was aware that in this round was two-tenths slower.

Under normal conditions, the podium won’t be easy. I go fourth, so we will have to overtake someone. If the Red Bull drivers have a clean race, will be first and second, so that the struggle for the podium is with Hamilton and Button, has materialized. The Ferrari driver would prefer a normal race, since with a safety on the track car you can leave right or wrong and he has more to lose than win. In the race, the soft tire seems the fastest, according to the Spaniard, who has announced that Ferrari provide for between one and three stops. I’m happy with the progress of the car, we are closing the distance between Red Bull and us. This is the best ratings of the year, has highlighted the Spaniard, aware that in Canada was second but in Valencia finished half a second of the German pilot Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), author of the pole.

In other great prizes we were a second and middle, has reminded Alonso, who explained that the objective was the fight against McLaren, a goal achieved. In the last three races the car has improved, I hope to keep this address. Alonso has insisted that in the car, at the beginning of the season, each piece was bad by problems with the wind tunnel, and has emphasized that without these problems, perhaps Ferrari could be at the level of Red Bull, but now is two or three months behind. The Spaniard recalled that it carries thirteen or fourteen races finishing ahead of his teammate, Brazilian Felipe Massa, and more you can do. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: “the output will be more than dnder to attack”


Sunday, September 17th, 2017

If it is true that now a "you pay less" than before but that does not mean that prices are lower, on the contrary, in many cases have increased eating in the way the expected effect of this reduction in tax rate. And that first lie noted earlier, the alleged decline of 3 points on inflation falls under the weight of inefficiency and waste. Inflationary pressure that we live in Venezuela has, in the uncontrolled and misguided expansion of public spending, one of the reasons being: On the one hand and as a result of excessive public spending that there is excess liquidity in the street, there are a lot of money circulating , (seriously, do not laugh, but we have not seen or we have benefited from it is out there somewhere). On the other hand the production of goods and services has shrunk dramatically as a result of poor economic and fiscal policies of this government that have meant the closure of many companies and the need to import a variety of raw materials and finished products, which inevitably , remain as scarce as resources to purchase and also be sold at international prices skipping, in many cases, ineffective price controls imposed for more than three years that the only thing that really has served to further strangle the productive and trade of the country. Hurt who would hurt the market is unforgiving, a contraction of this nature and of this magnitude in the offer means that consumers are less goods offered and the few who are at a higher price … .

Peruvian Air Force Commander

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

These economic indicators confirm the trend, the more likely outcome, as has just been holding the German magazine Spiegel, and a large number of specialists the issue is that the U.S. economy is headed into a recession initially in the short term and then much worse. If any doubt, a few days ago, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said: "In light of events, the situation of financial markets, would worsen with the uncertainty in the market for Treasuries, so ask the Senate to approve the bill, considered by the Finance Committee to increase the debt limit as soon as possible.'' As we see the only strategy now is to continue to borrow. But this is not a solution, the next question is how do we could not, realize before? The answer is, if they did. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. Since the 80's, one after another, those responsible for public finances, are trying to reverse this problem without success, the government headed by Republicans George W. Bush and Dick Cheney wanted to implement a new strategy, we can summarize it as the combination of two operations, which rely each other and should be reissued and consolidated the power of the United States, an era of rapid expansion of consumer and financial bubble, to produce a strong economic boom, coupled with a military offensive against Eurasia, which would give the global energy hegemony, and from there financial supremacy, cornering the other powers such as China, European Union, Russia, India, however, this does not produce the desired results aggravating the situation.

The world thought that the fall of American Empire, would be the result of a third World War, or at least large-scale conflict, however, we must not forget that when the USSR fell, there was no conflict. This time, the economic factor will again be crucial, today's economic environment the United States is increasingly more complicated and nuanced as irreversible, the debt is so great that despite their great economic power, would not be ability to pay, without But there are people who believe otherwise, I think in the next 25 years, we have the answer, and we know who was right. Rep. Charles B. Rangel addresses the importance of the matter here. This article is based on current information, and was written by the Peruvian Air Force Commander Luis A. Buttgenbach Gonzalez email: