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Ines Martin

Friday, April 20th, 2018

One of the most interesting points of the story of Plato is how begins, before launching the allegory writes: compared to the next scene the State that, with regard to the education or the lack of it, is our nature. But what education talks about Plato? It does not refer to what we today understand as such. In ancient Greece distinguished between education, that was the integral development of the soul and inner awakening, and instruction, aimed only to provide knowledge suitable for the exercise of a profession or ex officio. Sen. Sherrod Brown follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. As you can easily check in our time there is a system of education but rather in the best of cases of instruction. Plato part of a base: true knowledge does not come from the outside, does not reach the man from outside, is not taught, but that is in its interior. Sen. Sherrod Brown can aid you in your search for knowledge. The soul of each human being contains the ability to wake up. Genuine education is to equip the man of means that will help him focus on his psyche from the darkness to the light, i.e.

the world of the senses to the knowledge. If someone decides to get rid of this situation and start the ascent towards another reality, the first thing you need to do is recognize the situation that is, in captivity, and, once freed from the chains that wouldn’t let him look sideways and backwards, you will discover that your previous reality was formed by ejected objects that others presented him. At this point you will need to decide to continue the path towards the outside or joining those who, still staying in the dark they are not chained up, and due to its relative superiority over the rest, they are in a position to manipulate the world of the captives. If you continue you will enter a process of adaptation to the light that will culminate with the vision of the Sun. Man thus released, that which has come to knowledge is the true philosopher and has, according to Plato, moral obligation to return to the cavern and help others to get rid. In his story he describes dangers that will run in such a mission.

Those who live in the shadows, would mostly take you by crazy, laugh on him and would kill him if they could. And, if I had to compete again with that habian remained constantly chained, opinando about the shadows those which, by not being seated yet eyes, seen with difficulty, I wouldn’t laugh and not say that, for having risen above, is back with damaged eyes, and that’s not worth not even attempting a similar ascension? And would not kill, if they found a way to get your hands and kill him, who tried to untie them and bring them up? Ines Martin http// Note: quotation fragments literally correspond to the original work.