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Learn To Relax

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Calmness, peace, silence, serenity – that's what you get when relaxing. This gives a respite from the many new concerns and experiences that get you on the birth of a child. It helps to feel in harmony with and the world. Timely Recreation saves power and provides energy for further development. Weaken – become weaker. A woman in early motherhood dumped huge, not previously familiar burden of responsibility. She no longer belongs to itself. She is now responsible not only for their lives, but for the life, health and welfare of another person.

Therefore, a woman tends to be strong, it does not leave a feeling of control, her mind and body are in constant tension. If in addition to caring for the child she has yet to make money or to assume full household – a heroic life, not every stand. But all the time in a stress – it is dangerous to health. Fraught with stress, nervous exhaustion, decreased immunity. Useful to be able to share responsibility with someone else. Feel just a woman – a gentle, soft, pliable, flexible. In today's world we are accustomed to assume the same responsibilities as men, and feel themselves accordingly – be firm, strong, die-hard, ready for battle.

Almost impossible to afford to be weak. You may be Ph.D., big boss, the head of the house – but it was in this period, you first of all a woman, but woman's nature requires a weakness. At birth the hardness and stress are simply harmful.

Professor Amalio Telenti

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

The headquarters of the space of exhibition and Congress Centre of Malaga is the place which is celebrated from 1 to 4 June the 15th Congress of the Spanish society of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. The Congress of this scientific society is marked as objective the creation of a discussion forum as well as an update on the knowledge of the specialty.Arrives in Malaga the Congress of the SEIMC is trafficking in an important event physician-scientist, whose aspects of interest are based on the field of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology specialty. His inauguration will be held with a lecture of Professor Amalio Telenti, of the Institute of Microbiology of the University of Lausanne, in which the expert abrodara the following theme: genetic susceptibility and innate immunity in infections. The scientific program of the Congress will be based on 6 symposiums, 9 roundtables and workshops 4. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with 4 stars category superior, our Monte Malaga Hotel, which offers rooms to attendees to this meeting for this occasion. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 98 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be indispensable to present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting. Congress of the SEIMC in Malaga Notes of press Hispanotas arrives at the Congress of the SEIMC Malaga Press releases Hispanotas

Stephen Hawking

Friday, February 24th, 2012

The life of a human being is something infinitely grander than a body with all its limitations, to be endowed with a mind to think, reason, create and develop and we can never know what you will be able to contribute to real progress humanity. If this situation had occurred in the case of the great physicist, English cosmologist and science writer, Stephen Hawking, knowledge and wise contributions, they had never seen the light, having been applied the new Spanish legislation on the subject at hand and will come into force next July 5. But I do not need any of these cases, because most perversion of this law is that it allows the degradation of that from the age of sixteen and a sin third party intervention, a mother destroy her own child free will. The immeasurable indignities and selfishness of human beings, is what the Indian writer and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore, he did say that: a The man is worse than a beast when the beast dominates Ela . The greatest of evils, is when the hypocrisy, falsehood and illegitimate interests, hiding behind the mask of legality, but the truth is that an abortion is always murder and will remain true, although we think or want to show the opposite and wrong remains wrong, even if everyone practices it, while good remains good, even if one did so. He has performed this inconceivable absurdity, as a step in the right of women, when going to convert for life, a slave of his own action.