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Brazil: Religions

Monday, June 4th, 2018

When the subject is religion, has a great probability to have much quarrel, however in the philosophy of the religion the question is the conscience and the understanding that the man makes of the absolute one, is through it that the bigger man enxerga as created by something, what we call revelation of the holy ghost. Being thus in them we will arrest the excellent religious questions in the Brazilian territory and that it has times come influencing and being influenced for the cultural and social formation of this people. Religion is deriving of Latin religare, that it means ‘ ‘ religar’ ‘ ‘ ‘ atar’ ‘ , any of ideas, faith and cult is a system, as it is the case of the Christian faith. Religion is a set of organized practical beliefs and, forming some private or collective system, by means of which a person or a group of people is influenced. Religion is an authorized body of comungantes that if congregate periodically to give to cult to a god, accepting a set of doctrines that some way offers to relate the individual what it is considered to be the last nature of the reality. (It emends of the Christian Institute of Research).

Religion is the recognition of the existence of some superior, invisible power; dependence to this power in the behavior of the life is an attitude of reverente; manifest by means of acts special, as rites, conjuncts, acts of mercy, etc. In Brazil the religion can be classified as universal and primitive, being the first that one that believes to have importance for the whole world and tries, with greater or minor intensity, to convert people through the proselitismo. Proselitismo of the Greek: proslitos = adherent. It consists of conquering adherent of a doctrine.

The Palace of Dawn

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Being I in Brasilia, was to visit the Church Ours Lady of the Peace, that is part of the Military Archdiocese of Brazil, I was magic with the cupola much beauty really a work of art. I walked for the city I was admired with the distribution of streets and the art architectural, of the master Oscar Niemeyer I was only for the center of the city. The Palace of Dawn, the house of the politicians, was one day of week the guard was of promptitude, the beauty of the uniform, was everything very pretty, started to take off photo. In this I looked in direction National Congress and vi the Mysterious Young entering. As I was always running to its meeting. It was very happy to see me. I asked what you make here in Brasilia? Said it me: – I go to visit the senators of the Republic, because they are wanting increase of 60% in its together expirations with the others politicians.

While the pensioners and workers earn, 6%, in its wage of hunger. I asked: He knows some of them? It answered: Not, but I want to know it personally. In this height I was curious, and I asked myself: What this Young lode to make in the National Congress? It read my thoughts and said: Why you are worried, I you came in mission, as always. In this it was entering in the Congress and the Sarney came to receive it, after all it has status for this. I was observing and noticed that it seemed that already to know the Sarney, who presented the other senators, it was a very important meeting after all the Mysterious Young in the Congress, some thing would go to happen of good, for the people. It asked to the Senator Sarney which the agenda of the congress for the year of 2011? Sarney answered that the proposal of the congress would be to approve many diverse laws, reforms and constructions, as to finish the CAP and to implant the CPMF to have money for the health.

Reals Office

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

– It was to visit the rich cousin in its office in the center of the city, was one day of sixth-fera, arrived back in the office of the rich cousin, was received by the recepcionista that took care of soon it: What he desires to you? It answered: – He would like to speak with Mr. Guedes. It of soon bound Mr. Guedes, owner of the company who authorizeed the entrance of Antonio in its office. The recepcionista was admired, because Mr. Hear other arguments on the topic with Amazon. Guedes did not like to receive nobody, with hour only marked and automatically it ordered Mr. Antonio to enter.

She thought: – This must much friend of it! Guedes when it saw Antonio was very contented and said: Oi! Legal Antonio you to have come and joined I, know, I we do not know what today I am making here in the office. He has this hour would have to be in my farm in araruama, tanning the life with my family and friends. Under most conditions Amazon would agree. there! Antonio counts to me as you go? I am in the fight, working very to support my house. It knows Guedes, the things are being each more difficult day. I am Antonio I know, another day I bought an ox of race, reproducer, I spent millions, but I bought. That Guedes thing I fighting to buy food for my family and you being bought race ox, see as the life is ungrateful.

Antonio the life is not fight and chance. I am then never I had chance, but I always fought. After one hour of it beats papo, Guedes caught a check coupon stub in the drawer of its table filled and placed in the pocket of Antonio. Antonio put the hand in the pocket took off the check and looked at, almost fell for brings was an amount of $ 2,000 (Two a thousand Reals).

Carl Gustav Jung

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

In this article we consider the correlation between the tarot and the different personalities of human beings. Carl G. Jung was a psychoanalyst who investigated this correlation and postulated the theory of archetypes. The tarot is an ancient art, which is based on the wisdom of the arcane. They are emblematic figures, inspired by various characters present in all civilizations, and timeless validity. The tarot has taken these people and has achieved great skill to summarize in what are the 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

Could say that each mystery of the tarot reflects a distinct personality. This had been observed by Carl Gustav Jung, psychologist, a disciple of Freud. Jung had a particular interest in the paranormal, to whose study he devoted much of his time, and especially by the tarot. By the forties, Jung postulated his famous theory of archetypes, said that roughly, the figures correspond to tarot archetypes found in the human mind, and that from the depths of the psyche determine how humans interact with the world. Thus, it is difficult to draw a parallel between the various mysteries of the tarot and the various stereotypes that make up the human race.

We can all associate with the Loco, the arcana without number, with someone we know. A free spirit, daring, not afraid of anything, which constantly gives "leaps of faith" into space, it moves but with little clarity about the way forward, although they know their wishes, and where advances. The Hermit arcana of the tarot is another easily identifiable in any of the people around us. Is a person who despite being in the deepest darkness, has a lamp that illuminates his path. Receives no help from anyone, but the light and wisdom will take the right path. Who does not know of a powerful woman, whose words are tinged with truth, and that what she says is law? It is a wise person of great intuition and knowledge of the human soul, which works with modesty, resignation and piety. It is the Priestess, another arcana of the tarot. Temperance also presents us often. This mystery of an angel shows, by joining two opposite ends of a complex chemical formula. It's who knows how to combine the opposites of things, and so make the best of all situations. Who does not know anyone who achieves transcendence through their work? This demonstrated the correlation between the tarot and the different personalities of human beings. Listening with an open mind the message of the secrets people will make us wiser, and with a more accurate perception of our fellows.