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Customize Your Wedding Ring

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Basic Ruby was looking for new forms and volumes to create a new collection of wedding alliances, and continue at the same time differentiating within its competence. Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. And once again has managed to, has created a collection of alliances of wedding that each person can customize. Alliances them can be found in yellow and white gold for the classics and the boldest in black gold, smooth and rough, textured calf or type tape. But the most original is the engraving, which is a kind of new texture that goes to the ring into the manufacturing process of the same. It is an engraving for a lifetime, because this is part of the jewel. In this way each ring will take your beloved name or phrase individually chosen.

The same happens with the alliances of ordered, where the encumbered will go just below the diamonds, making hidden message or name, you can see only what the person wearing it. And finally, marriage alliances are also created for those who want to spread their love from the rooftops and display the name of the beloved person, is called Openwork. Each ring and Alliance are unique and custom. This means that products are designed according to requests and even the dreams of the people. Jewelry rings online Basic Ruby are manufactured with noble materials, embedded with diamonds and stones for a few designs that suit the more modern and avant-garde style. How to make patriotic jewelry That questions jewellery contemporary 8 Castmay design of jewelry Blog Encinas son out of wedlock: the Arsenal / Journal Digital

Pottery Street

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

The business if expanded and Custdio bought lands of the Great Farm of the Penha for the cattle one of cut. The area was known as Winterred of Pottery (in years 1960 and 1970, it gained fame at the hands of the Policy of the Guanabara). In 1902, Custdio invited for partner Joaquin Leandro of the Mota, the Quincas Leandro, one of the controlling of the Refrigerating cited one Is Diogo. It was a success. As much that, in 1910, officially was created the Slaughter house of the Penha, in Road of Angu Maria, current Street Commander Jackstay de a Cruz (mariangu is the aboriginal name of a bird who was abundant in the edge, but Brazil Gerson assumes that for there it had a vendia Maria that angu). Both had enriched sufficiently. As much that, for return of 1912, Quincas Leandro bought lands of the family I water and in them it made land divisions.

Custdio also opened streets, where it put names of its children, as the Street Filomena Nunes, where it liveed. The region still was busy for mansions and some houses. Therefore it was in n 202 of this street, where Captain Alfredo liveed Oliveira, who was established Pottery FC, in 01.07.1915, with support of Custdio Nunes. In 1916, Custdio Nunes faleceu and Quincas Leandro invited Captain Goulart to constitute the slaughter house Brothers Goulart S/A. The employees of the company had mounted a teams, the Brothers Goulart FC. Meanwhile, the Pottery initiated its activities in the field of the Japonez Football Club, that also was in the Street Filomena Nunes. Later, they had decided to install headquarters and field in the Road of Angu Maria. In 1917, the club rented a strip of land in the Street Leopoldina Rego (to see our article ' ' Bonsucesso, Rubo-Indigo of the Leopoldina' '), that it transformed into a field.