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Suvorov Potemkin

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

In 1765, the report of the general – lieutenant Melgunov established in the provincial city of Kremenchug office and the city of Novorossiysk province appointed gubernii.V this time in the city were built to house the governor, the provincial office, and other public places. Education for young people set up: urban school, college noble orphans, children and middle-class women, and in addition to these institutions, public pension french citizen Frosarom in 1778. (Guest this was under its own supervision of the former governor of language). In subsequently arranged arms factory and foundry. The nearest to the Russian border areas of Poland were several settlements, the population fled in different times and razkolnikami Old Believers, who royally granted had different benefits and the right to return to Russia and settle in new-found Novorossiysk province. Many of these immigrants settled in the city of Kremenchug and they prisoedinil others from Moldavia and Turkey. In 1780 and subsequent years saw the most famous generals of Kremenchug of that time: Rumyantsev and Suvorov Potemkin.

Potemkin had chosen for his residence and Kremenchug built himself a palace, gardens and the former roschu.Okolo 1782 in Kremenchug Novorossiysk province moved to Poltava, and in 1783 the Novorossiysk Territory was named Ekaterinoslav namesnichestva Kremenchug and attributed to him the county town. Shortly afterwards saw each other was the Kremenchug and joy and sorrow great military leader Suvorov. It was located body over which he was supposed to authorities in 1786. Court went well he'd fallen into a strong and dangerous nemilos Potemkina.God temporary worker in 1787 is remarkable for Kremenchug a visit to the Empress Catherine II. .