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Social Service

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

It estimates that the acquired academic formation in the course of Social Service is a basic knowledge that of the emphasis the science of the man and the society and also a Professional knowledge of the theoretical beddings of the Social Service and its relations with these systems. The Social Assistance is a profession of interventivo character, that if it uses of the scientific instrument to multidiscipline of Sciences Social Human beings and for analysis and interventions in situations of the social reality where the consequences of the social matters are gifts. One as well as observes that when taking knowledge of the data on the origin of the social service transfers to better know it the historical and metodolgico process in Brazil, the data of the institutionalization of the social profession and the diverse demands, as well as of the answers given by the profession in its metodolgicas characteristics theoretical and Conclusion This movement was developed by the reason of many professionals in the social area of the service for formularization of new knowledge as in the theories as in you practise, searching in all the context inside of the society, rights of the citizenship, for improvement of the attendance of the users the Social Service to each decade that passes goes conquering the right in the markets of works having new vision in the proposals that appear inside of ours society, an expectation of value conquered of the professionals, searching social politics more dynamics with qualities in the nets of atendimentos, for the users. With this new methodology in the Social Service Comes being employed attendance the families, acting of the society inside, in the social context in well excellent way to the users the citizen right..

Civil Society

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

The history of the City council of the Rights of the Child and the Adolescent of Florianpolis is preceded by the history of the formation of the Advice that, of one forms generality, is resulted of all a joint of the communities front the realities, where the popular will, led it has advanced for some representatives, it culminated with the opening of canals of negotiation between the demandatrios and those that, of some form, withheld the power. According to Teixeira (2000), the Advice of Public Politics do not configure themselves as an instance ' ' nova' ' in the relations between the State and the Civil Society. Its origins if give in three distinct scopes. The first one of them, is resultant of the insurrectional movements. Others including Ohio Senator, offer their opinions as well. They had served in this context, as form of organization of the movements, and also as ' ' apparatus of being able and alternative system of representao' ' (Teixeira, 2000). The Advice start to configure themselves as an important instrument politician in the revolutionary sketches, as the first phase of the French revolution (1789). Another scope is developed in the workstations, result of the organization of the laboring assemblies, creating a system of representation through the commission agents of the plant sections. The result of this movement, was sprouting of ' ' advice operrios' ' , that they had later taken new and new denominations sensible, as Popular Advice of Plant and Advice. A good example, is on account of the appeared commissions of plant in Italy in 1906. The third source of the Advice goes to appear in the countries of advanced capitalism, comumente at moments of crisis, either institucional it (of State) resultant of the precariousness in the legitimacy of the unions, or resulted of the junction of all these contexts, the end to serve of instrument for negotiation of the demands of the workers or groups of distinct interest and, also, as form to reduce the resultant conflicts of an unbalanced distribution of the wealth socially produced.

Basic Ensino Pupils

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The reading does not have to be looked at as a mechanical act to repeat letters, words and phrases, where the pupils had only decorated the linguistic symbols without understanding its meanings, being that much of the professors does not understand that the reading is a process of decipher and decoding that involves diverse factors. According to Blacksmith (1998), a series of sensorial, emotional, intellectual, physiological, neurological aspects exists that they involve the acquisition of the reading that must be worked making with that the child successfully surpasses the process of reading and writing. So that the individual evolves and assimilates the new knowledge in the reading process, writing, interpretation and literal production are necessary that the practical professor has meant so that facilitates the development of the pupils that inside of this prism is an essentially active being. However, what if it can notice is that this process comes being developed of form maken a mistake for many educators who pass over the difficulties of pupils, without promoting ways to surpass them. Unhappyly he is being common, in many public institutions pupils to arrive at the end of Basic Ensino I without knowing to read, to write, to form syllables/words, with difficulties in making interpretations of a small text read, favoring the failure and taking many times until the pertaining to school evasion. Many of the difficulties of the pupils are related with the way with that the professors, come working in classroom, he disciplines as it of Portuguese Language comes being developed in elapsing of the school year.

This problematic relative to the failure of the reading and writing historically it is constituted throughout the centuries in Brazil. As It hisses (2007), in accordance with the IBGE of the year of 2003, more has in Brazil 11.6% of illiterates considering people of fifteen years of age or. A reality that it deserves to be argued and to be debated the educational way.

Social Service

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Ahead of this capital relation and work the social matter appears also of which if express of the most different forms, either in relation with the work, with the child, adolescence, woman and among others. As form to intervine and to face the social matter the Social Service has the social matter as substance cousin of its professional work being able to understand the practical one as a work process. As Iamamoto (2008: 209) affirm: The Social Assistant, at the same time where she will have to act in the direction to guarantee to the worker and its family a level of the working laws, will have to fight the absentismo, the relaxation in the work, to guard for the morality, to promote the conciliation in the working agreements and to adapt the worker its function in the company. He will be ' ' the agent of linking between master and operrio' '. Taking care of to one and another one? acting of independent and independent form? it is the authentic agent of social justice, the agent of coordination of the human elements of the production and the approach of the classrooms. As form of mediator between master and worker, the Social Assistant will take care of to the interests of both the parts searching to keep the legal relationship and duties between the two, therefore the profession is understood as form of practical of the social classrooms to produce its ways of life and work. It is at this moment that appears the necessity of the creation of a project ethical-politician capable to offer a critical and significant orientation to the professionals of Social Service, making with that the same ones are experts of its abilities, aiming at always the defense of the social and human rights, disentailing itself of any similarity with the professional conservadorismo. With the creation of the professional project it was not only a necessity of the Social Service, but of the society that always better waited of the composed profession for agents whom it searched to produce resulted on the performance of some professionals, becoming apt to develop its work of ethical form and criticizes.