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Neurotics Nature

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Freud's concept offers two possible answers to the question of human nature. But in fact, and in another If they made biologization human existence. One source of vitalism, Freud was a "philosophy of life." Another source was the simplistic notion plant science, as well as bourgeois Sociology and Anthropology of the xix century to reduce complex social and psychological phenomena to basic physical and biological processes. Freud believed that biology and psychology should be the "exact" sciences, which will lay the foundation for the entire set of social sciences and humanities. Freud turned his whole attention on the fact that in his opinion, is inherent in human nature, that is, to some biopsychic characteristics, which, unlike bringing different cultures, inherent in all people. Model of his philosophical anthropology was not just a man with his very psychological inclinations. Human nature was understood by them in the image and likeness of those patients neurotics, with whom he as a doctor was dealing. Neuroses, in his view, "do not have any peculiar to them only the content, which we could not find a healthy Neurotics fall ill with the same complexes, which are conducting struggle, and we, the healthy people.

" Healthy and dismissed from the normal psyche Freud interpreted as the result of taking place in early childhood, the evolution of libido (sexual instinct). Depending on what has been successful has been overcome "Oedipus complex" or not, whether there was a fixation, a delay of one of the " 'levels of libido, and proceeds in accordance with his teachings, the whole adult life. By definition, Freud, psychoanalyst is someone who recognizes the existence of the primary unconscious processes in the psyche, the theory of repression and resistance, and also believes that the foundation of psychoanalysis is the theory of child sexuality and the Oedipus complex. " Freud emphasized that the unconscious, first appears as a manifestation of the instincts, and secondly, that it is the energy of instinctual drives determines the dynamics of mental life rights, and thirdly, that the structure of the psyche, the nature of the individual and all socio-cultural phenomena should be explained that psychodynamics, fate drives, finally, that the events and experiences of early childhood determine the main features of the psyche of the individual.


Sunday, April 16th, 2017

One of the skills, which is owned by a scorpion – a great disguise. At first glance, it seems the personification of man Scorpio calm and icy cold. In fact in the depths of his soul is burning hot fire, which in able to burn, not yielding to a hot stove. There are two types of male scorpions. The first kind are open, he is strong in spirit and strong will, and likes to communicate, anywhere and at any time, confident in their actions. Has habit of acting freely, sometimes rudely, in some situations with violence.

Stubborn. Own work seeks to life for all, to the extent that the goodwill and the love of his future, he should be halved win. These are the people from whom we obtain the ideal military, law enforcement officers, employees detective agencies. In this area, as they reveal, are the best, receiving adulation and respect. Second type inherent stealth and cunning. They love to act is not straight, rather – from the corner.

Its purpose is usually seek in a roundabout way. In the precision of the first type, they have the desire to achieve their goals, in practice, testing ideas and plans. Learn more on the subject from Connecticut Senator. Man-Scorpion second type is unfamiliar with lesions in his power to destroy anyone who has become his life line. From this scorpion-animal they differ ability to strike surreptitiously, attacking not in the forehead and the side. For others they are a great mystery, but themselves almost everyone knows about the others – it's great syskari.