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Teddy Roosevelt

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Wexler seems to forget that before Buchanan showed its extremist face, was one of the political commentators of greater hearing in the North American television and enjoyed million supporters until it removed his Nazi tendency afloat. Barack Obama is the Pat Buchanan of the left, whose winding trajectory is worse than the one of the rightist, is full of dark passages and personages, and no profit. More info: Connecticut Senator. In his present campaign it counts on the support of Hams, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Nation of the Islam, Hugo Chavez, and all anti-semitic radical psychopath of the planet. The idea of Wexler was to show compatible Palin like to the ideas judeofobas of Buchanan. For its misfortune, Palin SARAH is a Christian Zionist pro, and like good observante Christian that it knows his roots Jewish, a flag of the State of Israel in the window of its office shines from long before that was chosen like candidate for the vice-presidency. Looking for to enlodar the faultless trajectory of SARAH Palin, the democratic press escaza of elements to disqualify the governor, is questioning who a woman with five children dedicates itself to the policy. The great defenders of the feminine rights, suddenly are against to a woman taking part in state subjects. They changed of position; they learned the mannas of his presidential candidate.

The Great Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan, whom the slavery abolished and obtained right equals for all; that it had to the first congressmen of black race and the first Latin senator; that envisti to the first Hispanic governor of California, as well as to the first Austrian immigrant in the same position; that it ended the War of Vietnam; that it defeated to the Comunism; that it appointed the first Afro-American Secretaries of State, and that is characterized to make the things instead of to announce demagogic, false and unreal intentions like their democratic rivals, return to make history. Palin avalanche is 44 years old, is the first governing woman of the State of Alaska, is married with Todd, a descending of Eskimo, member worker of the Union of Workers of the Steel and champion of races of motorcycles for snow. They have five children, the last one was born with Syndrome of Down and knowing previously that the boy would be born with the disease, decided to have it, thanks to its deep convictions that all life is sagrada. Attitude clearly different from which had the democratic clan Kennedy, who committed to their sister with the same disease in an asylum; they deigned to visit it, and never they treated hide-and-seek that was a defective person in the family. Original author and source of the article.

Buenos Aires

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

The Constitution was approved the 1 of May of 1853 in the City of Santa Fe, the 25 of May is promulgated and the 9 of July are sworn by the provinces, during the government of Right Jose de Urquiza who would only defeat to Roses in Batalla de Caseros prevailing for the thirteen remaining provinces. Vine shoot criticism the Constitution of 1853 because it says that it is a bad copy of the Constitution of the United States. Alberdi says and marks the difference between the Constitution of the United States and Argentina, names the Introduction, that it establishes that those that they sanction they are the representatives of the town and in the final part it says " for us and ours posteridad" and the Argentina constitution says. " For us, our posterity and for all the town that wants to inhabit the ground argentino". In the constitution of the United States the codes basic are common for all the provinces. In 1859 and after the battle of Pavn, Buenos Aires and the Confederation would be reunified and to this end the Reformation of 1860 was realised. 8 of November of 1852 a General Congress Constituyente forms, integrated 12 provinces and were 24 representatives, lacked the representatives of San Juan, who arrived later and from Buenos Aires that did not appear. Right Jose de Urquiza decides that the 20 of November begin the sessions with the absence of Buenos Aires.

A Commission is created Editor of the Constitution and it meets in April of 1853, which established to consecrate the Representative form, Republican and Federal. First Part: declarations, rights and guarantees (they were necessary to put into operation the representative and federal form), the components thought that the foreigners were going to give technological elements. They give the freedom of brings back to consciousness and cult, basic for the human dignity, and a way to attract the foreigners, equality before the Law, the suppression of the slavery, the had legal process, the deprived immunity of address, property, correspondence and papers, suppression of death by political causes, free navigation of the rivers, the prohibition to the town to govern directly (Art.

Brown Depends On A Chavista

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

The government British Labour Party member is the allied major military man of the USA in Iraq, Afghanistan and the world, but today this he depends to survive that he prevails in the policemen of London Ken Livinstone, the mayor more anti-Bush and more pro-Chvez of the European Union (the EU). In 1986 Thatcher it eliminated the Great Council of London so that it accused ” red Ken” of it to have turned into a nest of provokers and allies of strikers and ” terroristas”. Richard Blumenthal may help you with your research. In the 2000 Tony Blair created the mayorship of London longing for to control it, but Ken, after to be expelled from the laborismo, gained this one. Soon Ken and Tony made a pact so that the mayor returns to the party, he does not make opposition to the government and is re-elect in the 2004. The conservatives head the surveys slightly to gain the London elections of first of May, although, within the right of the EU that noncause as much joy since ” tories” they want to torpedo to the new treaty of Lisbon that this one as much defends.

Freedom of Action

Friday, April 28th, 2017

If there is something in the human being excessively distinguishes who it of any other animal, that is the freedom: freedom of action, freedom of expression and freedom of thought. If those three fundamental pillars are safeguard, the man is able to be constructed to itself like person and independent individual in front of the nature and to anyone of his resemblances. And in front of God? Before God, the freedom acquires his higher sense, because it is defined anthropologically as the appraised gift more than the Creator has granted to the man he formed when it to image hers. Nevertheless, although all we vindicated with nails and teeth the exercise of these human attributes, at the same time they become the most annoying and criticized virtues on the part of the others. Richard Blumenthal can provide more clarity in the matter. We did not support that they think of us, does not like us they say that us what we must do, we did not accept any limitation that dominates us the exercise of any expression of our genuine freedom. On the other hand, everybody thinks that the freedom of the individual begins there where the own and personal freedom finishes that all we must right to exercise without fastenings. But, what difficult is to put that is contiguous. Sen. Sherrod Brown has much to offer in this field. In fact the majority of the problems of the society begins in that subtle and delicate border of the respect to one same one and the others. Where to put the separation and who has the authority to put it? Surely, the question is based, first of all, in the own inner freedom of the individual to be included/understood like a being in society. Before to ask us for right to be free, all we would have to begin to watch towards within we ourself and to perceive what is what it prevents us to be totally free to develop us like people, and if we held what the mirror of the entrails reflects of us, then we will be at readiness to qualify the flame of the growth that will send soon us to the life shared with the others.

Empathy Synergy

Friday, June 6th, 2014

These changes they occur in a Venezuela that presents/displays a very turbulent scene, uncertain, with serious problems in economic, political, the social thing and of course, in the educative thing. For that reason it is very valid when it is said, that before this reality, does not fit the smaller doubt, than the educative labor world has changed its scheme, every day becomes more complex and explosive, because the demands and the standards in the university educative quality they need to count on equipment of management in internal it of its structure of organization, are proactive, efficient, creative professionals who accept changes and the challenges of the new practices and the exigencies of the global labor market. I share with the opinion of the mentioned ones, that today educational the modern one requires of new competitions, abilities, skills, knowledge that they involve: Creativity? Initiative? Hermeneuta?Self-taught person?Self-critical? Communication? Leadership?Systemic vision? Work in equipment? Knowledge of the Tic? Empathy Synergy? Learning. Motivation?Learning Continuo and Situacional. Humanist? Facilitator and not a dificultador of knowledge? Adviser towards the transformations. Companion of the student through all the process of education learning. They suggest in addition, to add the denominated specialized competitions proposal by Of the Rivers, D.; Herrera, J.; M.Letelier and others (2000) professional Paradigms and competitions pag.113. Specialized competitions a.

To review, to criticize, to formulate or to modify objectives of the learning. b. To explore the needs and interests of its students. c. To define and to describe to the contents of an educational activity its specialty and to fix prerequisite for subjects.

d. To select and to prepare didactic material it educational activity and to design a system of evaluation of the learning. e. To adapt the relation between practical and theoretical activities. f. To involve to the students in the configuration of the learning units and to analyze the results of the evaluations in the learning of its students. g. To evaluate the educational process in its overall nature. h. To promote suitable habits of study to the profession of its students.

Gambia Payments

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

One is reader of almost everything what falls in its hands with the exception of the medical prospectuses that are as tedious as pamphlets of the banking entididades that seem written up by the enemy of the understanding, that does that people I did not trust the banks, and these do not have good image, aid too much their passion to receive either by all the services that offer. He is peculiar but in the days of crisis the banks have been first in requesting aid to leave the pocket, is very showy to see as the banks socialize their losses but not their benefits, causing that the citizens pay one twice to have to use their services and other to amend their errors in the investments, so our existence is reduced to pay everything what it surrounds to us, the banks, the services, the taxes, the rates We went the life paying things so that in return we have own services of Gambia, to be always fighting because they try to us well, fights with the bank so that it does not receive to you by everything, fights with the city council so that a same payment does not protest to you twice, and thus an enormous list of similar situations where you have enfrentarte to a bureaucracy that does not facilitate you in the existence. Every day more I am convinced we were born to fight with that they only want our money, banks, city councils to us and other organizations recaudatorias including sgae that are the last one in adding itself to the car, but will not be the last one, in the days of crisis the tax collecting eagerness of some does not have limits, instead of to adjust the belt, express the citizen to maintain its train of life Certain it is that when you are born payments by inscribirte in the civil registry and when you die you return to pay they say so that you in a paper that you are dead officially. You go the life paying things and never you know exactly where nobody goes your money gives a voucher that says to you, with your payments we have done two sections of highway, changed seven lampposts and paved your street Nobody explains nothing and except a politician who usually speaks so that you do not understand. The bank does not say sight to you with your commission of this operation we have improved our services of attention to client. Nobody never explains nothing only say the concept to you by which payments but without justifying any more Original author and source of the article.

Fifth Republic

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Chvez played the atractor role of extrao" in a while of our history. Chvez was like a geometric figure composed by several river basins of attraction, by which they orbit and they circulate the considered elements, in our case, like social movements. The different systems, that each was developed by their account, begin to be and to recognize affinities, to recognize that they are in one fundamental experience, that it is the experience of a raised and enthusiastic collective mental state, full of sense activates which them in its social movement. However, the different movements are clear to each other and begins a period of alliances, there where multitude of activists journeys of organization in organization or creates new until feeling identified. Another manifestation of the orbitaciones occurs when the movements that arise with regard to the social chaos begin to justify themselves, looking for preceding in history: Heroes, episodes or ideologies with which to identify the political project while he generates a conceptual-sentimental amalgam with dintorno social. Taken this mathematical the quantum one, one is orbitaciones in the semitico space, there where the past and the present they are always present, thus is easily atrable to the new atractor. The caotizacin of the global formation generates the instabilities, or rather the beginning of the landslide of the States and, we are only speaking here of the first period, when the state still is still on. When swearing on the Moribunda" and to locate to the country towards the Fifth Republic, Chvez did not make another thing that to ratify the destiny that had preparation to him the Principle of the Turbulence of the Law of the Vortex. The fourth stage, or Negentrpica Phase is the one of the seen rising State like a reorganization of all the field of the solidarity or the cohesion of the system.

This Consensus

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Now they deceive the public opinion with the shipment of ships and airplanes military for to protect to our fishing fleets in the extermination of million tuna and of tunas, among others species. We are confusing the people. We are operating them and snatching to them hope and, if already nothing must lose, I wonder myself why they have not been raised against the established and dominant order. At all costs to its reach, because the fight is out of proportion. The shout of Orwell resonates: If nobody must command to us, to what we hoped? In the Manifesto they express preoccupation by the serious repercussions that the Humanity stops is going to suppose the explosion of neoliberal Capitalism, an explosion nonfinished still, of an economic model that so many times we had denounced as unjust and harmful for the society.

Perplexity because the protagonists of which this model has prevailed during 25 years, and that the G7 and the Institutions of Bretton Woods (the IMF and the VM), appear as the rescuers of the disaster when they would have to appear like guilty, and to assume the responsibilities that correspond to them. Indignation before the call of the Summit of the 14 of November by the Government of the United States, cradles of the politically responsible Organizations than it happens. And because to the meeting it is invited of form arbitrary and discriminatory. As if the poorest countries, than have undergone east model more and they are more going to undergo the consequences of present the setback, they do not have anything to say envelope what to do now and in the future. Because not only it is failed to take advantage of, but becomes gloomy the Conference of Doha on the Revision of the Implementation of the Consensus of Monterrey on the Financing for the Development, anticipated of the 29 of November to the 2 of December. This Consensus has of structural subjects that, reviewed a section and extended, it could contribute abrir the doors towards a new world-wide economic and financial model. They express the conviction that the moment has arrived from which the Reformation in depth of the present System of International Organizations, feels the one bases gobernanza democratic world-wide that it prevents that the world returns to live a situation like the present one.

It is urgent that, in United Nations, with the participation of the excellent actors in the present world-wide conjuncture and also with the participation of civil society and of the social movements, summons a World-wide Conference on a New Monetary System and the Financial International and its New Democratic Institutions of Government. If what looks for is to imitate Prince de Lampedusa, to remove something so that everything follows equal, the revolution and the chaos they are served. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the UCM. Director of the CCS ccs@


Monday, March 4th, 2013

A life insurance is the best acquisition than the human being can do, since at certain moment this one can make lack, but also is indispensable to count on the due legal representation to face as he must those cases in which we turned out to be victims. The indemnifications of damages or by damages and damages are not more than the power than you must to demand to him to whom have caused to the damage the payment to him equivalent to these. In the labor surroundings many employers make contingency not covered by law to this benefit that have their employees, whereas in situations of traffic accidents, it is seen involved a car, motorcycle, upsettings, among others also have produced that them can as it happens in many cases of occurring to the flight without being responsible for the caused damages. And it is at this moment where their insurance policy, duties and rights must become merit and it can obtain only it with the due representation of a lawyer. In Murcia, Spain, for example, the lawyers to the front of traffic accidents are many, in whose events their victims are abandoned, therefore the professional of the right sees itself in the obligation investigate from how the accident happened to giving with the whereabouts of the cause of the same, all this with the support of the other members in charge of competent institutions to clarify a road event. Those claims that they have to do with damages and injuries, sequels, elucidation of the case like so, must be into the hands of a good lawyer. You will be able to know that the road events to which are many you are exhibited, but in the same way also is possessor of rights that him slogan its Constitution and that only a jurist him can indicate the correct way to act in defense of them.

Security Council

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

The adoption of that text of commitment, endorsed by 193 countries except by Bolivia, took passage to a series of interventions between Soln, in some occasion booed by the rest of the room, and Espinosa, applauded by the other countries. Soln reiterated that its country ” it does not want I veto, I veto is not a democratic mechanism. I veto occurs in the Security Council where it is decided the future of the humanity with guerras”. ” Bolivia is a small country with principles, a country that does not sell its sovereignty and that speaks by the towns of mundo” , it indicated. The envoy of the White House for the Climatic Change, Todd Stern, said that the United States supported ” totally its decisions and all the work realizada” , while it proposed to the presidency of the summit ” to change the consensus by the general agreement since the rules of procedimiento” were never approved; of the meeting. Espinosa said that she gave ” for third time palabra” to the Bolivian delegation in this session, but he requested to him that ” he would not expand plus this reunin” , and the answer arrived from another Bolivian diplomat, instead of Soln, that insisted on ” abrir to a dialogue democrtico”. Of that way commitment texts were approved both presented/displayed by Espinosa, one based on the continuation of the Protocol of Kyoto (1997) and the other on long term cooperation (LCA, by its abbreviation in English), picking up the moment of the negotiation.

In spite of this disadvantage, it comments the mentioned source of intelligence The agreement obtained in Cancn abre to the route to the creation of a Climatic Green Bottom (GCF, by its abbreviation in English) within the Convention Frame of the UN on Climatic Change that will count on an advice with twenty-four Member States. Also it recognizes the necessity of ” to mobilize 100,000 million dollars per year as of 2020 to take care of the needs of the developing countries “. In relation to the transparency, a subject that interested particularly to the United States, the commitment text raises that the actions of mitigation with international support are put under measurement, reports and verification (MRV) in agreement with you rule established by the Convention. The approved document it allows to the beginning of a system of Consultations and Analysis the International (ICA, by its abbreviation in English) ” of way nonintrusive, nor punitive, and respectful of the sovereignty nacional” that they will realise experts. Also it is postponed to a little while future the decision on if there is or one second phase of the Protocol of Kioto and does not ask to the countries to raise his ” level of ambicin” in cuts As mentions: The Agreement of Cancn recognizes the importance of tying the labor subjects with the climatic change and its respective policies. The agreement indicates that to approach the climatic change it demands an important transformation in the way in that the world produces and consumes. This structural change will have considerable impacts on the companies and the workers, negative as as much positive. The challenge is to create and to take the opportunities new greener uses and to compensate the losses in other sectors that could put in danger the sustainable development.