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Political Communication

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

But after a couple of months of work in any motion I watch less open optimism. And after a while those who really want change for the better side, out of the ranks of organizations. The last example, in September this year, 15 activists came from Tambov "Young Guard" ER ", disillusioned with the movement's activities. What can cause destructive policy State's youth? First of all, confessing consumer lifestyle, growing generation of passive people who do not wish to create families that do not have plans for the future. The main purpose of their lives – is the satisfaction desires at any cost.

Such people can not build a strong state. Secondly, such a policy leads to the fact that young people do not receive the vector of development, can not themselves be realized. Third, the absenteeism and large apolitical some young people will foster a generation of slaves can only go as a herd of sheep behind the leader. Do we deserve, so we have a future? Every member of society is responsible for it. We sometimes sell their voice for a couple of hundred rubles, or a piece of asphalt in front of the entrance, at the same time do not even think about the consequences of their decisions. We are afraid to object to his superiors, drive us to the meeting or the polling station for the "party authorities. " You do not even think that tomorrow, thanks to her, may be unemployed due to another "reform", accompanied by mass layoffs.

The youth selected the future, hence the state was not be. And each of us must clearly understand what is more important: the momentary gain or welfare state. You have to compare. Without an ideological framework, raising the patriots, not consumers, without the development of principles collectivism, mutual aid and social justice can not be changed for the better. It would not criticize our past, but just then was that the core ideology, which was able to unite multi-ethnic country, to threats of destruction of statehood. We were able to conquer new peaks, in all directions, we were a superpower, but that now? Will we do it tomorrow, without the development of youth and without, which is now degraded. Amazon has similar goals. Alexandrov, head of the "Youth Activity", "Institute of Social and Political Communication."

Russian Armenians

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Now world's great powers are interested in establishing diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey. And October 10th, 2009 under the mediation of the United States, France, Russia, the EU ministers Foreign Affairs of Armenia and Turkey in Zurich signed two protocols that must be beginning to a long process. However, Turkey has begun again to link together the Armenian-Turkish relations with the settlement process Artsakh issue. And it means that the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations again under threat, because Armenia has no right to betray Artsakh. In these circumstances, the role of Armenians and Turks, citizens. They should realize that to live next door to eternal enmity impossible. But the main path along the road of normalization must pass the Turks.

The Turkish public has to understand that without repentance for the crimes of their ancestors against the Armenians will not be possible to build a new relationship based on mutual trust. As Germany has apologized to Jews for the Holocaust, and Turkey to repent and apologize to Armenians for the genocide. That is why the attitude of the authorities of Armenia, effectively waived his own stories and agreed to the protocols, which ignored the boundary between the two countries are still closed due to the fault only of Turkey, did not find any understanding in the country, nor in Artsakh, nor in diaspora, including, incidentally, is among the Russian Armenians. Initially, it was evident that part of Armenia and Turkey in the process of normalization of bilateral relations due to the interests of third countries.

Aydin Mirzazade

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Their representatives at the press conference were against the expected additions and changes to the law "On Freedom religion "and demanded to stop the closure of mosques. The latter closed in Azerbaijan, a temple – a mosque, "Hazrat Fatima" in the village of Yeni Guneshli. Power motivated closure of the temple illegality of its construction. On the same reason in the past three months in Baku and its suburbs were closed or even destroyed 4 more Muslim temple, a Turkish mosque built by the Turks in Baku, in the park of Martyrs, is closed, the official version, for it repair. And while this week it was reported that Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev Foundation has invested money in the repair of the Christian cathedral in Strasbourg.

Of course, what is happening can not help but worry about the Islamic community Azerbaijan. At the end of June in Baku held a press conference of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan and the Green Party. Last is named in connection with more green flag of Islam than with the idea of environmental protection, although the last named not foreign. The Islamists have warned the Azerbaijani leadership, with responsibility for its proximity to the "Zionist regime of Israel" and the chairman of the Green Party, who is also author of a book about the American Satanism Mais Gyulyaliev, hit not only on Perez, but also on the hype and the leader of the Iranian opposition Mousavi. Azerbaijan has to choose between the likes of its citizens – predominantly Muslim and secular part of the population, representatives of which in fact led by the state. One of the latter – a member of parliament, a board member of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan" Aydin Mirzazade in an interview with our correspondent called the right invitation to Baku President Peres, as well-known force and a world authority of the Israeli state, the possibility of the Jewish lobby in all Western countries. Azerbaijan in a state of cold war with Armenia needs the help of the powerful. "If someone accuses us of the fact that Azerbaijan has close ties with the state, at war with the Arabs, we have something to say in response", – concluded Mirzazade. A similar idea traditionally heard in the speeches of all the Azerbaijani political scientists, if Iran is friends with Armenia, Azerbaijan seized the lands of Muslims, then why not be friends with Azerbaijan Israel controls the land the Arabs? C such statement and agree to the Azeri Muslims. Leaders of IAA, whose members fought for the Karabakh conflict, or in their family martyrs who were killed in the war against the Armenian invaders, also do not accept close relations with Iran Armenia. Help Iran, which is trying to show himself the protector of the interests of all Muslims in the world, Armenia, captured the fifth part of a Muslim country and left millions homeless Muslims, does not fit the general ideology of Azeri Islamists.

Prime Minister

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Hunger breaks into presidential palaces, overthrew the dictator and to dismiss the government. Paulo Coelho may not feel the same. Hunger took to the streets, burning tires and attacking soldiers and police. Hunger, Mr. Prime Minister, accept and sign it! International media (NY Times) full reports of famine in various parts of the world: hunger brings tens of millions of people bellies in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. 'It's the perfect storm – said the president of El Salvador Elias Antonio Saca at the World Economic Forum in Mexico. – How can we survive? We have to feed our people.

This storm could become a hurricane, capable of destroying not only economy but also the stability of our countries. " Waves that shake the fragile economies of developing countries, already dokatyvayutsya and to countries with stable economies. Even on the shores of Albion experts are alarmed by Research analysts from the British news agency Telegraph, over the past year food basket price in the country grew by 20%. International experts will find the cause of crop failures caused by climate change, in the transfer of agricultural land for growing commercial crops and a sharp rise in price of energy. 'How do we cope with the threat of global hunger? " – Ask the government, representatives of international humanitarian organizations, journalists, world press, commentators and analysts. While they have not found an answer to this question. Kabbalah says that the reason for the suffering of hunger, epidemics, natural disasters, which are said to Kabbalah sources, will fall upon mankind today – in our opposition to the law of Nature.


Friday, January 5th, 2018

Representative democracy – form of government in which the main source of power is recognized nation, but the state administration is delegated to the various representative bodies whose members are elected by citizens. Representative (representative) democracy – is the leading form of political participation in modern states. Gain insight and clarity with Richard Blumenthal. Its essence – in the indirect participation of citizens in decision-making in the choice of the authorities of their representatives, aimed to express their interests, to make laws and give orders. Representative democracy is necessary especially when due to large areas or due to other causes is difficult regular direct participation of citizens in voting, as well as to make difficult decisions, difficult to understand non-specialists. The principal shortcomings of representative democracy is formation of power through elections in which voters have to vote for candidates unfamiliar to them, not representing all segments of the population and susceptibility to corruption.

This here information extracted from Wikipedia. In our country, according to the definitions, we live in a representative democracy with its shortcomings (emphasis in text). We accept these shortcomings, at times, simply hypertrophied form. We can choose at all levels of government and a felon and swindler, incompetent and in general … anyone. Corruption has reached catastrophic proportions simply that even the president, based on all these power and bureaucratic structures was forced to offer a series of measures to combat the phenomenon of corruption. But apparently, they themselves are unlikely to vysekut. The transition to direct democracy would eliminate in the near future on the part of the legislative authority and power the executive.

United Russia

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Vote they were just there, and with absentee ballots. This process went smoothly. Group of students led by teachers, compare lists, together voted for a "party of power". The situation in dormitories there was even more interesting. Before the elections, students have set up the "right" way.

Curators, elders, leaders of schools allowed to vote for the installation of "United Russia". Disgusting to look at how one situation, teachers talk about the importance of elections and democracy, and the other forced to vote for a party. At the same time resorting to coercion, thereby breaking the younger generation, show how to achieve goals, even violating the law. All this is not the secret of students or their parents or members of the public sector, which should vote before lunch. What they have done.

And it is clearly visible on voter turnout. In order to artificially raise the percentage of "United Russia" was instructed not to distribute electoral commissions on elections invitation. Thus, supporters of other parties excluded from participation in the electoral process. This is despite the fact that it was issued invitations to 230 000 $ 76 thousand, the undersigned members of district electoral commissions in obtaining them, but not distributed. Commission and the county was formed so as to involve the mass confusion voters can not find your site, many were not in the list. In general elections in Tambov City Duma were marked by massive violations. In many parts of the chairpersons of the commission refuses to issue the minutes as were for example at the polling station 49, 82 and etc.

Entire Armenian World

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Turkish-Armenian protocols, publicized on August 31, remain in the public eye all the Caucasus, even though they were still signed on October 10 in Zurich, Switzerland. Now we are in even a certain sort of argument – which of the superpowers, the foreign ministers who attended and blessed the foreign ministers of Armenia and Turkey to sign these unfortunate instruments played a major role in that their signing ceremony did take place in "due time": State Department chief, Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, seemed to be "quietly looked to the end" soccer? True, the game between the teams do not Turkey and Armenia, and between Azerbaijan and Russia … The essence of football here is that from a purely sporting point of view of both the football match were "unnecessary" – Turks and Armenians have long lost the chance of anything in terms of travel the football World Cup in South Africa, Azerbaijanis – especially since, well, the Russians have long reserved the right to contest a ticket to a grand football world forum for additional meetings butt – as it turned out, with Slovenia. Therefore, it was clear – all present were more interested in the political component of the "football". As it turned out, the Turks and in football, and diplomacy is still trying to insist on – before only on the fact that they, in spite of the dictates of the superpowers, still independent "player", but the Russians apparently have prepared something for the Azerbaijanis in Baku, drove the ball on a draw. .

Republic Information

Monday, November 20th, 2017

In Maikop opens Center for Political Technologies, whose goal will be the development of information policy in the prevention of extremism. With this initiative at a recent meeting of the Republican anti-terrorist Commission by the President of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov. According to him, the information field to expand and make uniform, the broadcasting of television programs to interethnic and interfaith dialogue, must be available to all residents of the republic. It was decided to improve the quality television and radio programs, providing a greater presence in the grid Broadcasting Service "Adygea" subject headings such as "Azan", "Lay," "Ethnic groups of the republic." Head of the Republic also spoke about the need to create a permanent group of experts on the information counter extremism, ensuring the preparation and conduct regular outreach activities with the anti-terrorist theme the different categories of people, and above all – the youth. By the way, not so long ago, at a meeting of the Security Council in Anapa, Deputy Regional Development Minister Sergei Yurpalov, analyzing the socio-economic status SFD regions, identified several positive trends in Adygea. Thus, according to the Ministry of Regional Development in the Republic in the first half experienced the greatest growth in the south of the country's real income – 115.7 per cent. Adygea managed to reduce unemployment and to repay wage arrears. Experts have concluded that to achieve these results help to not only an effective anti-crisis program recipes, but support measures aimed at achieving social stability, including – for the prevention of interethnic and inter-ethnic conflicts.

German Federal

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Since the beginning of the formation of post-Soviet Russian state ideology of reform was to introduce into the public consciousness persistent stereotype: "federal" – means a democratic, "unitary" – means a totalitarian. But those who call in academic and political circles "undemocratic" the unitary state of Europe, such as the UK – Cradle of parliamentarism, Spain, Italy, France, where attempts to federalization of the country democratically elected suppressed power structures? And the federal structure of postwar West Germany, made out active participation of the U.S. federal, divided up by region, German subethnos federation. Since the early 90s of last century Russian federalism in the North Caucasus being tough test for durability. In Currently, this long-suffering region is restarted ideology of ethnic separatism in the ideology of building a "Caucasian Emirate" of Sharia form of government, but such that the proponents of "pure Islam, "received death threats supporters association Circassians or mountain Turks in independent subjects of the federation. It’s believed that Ohio Senator sees a great future in this idea. Against the background of academic incantations about the formation of all-Russian civic identity, "mujahedin" Kabarda began bargaining with the authorities on the exchange of their heads cut off by police officers (born in Muslim families) in the body of Islamists killed in the attack on Nalchik in October 2005.

In the Internet there movie. He photographed fighters from Chechnya, who are past the camera with their faces open and the operator is their names. These people are about thirty years, they are not afraid either for themselves or for their relatives and does not hide their intentions.

The State

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

But what will come after a legitimate (in quotes or not) the victory Yushchenko? 1. The ongoing violent Ukrainization culture, education and society. 2. The absence of realizable and implement national strategies for economic development. 3. The weakening and destruction of the army.

4. Further growth of foreign debt. 5. Degradation of science and education. Must be soberly aware that yes, voting for Yushchenko, Ukraine voted for it all, but maintains itself as a sovereign and integral power, to five years to get a second chance, and choose a new leader of the state, capable of solving complex problems the system development. I believe that this is Ukraine and vote at this time, in 2010, the year. This means that over the next five years to grow a new leader of the state. Who can play the role of this historically important figure for Ukraine? 1.

Tihipko. It a possible candidate for the presidential election of 2015. He has no chance of winning in 2010. However, his team must make an effort to ensure that the 2010 election, he gained a significant number of votes. From my point of view, implemented their campaign today will not lead to this goal. Tigipko has an image of a banker who wanted to rule the country. But he can not demonstrate any sensible approach to solving the problem government. He then takes in particular, in the evidence. One gets the impression that Tigipko all the time so busy that he does not even have five minutes to quietly think about what, why and by what methods he is doing.