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Sunday, November 5th, 2017

The ones on which the Kremlin’s favorite in the presidential election in 2003, Kadyrov senior behind the order. Along the way, it turns out, and that neither one of them – and not just the leaders, but even the rank and file, who once opposed the separatist policy Dudayev – neither in the lists of the current executive of the republic or the deputies. Most interesting is that the leaders they were only due to what were the bearers of ideas shared by the majority of Chechen society. That is opposed to separatism. While the Kremlin’s favorite was represented by the opposite camp. In principle, the mission Khloponin at close examination, does not seem so obviously failed, as they try to present some analysts.

The new ambassador is one to rely on in their region. It is very important that he does not need to look for or create new leaders. They are quite capable, having authority to a large part of society and has proven himself in opposition to the separatists before the first Chechen war. That’s exactly it must Chechnya the fact that in the first war of 440 settlements of the republic in one way or another have been destroyed only 19. That is, were saved thousands of lives. No wonder that the separatists have declared their correspondence as “enemies of the people” and sentenced to the death penalty. That is the strategic reserve Khloponin. A rectifying the situation in Chechnya will automatically entail correcting the situation throughout the Caucasus.

Do not forget that, because of certain circumstances, the Caucasus is not suitable yardstick “depressed region in the Russian province”, which should pull up to the level of purely economic levers. First and foremost, there should work ideology. Ideology, supported and shared by the majority. Only when the carriers of this ideology will come into power and will determine the regional policy, and then earn the economic levers. In any other case, we can assume that mission impossible, and say goodbye to the Caucasus.

Georgian Minister

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

The visit to Tehran on 20-21 January, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze demonstrated that Iran does not let out of sight of even a seemingly hopelessly pro-American administration in Tbilisi today. Vashadze, while in Tehran, implicitly recognized the right of Iran to develop its nuclear program, and even apologized for the arrest in Georgia in 2007 Iranian citizen Hossein Ardebili and its transfer into the hands of Americans. It is true, then the Georgian Foreign Ministry denied an apology. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. It is understandable – it became inconvenient to the "breadwinners" in the U.S., but all the information about the visit of Georgian Minister went only through the Iranian officialdom. We are not going to find out who is cunning in this case – the semi-official Iranian and Georgian. Just understand – when the head of the Georgian Foreign Ministry in Tehran, taking on the highest level, right up to the president Ahmadinejad, when at these levels clearly brought to mind the Georgian leadership that Georgia should not become a NATO member, does this mean that Iran is not merely "advises" the Georgians to introduce Western institutions offensive Transcaucasia, and specifically warned of heavy (for Georgia) effects of even trying to turn a foothold in the Caucasus against Iran. "They (Western countries) pursue own interests, trying to expand its influence in the East. All the problems of the region can solve on their own, without making their interest in offering dubious goals of Western countries ", – said the Iranian leader.

European Centre

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

It is still hard to get used to the idea that nature, people and whole groups can be involved in the rhythmic element invisible storms. So, resembling Thomas unbeliever should refer to a fait accompli. For purity of the experiment say that the prognosis of rhythmic storm with a specified period was posted on the website of the European Centre for Forecasting at the end of March 2011, when no one could predict future trends events. A paper on this subject was presented April 7 at this blog site, where the rhythmic to the nearest storm, is scheduled for April 11-12, 2011, had nothing at all. Its social characteristics in common was: "It is enough can easily arise social conflicts and disputes in the team. And also drawn some documents related to the events of the previous period "(ie the events of the period of rhythmic storm April 3-7).

To understand what kind of documents can be filed on April 11-12, will follow the events announced by the media, from 3 to 7 number. Hearings were held in Belarus in the U.S. Congress, where participants agreed that the rule "last dictator in Europe" soon to an end. Then suddenly leaked information that the Belarusian military help Gaddafi to stay in power. Then, the OSCE called on Belarus to cooperate in the investigation of the events of 19 December. And finally – the European Union discussed the possibility of imposing economic sanctions against Belarus and has decided to specifically discuss the imposition of economic sanctions against the Lukashenko regime next week. That is exactly the same week, when directly on Monday, at the peak of the predicted 11-12 April 2011 storm, rhythmic, and there was an explosion in the Minsk metro.

Much Love

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Spring 2009 was quite a difficult period for the Georgian leadership. Republic was shaken by demonstrations and rallies organized by the opposition, which is seeking the resignation of the incumbent president Saakashvili. But gradually protest activities of the opposition came to naught. Saakashvili's political opponents say that the measure is temporary, and if the leadership of the country are not taken steps to extricate the country from political crisis, the conducting demonstration will resume. Meanwhile, opposition leaders regularly travel to Western Europe and the U.S., make statements about the full support of their struggle against the "Saakashvili regime" on the part of any political forces and international organizations. Conducted individual stocks are demonstrative in nature and should form a sustainable population of Georgia opinion that the political battle continues.

However, Saakashvili himself fairly comfortable feeling, continues to declare its readiness to cooperate with the opposition and do not intend to leave the presidency. Why is it that of the opposition did not happen? Why did President Saakashvili is still so loved by the United States? The fact that the Georgian leader, received a light hand with TV image of the frivolous politics, "loves a good silk ties," in reality is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. His administration in its foreign policy to actively use the services of lobbying firms in the U.S. and lavishly for the American love. In 2008, look for friends American political elite helped Georgia Glover Park Group and Orion Strategies.