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Monday, March 12th, 2018 the Foundation Announces 10 scholarships to study with other young people from 80 countries. Author: the source for more info. About 40,000 students in the world, 400 Spaniards, have lived the experience. In a question-answer forum Harold Ford was the first to reply. The call will remain open until January 31, 2013. The aid will allow two pre-university education courses. The Foundation Committee Spanish of of the United World Colleges (United World Colleges UWC) convenes 10 seats with scholarship and many others pay to study the international baccalaureate in any of the 12 centres that has spread over four continents. Students who finally achieved one of these squares will have the opportunity to study and live for two years with other young people from between 80 and 100 countries. Seats will be awarded according to merit, potential, creativity and social commitment of the candidates.

In recent years, Spain has established itself as the number one country in received requests to access the United World colleges. The aid, valued at 47,500 euros each, allow to make the two courses of pre-university education in Canada, United States, Costa Rica, Singapore, China, India, Norway, Swaziland, United Kingdom or Italy. Requirements for applying for one of the seats need to be studying 4 ESO or 1 year of high school, have been born in the years 1996 or 1997, be Spanish or resident in Spain in the last eight years with the nationality pending, have a good academic record and basic knowledge of English. The application form can be downloaded directly on the website and the term will end January 31, 2013. Those boys and girls who do not comply with the requirement of nationality can apply for the scholarship through the National Committee of the United World Colleges of their country of origin. When selecting candidates, the Committee appreciates, in addition to the notes, potential students and other no less important issues such as his involvement in the problems of the community in which you live, if you develop any creative activity or if they practice some sport. Selection process About 50 students, who must develop a social project will be chosen in the preselection.

The selection process will take place in Madrid. Students will have to pass a written test, an interview, a psychological test and exposure of the social project which the student has previously prepared. Half of the students will go to the final phase, which will consist of a group dynamic and another personal interview. Obligations of grantees during their stay in the United World Colleges, these students must devote at least two hours a week to a creative activity; at least two others to the practice of sports, and between three and six hours to the Community assistance programmes. In the latter case, we can examples include teaching English classes to women disadvantaged in La India, collaborate with the service of the United Kingdom coastguard or help in the conservation of a reserve marina in Canada. See more: open request for international baccalaureate at United World Colleges Scholarship


Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Only the municipality of Puente del Congosto, apparently, has what you need to have so that people can bathe in its municipal district. It is not much, however, that are demanded today the peoples of Salamanca so the staff can take a public bathroom in the countryside. Just a few neighbors are willing to take the dip, that there is a kind of accessible beach where to do it, otherwise a sign as well, and that made the relevant analyses of water safety. There is the mother of the Lamb, in the cost of such analysis. It is not that they are expensive, but with an economic crisis in which councils soon not may pay the sewer or street lighting, who dares get into more trifles? Previsoramente, less than two years ago the Board has removed the requirement of having a first aid kit and a lifeguard. Someone should perform a calculation of probabilities and concluded that the achieved savings was well worth the risk of having a dead man from time to time. And it is that, I am sorry, but people are dying on the beaches.

And in swimming pools. For this reason, the requirement for lifeguards. For that, and the natural propensity for recklessness of our species, in which there are always individuals that a red flag, rather than deterring them, stimulates to go offshore. Our beaches, both maritime and fluvial, are becoming better and more quality services. But there are also more and more victims.

The same thing happens in climbing, the extreme sports and other activities conducive to excess. So much so that he has due set more stringent rules to practice them and a protocol about who has to pay the costly rescue of the imprudent. In addition, clear, budgetary scarcity reduces the number of lifeguards and hourly coverage of its surveillance. For this reason, I understand the wisdom of our province councils, who prefer neighbors duchen at home into a trouble. And it is that the oven is not for buns. Original author and source of the article.

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013

You must first determine the question or the problem that you want to solve with your article. If you are in need of a topic, look in the network using your niche keywords or see what questions are doing in the forums people in your niche. 2. Speed of contour. Once you know that is causing the problem to its readers, start your article with the intention of solving this problem.

The easiest start way is to give contour to your article. Use these headers to guide you: a. indicate the problem and promise a solution. (Only enter quick notes at this stage). b. to outline the process to solve the problem.

Divide it into logical steps 3 to 5. Label each step (this will become a subtitle of his article). c. define the points that you want to place in your conclusion. This Council can be about how get the solution immediately or can share links to resources that can help. Finished on a positive note that leave the reader feeling of satisfaction for having taken the time to read your advice. 3. Speed to write your first draft. Once you make your outline, begin to write the first draft. Please take a few minutes of your time in the first paragraph. Here is where your reader will decide whether continuous or not reading. His work is to demonstrate that you understand exactly what the problem is and you are sure that you can help solve it. Do not use long, endless prayers nor give turns to the topic. Stay in the point. By the end of the first half a dozen sentences, the reader must be on and with desire to continue reading to find the solution. Each of their subtitles 3 to 5 should indicate clearly that will deal with the following paragraphs. Remember that many readers made a quick glance at the article to see if it is worth reading.