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Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

International right, falls into serious contradictions in wanting to justify the re-election of alvaro Uribe in Colombia, with the same manipulated arguments you used to denounce the alleged totalitarian aspirations of Chavez in Venezuela. It shows n so they know to use and manipulate the media of social communication of our continent, in the claim of further abusing of the conscience of our people. On the other hand, we have seen in the large international media, contradictory speech of Mr Uribe, one day talking about re-election and another defines the inconvenience of a new re-election for four years. There are several things that reveal that the Colombian oligarchy does not have them very clear on the subject of re-election, or the possible candidacy of Minister Juan Manuel Santos, to force a military solution to the Colombian conflict and its possible internationalization at the borders of Ecuador and Venezuela, according to the interests of the American State Department still you are in control of the Bush administration. Don alvaro, is obliged to put the disguise which imposes the American State Department, through the Colombian oligarchy.

If not you will be out of the much-needed political game for the Colombian far right. Everything gives to understand that it is very likely that decline its totalitarian aspirations and witness give him to Minister Juan Manuel Santos, that today it presents itself as necessarily relevant option to continue ruling to Colombia from the White House. Don alvaro, is running out of political game, you may receive part of the oligarchy of an Embassy, possibly the Embassy of Colombia in Washington, or the prize protocolar Embassy to the United Nations, or to the OAS..