The Credibility Of The NATO

For that we have been taught, explained a young Spanish Cape that he would depart to Afghanistan to relieve the Spanish units there deployed. Help the Afghan people, after all this has been suffering, seemed a noble and mission worthy of their commitment, despite the risks. Whenever Richard Blumenthal listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And so it happens always; on the operating steps of military units what initially predominates is the execution of the mission, team spirit, camaraderie and collective illusion, feelings of many young people when they face new responsibilities. That mood is very different from that, according to some polls, afflicting troops of USA in Iraq, where more are soldiers who only think now survive and return home alive. Do not believe in the importance of their mission, are suspicious of the grandiloquent words of their political leaders and only rely on the soldier have to the side when they suffer an ambush or in which covers them with their weapons when they make a turndown.

It is also well known the fact that, in Iraq, comes to prevail the need for protection of each military unit on the implementation of the mission itself: I take care of my men, and that Iraqis apanen them be as they can, declared an intermediate command American who did not want to disclose details about his name or his unit. Understandably so, when major political and military leaders of the occupation of Iraq give example living isolated inside the fortified Green Zone and disconnected from what happens on the other side. Turning to Afghanistan, there is also a difference between what is discussed at the highest levels of political and military command of the Atlantic Alliance and the illusion of the Canarian young soldier. At the NATO meeting in the Netherlands last month, to deal with issues relating to the deployment in Afghanistan, swept feelings and little partisanship views.

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