The Positive

No more and no less! Requirements of the law is not exhausted by the demands of proper information systems. There are a large number of institutional measures required to execution. In addition, if the information system was created "long ago", then no delays are not. At Ray Dalio you will find additional information. How entity will justify the creation date of the information system, the law, unfortunately, does not specify. The overall structure of the requirements is not very complicated: the technical requirements and formulate fstek fsb, and organizational prescribed in laws and regulations of the Russian government number number 781 and 687. Inspection of audit compliance with the law shows that regulators are not going to wait for 2010. , and he is the competent authority to verify compliance with this Act shall report regularly on its activities and transfer of the results to prosecutors.

If the earlier (in 2007 and 2008) dealt with the administrative violations, but now there are examples and prosecution of violators. Based on an analysis of news reports, we conclude that First of all inspections are organizations that handle "foreign" personal data (ie data of clients and third parties, rather than its own employees, for example). This is primarily banks, insurance companies, telecommunications operators (especially wireless and telephone companies), tour operators, medical facilities (especially non-state) schools. On the positive side it may be noted that at present inspection bodies are ready to meet the very fact of beginning work on defense. That is enough to demonstrate at least some efforts in this area so as not to incur material losses.

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