The Suffering

This not to be well, always will be ' ' relative adificuldade to the essence of the suffering involves the fact of as to keep 3 aserenidade when somebody makes you to suffer or it disappoints it ' '. Perhaps pelofato of that since tenra age what it hears, frequently, is ' ' NOS' ' , and this, when it does not come folloied of physical aggressions, as, porexemplo, the famous pinch, introjeta then, from there, umadependncia how much the approval or reprovao including, for times, prprioviver. He is clearly that ' ' no' ' if it makes necessary during the process of constituioda subjectivity, however, what if it can observe is that normally this ' ' no' ' well is not said, when this occurs creates in the person a fear, a terror and, estasempre will go to live under says and the look of the other, what of certain form it will go to tambmguardar ressentimentos, that is, ' ' to feel badly whenever we think respeitoda person that made in them to suffer becomes a habit, making to feel us as avtima of somebody more powerful 4 ' '. While issovive a mediocre life e, for times pronouncing murderous phrases as: ' ' Euno consigo' ' ; ' ' This is not pra mim' ' ; ' ' I was born pra sofrer' ' ; ' ' Nothing of certain pramim' ' , amongst other more e, not very rare it is started ' ' to raise defunto' ' , searching in the deep one of the bag, painful souvenirs that do not serve, you are welcome, for omomento where if this living. ' ' It keeps your language of the evil, and yours lbiosde to say 5 &#039 enganosamente; '. One of the essential lies of the life, with certainty, is in the act to depend deDEUS.


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