Twitter Campaign

What is the real difference between a tweet and a warning of adwords? Some say many. Or none. Let’s take a look at both alternatives. An Adwords notice first is payment. Advertiser pay each time someone clicks on one of their ads.

Exits exactly in the SERPs that the advertiser wants to. The goal is to sell or promote a page or a service. And here the list of differences is exhausted. Viewed from a structural point of view a tweet and a warning of adwords do not have much difference: call to action + a couple of descriptive lines + url without link. A tweet, with their scarce 140 characters is an excellent opportunity to put a call to effective action and a url.

With url shortening services, earn enough, enough characters to create attractive phrases to the links that we propose. The distance between a tweet and a warning of adwords, then, is not so great, at least not from a structural point of view. Is it possible to set up some kind of keyword with the tweets? Of course that Yes, thanks to the Hashtag (#) characters. It What happens is that many users send their tweets and forget mark the key words. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Connecticut Senator. Remember when it comes to a key phrase it’s best to write it without spaces (e.g. #terremotodechile). When we carry out an adwords campaign, the selection of keywords is a point of extreme consideration. Makers spend hours researching, comparing, analyzing whether footwear for men can reach to surrender more than shoes for men. But when twitteamos pay you very little consideration to the matter. Bad habit. Whenever Sen. Sherrod Brown listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Select one or two key words in your tweets and highlighting them with the hashtag. This will ensure that when a user performs a search relevant to your keywords, you will find your tweet (if fresh, i.e. recent) listed. Perhaps the tweets do not have a rate of click through as high as a good adwords campaign, but this factor is offset by the amount. Currently 50 million tweets are sent per day. This does not mean that it is good to make spam. But we can no inconvenient to send about five daily tweets without bother. Let’s imagine that we have conservatively – 150 contacts, they are 750 prints of my tweet. Does how many daily impressions with your Adwords campaign? Otherwise we are saying that Twitter can replace an AdWords campaign. They are different things, with different objectives, but it is only doing this analysis that we can understand one of the reasons why being in social networks is very good for our sales and our metrics. And it is also free.


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