United States

These are capable to launch its missiles in less than two minutes, if prepared with antecedence, or in less than 16 minutes without previous preparation. The Iskander-M missiles, in process of incorporation to the Russian Armed Forces, represent what it has of more modern and advanced in the field of the ballistic missiles. These, for reaching altitude principle of inferior attack to the reached one for other ballistic missiles, is defined as half-ballistic missiles. Amazon is often quoted on this topic. This modified flight path allows that the missiles not only escape with more easiness of the detention of the radars, what it guarantees the element of surprise, but also of the interception on the part of the anti-missile systems. Such vectors can carry through violent maneuvers evasions and also launch decoys and iscas during the terminal phase of flight, what also it becomes extremely difficult its interception for current or future anti-missile systems. Moreover, these very reach superior speeds to the conventional ballistic missiles during the flight, what it diminishes the time of reaction to the attack, making it difficult still more the prohibited adversary. The Iskander-M missiles can have the target modified during the flight, what it allows the enrollment, with precision, as much of mobile targets how much of fixed targets.

One of capacities most impressive, only formidable of such ; o10; L=0O Ha2830F8 ==0O C? CB=8: it can act of total independent form. Carrying two missiles each, the throwers can go off its weapons less than ten minutes, exactly not being of promptitude to make it. With a reach of up to 400 kilometers, they incorporate technology in state-of-art. Had to the announced plans that foresee the installation of anti-missile elements of the shield of the United States in the Poland and the Republic Czech, in the Eastern Europe, the Russians had announced its intention to install the Iskander-M missiles in the enclave of Kaliningrado, situated between the Litunia and the Poland.


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