Where Is The United Nations?

For example, transnational terrorism is often treated as a threat to national security due to terrorist acts can be considered as a crime, an act of war or a justified use of force by a “freedom fighter” . During a general debate at the United Nations in November 2001, delegations of several countries stressed the need for the international community to differentiate between terrorism and the legitimate use of force to exercise self-determination and the fight against foreign occupation . “When considered in the broader context of transnational professional activity acts Terrorists are a violation of national or international law, but mayor can not be considered a war crime based on the laws and the prospects for the perpetrators, victims, and the international community.

Activities a transnational organized crime Transnational crime, however, is a broad concept that encompasses different crimes that fall mainly, sometimes simultaneously, in the field of organized crime, corporate crime, professional crime and political crime. In terms of analysis, the distinctions between these types of crimes appear to be easy to draw. For example, it can be suggested that organized crime is carried out by illegal enterprises, while corporate crime can be identified with a illegal conduct adopted by legitimate companies to reduce costs and maximize profits. One could also say that while in general, professional criminals to refrain from acts of intimidation and violence against government officials, members of organized crime are inclined and able to use intimidation and violence. 2 It is also true that terrorist groups engaged in extortion have different characteristics than those of more conventional professional organizations, one of the main characteristics of the different objectives.


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