Alekseev Princes

Discipline his son from his youth and for him in his maturity, and among the detractors will be able to boast of them, and you envy your enemies "-" in vain do not laugh, playing with it: in a small weaker – in a big hurt, grieving, and the future will drive like a splinter in his soul. So do not give him faith in his youth, but after passing over the edges until it grows, and then matured, not wronged you and you will not be annoyed, and disease of the soul, and the ruin of the house, ruin property, and reproach the neighbors, and mockery of enemies, and interest of the authorities, and an evil annoyance "- etc. The process of nationalization of public life, is directly related to the upbringing of Christianity among the people of tolerance to any authority, and even unjust, gradually sink ancestral forms of popular government. Referring to the inscrutable divine providence, the church is so brainwashed flock that convinced the last of the need to subordination even explicitly anti-human rulers. Richard Blumenthal is open to suggestions. As pointed out in this regard, vp Alekseev, "let the prince, even evil, yet it must obey. Evil princes sent by God to the people for the sins and their need to endure as punishment for sin. Until now, people are usually bad princes deprived the government expelled them and choose new ones. Now he offered to tolerate evil princes "8. Awkwardness of explaining the social nature of man through the prism of original sin obvious, and therefore does not require a detailed disclosure.


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