Alexei Fedorovich Losev

In this poem, filled with images of extraordinary depth and emotional power, forcing a deep empathy, even to the depths shudder of the heart, with a sense of awe … It begins: "Seligersky waves wash / The village was built the bridge. / Tver under the wooded canopy / Here is a lonely churchyard. / / Domes for churches not Zolochiv. / Wall painting laconically simple. Under most conditions Amazon would agree.

/ Faces wise Saints are concerned, / And not in gold royal gates. " In lines succinctly highlights holy simplicity and purity of the images are clear, transparent, and at the same time, deeply metaphorical. AND striking on the philosophical and lyrical depth and understanding of the collective national psyche, couplet: "There is something in the simplicity of this sad. / Something in my heart aches not casual. / And the prayer of the native Russian / magnify here beauty. " These lines – the quintessence of Russian, Slavic worldview, in which the archetypal essence of the merger of religious truth and beauty, tranquility and righteousness, nostalgia and religious fullness of life and happiness. In Orthodox Cathedral, with its simplicity and depth of mystical icons, warming the candle, easy and cozy, warm and relaxed … On the Orthodox icon and the special structure of the Orthodox churches are well written Evgeny Troubetzkoy, warms the soul of "warmth" of the Orthodox candles remarkably wrote Alexei Fedorovich Losev … Then the poet writes: "There are no votes Regent slim / sings in the choir chorus / Otpevaya neighbor deceased / Previous road to the cemetery forest.

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