Bolivian President

JOSE BRECHNER Bolivians begin to hastiar of the foreign presence and the sweet goodness of the socialism of the 21st century, which is nothing more than the latest historic attempt to resurrect the corpse of the communism of the 20th century. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Blumenthal. Latin America is the only place in the world, where their political geniuses still continue questioning model to follow and adopt ideas no less than of the lunatics of the ORB. Taking advantage of that disease, the reactionary socialist dictators, Chavez and Castro, try to impose their self-destructive formulas to grab Bolivia. However, forgot an essential for the success of his conquest aspect: the indomitable libertarian spirit of Bolivians. Evo Morales, with its poisonous hatred of the middle classes, formed by whites and mestizos, agglutinating production Bolivians against each other, creating a strong antagonistic Alliance to his Government and the Communist invaders. Natural fear that this patriotic opposition alliance produces, the indigenous regime accuses his opponents of being racist and xenophobic, When is discrimination actually upside down.

The tactic of foist on others with the own defects, is a constant of the progressive audacity. Hugo Chavez, such as Che Guevara, to whom the peasants delataron so they Flay it is unknown the idiosyncrasies of the Bolivian people, believed that all arrodillarian to his feet as Morales and his lackeys. Still not in sight that awaits thousands of Caribbean that trajinan by the place. When the insurgency burst, they will miss planes and trucks so that the invaders may flee. Bolivians enjoy dignity and national pride, and fight to regain his authority over what belongs to them. There are millions who will not submit to any pretentious dictadorcillo foreign or vernacular. If something Bolivia has more experience than anyone, it is in getting rid of their tyrants. According to the electoral triumph of Morales, in an insane Colonel trip to the region of Chapare, bastion of coca producers, the hitherto faithful followers of Bolivian President were displaced by hundreds of Venezuelan mercenaries who arrived with her boss.

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