Brazil Sixth Economy

It today has in Brazil a great commemoration of the economic growth of the Country. The government commemorates the increasing numbers of the Brazilian economy, today is the sixth bigger economy of the world. The question that all we would have to make is what we earn with this? I would say that little thing, who earns is the entrepreneurs, the great industrials and the bankers. But the people, these do not gain much thing, therefore these wealth are not distributed. Brazil continues being one of the Countries most different of the world, great part of its population lives in conditions lament.

Exactly ahead of as much poverty, the authorities politics do not come showing concerns in deciding mazelas that it affects good part of the Brazilian people, little thing have been made to bring dignity the millions of people. Brazil is a Country where the income concentration is perverse, desumana, unjust and immoral. We pay to the biggest tax of taxes and interests of the world, in 2011 we pay one trillion of taxes more than and pay so that? We pay not to have health, not to have security, not to have transports, not to have education, not to have culture, not to have quality of life, pay not to have nothing absolutely, is as if we only fossemos enslaved, enslaved that they work for the gigantic State, that nothing in the ones of, but everything in the strap and steals in them daily. We are living in a period sufficiently complicated of the Brazilian State, and what it is worse it is that everything still can get worse! Every day we attend for the telejornais, innumerable cases of corruption that devastates in all the levels the Brazilian nation, and in all the cases, nobody imprisoned and nor is punished, and the money also is not returned for the public coffers.


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