Brazilian Federal Constitution

The ownership solemnity was closed Toffoli substituted Alvaro Ribeiro, who left the position to deal with personal projects. The ownership ceremony was sanctioned by then the ministers of Justice, Mrcio Thomaz Bastos, of the Farm, Guido Mantega, for Secretariat-Generality of the Presidency, Dulci Luiz, of the Institucional Relations, at the time, Tarso Son-in-law, today minister of Justice, and then the minister of the Defense, Waldir Saucers, former-governor of the Bahia for the Party of the Workers. Second it prays the Brazilian Federal Constitution, promulgated in October of 1988, Law-Generality of Unio (AGU) is the Brazilian institution that, or through agency directly tied, represents the Union, judicial extrajudicially and, fitting to it, in the terms of the Complementary Law n 73/1993, to exert the activities of consultoria and legal advising of the Federal Executive. Therefore, in reason of this function of assessorship, the AGU meets integrated currently to the structure of the Federal Executive, being, however, the severity, in view of its constitutional attribution of legal representation of the Union, to be the institution the apt one, as its legal statute, to represent in judgment the interests of to be able them to all of the Republic, not being of its ability to give no type of legal consultoria to Legislative them and Judiciary.

Executing the activity of Public Law, it is affirmed that the AGU fits the exercise and the prerogative of the essential function to justice, thus defined in the Constitution, to the side of the Public prosecution service, the Public Defensoria and the Private Law, beyond the proper Magistracy, that if it locates in chapter to the part in the Constitution for integrating the Judiciary Power. The Lawyers of the Union, who act in the representation of agencies of the direct administration of the Union, and the Solicitors of the National Farm are members of Law-Generality of the Union, who represent the Union in nature causes tax and that for constitutional purpose they give assessorship legal to the Treasury department. The Federal Solicitors, who act in the representation of autarchies and foundations, and the Solicitors of the Central banking, that act specifically in this autarchy, are members of entailed careers to Law-Generality of the Union. The positions of Law-Generality of the Union are provided by means of Public Competition with tests and headings. The institution is commanded by Lawyer-Generality of the Union, nominated for the President of the Republic, and that it enjoys, in accordance with the Federal Constitution of the status of Minister of State, having its member to be bigger of 35 years of age..


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