British Politics

The Saturday 20 met in Paris the leaders of the three major military powers of the world that are between the meridians zero and twenty. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and South African President Thabo Mbeki were found, but not to focus on discussions on policy, weapons or economy, but to deliver the prizes to the first two teams of World Rugby France 2007. Both Sarkozy and Brown have recently reached their positions and hoped that their teams overpowered so give them a great debut to their mandates. In Paris the Eiffel Tower was adorned with an oval ball and placed giant screens in several parts. Between these and the spectators who filled the central stadium there was more than one third of a million attendees. Approx.

60,000 English traveled to the city of light to see your selection, although the inputs to the final match could be sold at more than US $ 15,000 (7,000). While the economy and tourism in France benefited from that Cup, the Union of transport It paralyzed many of the metro and train services seeking to take advantage of this to ask labor improvements and drill monetarist Sarkozy reforms plans. Brown and the grandchildren of the British Queen were Stadium fuelling to your selection. The premier urged a victory. Four years ago, when England won its first rugby world, the Government of Blair and Brown spent a good time while about 500,000 people took to the streets to greet the triumphant English cast. When Brown was 16 years old he lost an eye playing rugby and he now thought that an English victory in the sport would return part of the good eye with which their constituencies had been watching him during the first hundred days of his administration. Half month ago Brown went through its moment of greatest popularity when his party held its annual Conference and was ten or more points ahead in the polls over his conservative rival.

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