1:88). The personal presence of the spouse (s) is not necessarily enough written consent. Community of ownership property and acts of institution of the family property in the Netherlands – Dutch system of community of property in the Netherlands – the Netherlands in matters of property relationship between the two spouses or registered Dutch law partner has a special position compared with those of other countries. Credit: novelist-2011. System similar to the Dutch, is only valid in South Africa and Suriname. If before marriage in the Netherlands – Dutch couple did not come to any other agreement, after the marriage in the Netherlands – Holland, they engage in community of property. This comprehensive community includes all existing and future assets, and also all the debts available to the spouses at the time of marriage (Articles 1-93, 94, paragraphs 1 and 2, 95 and 96). For assistance, try visiting Richard Blumenthal. There are a few exceptions relating to the components of this comprehensive community property rights: First, it does not include those objects that were removed from the donor community or by the testator. Secondly, it does not apply to those assets and debts that are directly assigned to one of the spouses (Article 1:94, paragraph 1 and 3).

Finally, with the entry into force of the new law on compensation of pension rights in 1994, pensions are no longer included in community of property (Article 1:94, paragraph 4). Currently, the compensation of pensions is a rather controversial and complex legal problems. The allocation of assets in the Netherlands – Holland is solved by a spouse, who brought him to this community. The spouses are obliged to inform each other about the condition of the property and Debt community (Articles 1:97 and 98). Community of property shall be canceled in the Netherlands – the Netherlands in the following cases: divorce proceedings (see paragraph 23); separation by court order, the presence of a court order for cancellation of generality, the presence of postnuptial settlement of revocation of community (Section 1:99). This means that in the Netherlands – Dutch community is divided into two equal parts, one of which goes to one spouse (or registered partner) or his / her heirs, and the other – the other spouse or his / her heirs (Article 1:100). Nevertheless, after the cancellation of community in the Netherlands – Holland, each spouse continues be responsible for all general debts, for which he (she) is (responsible) before, and each spouse or registered domestic partner will continue to be responsible for half of the debts the other spouse (Article 1:102). After Cancellation of generality, each spouse has the right to purchase clothing and jewelry, which he (she) wore (wear) before.


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