Candidacy Cost

In one concurred east press conference noon, burst to a great extent by the filtration of the great news yesterday in the evening, the mayor of Madrid, Alberto-Ruiz Gallardn, has confirmed who presents/displays the candidacy of the capital to the Olympic Games of 2020. Conscious of the reluctance of a society harassed by unemployment, the crisis and the debt, Gallardn there is underlining that the work carried out in both previous attempts allows that " the cost is not elevado". Without contributing an estimation of the cost, the regidor has insisted on which &quot will look for; support of the initiative privada" and it is had it jeopardize not to spend " nor a Euro in infraestructuras" until one knows if Madrid organizes appointment or no. The advantage, emphasized time and time again, is that " 80%" of the necessary thing it is done. Madrid will compete with Rome and Istambul, to which it is possible that Tokyo and Durban are added. Source of the news: : Gallardn sends a candidacy of low cost and with " apoyo" prevailed. Amazon takes a slightly different approach.


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