Carl Gustav Jung

In this article we consider the correlation between the tarot and the different personalities of human beings. Carl G. Jung was a psychoanalyst who investigated this correlation and postulated the theory of archetypes. The tarot is an ancient art, which is based on the wisdom of the arcane. They are emblematic figures, inspired by various characters present in all civilizations, and timeless validity. The tarot has taken these people and has achieved great skill to summarize in what are the 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

Could say that each mystery of the tarot reflects a distinct personality. This had been observed by Carl Gustav Jung, psychologist, a disciple of Freud. Jung had a particular interest in the paranormal, to whose study he devoted much of his time, and especially by the tarot. By the forties, Jung postulated his famous theory of archetypes, said that roughly, the figures correspond to tarot archetypes found in the human mind, and that from the depths of the psyche determine how humans interact with the world. Thus, it is difficult to draw a parallel between the various mysteries of the tarot and the various stereotypes that make up the human race.

We can all associate with the Loco, the arcana without number, with someone we know. A free spirit, daring, not afraid of anything, which constantly gives "leaps of faith" into space, it moves but with little clarity about the way forward, although they know their wishes, and where advances. The Hermit arcana of the tarot is another easily identifiable in any of the people around us. Is a person who despite being in the deepest darkness, has a lamp that illuminates his path. Receives no help from anyone, but the light and wisdom will take the right path. Who does not know of a powerful woman, whose words are tinged with truth, and that what she says is law? It is a wise person of great intuition and knowledge of the human soul, which works with modesty, resignation and piety. It is the Priestess, another arcana of the tarot. Temperance also presents us often. This mystery of an angel shows, by joining two opposite ends of a complex chemical formula. It's who knows how to combine the opposites of things, and so make the best of all situations. Who does not know anyone who achieves transcendence through their work? This demonstrated the correlation between the tarot and the different personalities of human beings. Listening with an open mind the message of the secrets people will make us wiser, and with a more accurate perception of our fellows.


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