China’s Commercial Relations

China maintained great commercial relations with Libya de Gadafi. The rebels threatened cancelling projects if they continued supporting the dictator. Beijing has investments in the country for 18,000 million dollars. The Government of China finally recognized east Wednesday that the regime of colonel Muamar the Gadafi, with which it maintained intense relations commercial, is near the end, expressing its hope of which the North African country " &quot carries out a successful political transition;. " Quick China attention to the serious changes of the situation in Libya and respects the election done by the Libyan town " , it indicated in an official notice the spokesman of the Ministry of Outer Subjects Chinese Ma Zhaoxu At the same time, the spokesman of the Ministry of Chinese Commerce, Shen Danyang, indicated that to China " internacional&quot wants to play a positive role in the reconstruction of future Libya next to the community;. Source: Amazon. " We hope that Libya soon recovers the stability and that China develops to the commercial cooperation in all the aspectos" , it emphasized Shen in press conference.

The Chinese Government maintained good relations with the regime of Gadafi, especially in the petroliferous sector, and fears that the probable arrival of the rebels to the power harms to him. The preoccupations arose as a result of which this week the Libyan insurgents assured that they would cancel Chinese and Russian projects in the crude one of Libya by not to have supported these two Governments the rebellion against the 40 years of dictatorship of Gadafi. China has investments in Libya for 18,000 million dollars, projects in which worked 35,000 Chinese before being evacuated at the beginning the civil conflict in February. The Asian, member giant permanent from the Security Council of the United Nations, not only abstained in the voting that in March it approved an aerial exclusion zone in Libya but it condemned the later bombings against the regime of Gadafi. Nevertheless, months later it admitted to the rebels like " interlocutor vlido" in his relations with Libya, and he even invited in June his leader, Mahmud Jibril, that was received by the minister of Outer Subjects Chinese, Yang Jiechi. Monday, the Embassy of Libya in Beijing changed to the traditional green flag ligature to the regime of Gadafi by the tricolor of the Libyan rebels. Source of the news: Gadafi loses an historical ally, China: " We respect the election of the town libio"


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